Saraswatichandra 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 19th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud meeting everyone as the time has come for her to go back home. Kumud hugs everyone and cries. She takes their blessings and looks at Vidyachatur. He asks her to think again, and he won’t care about anyone if she says she won’t go. She says I m going with my trust, if I settle down, I will come to take your blessings, don’t worry about me, I have promised mum that I won’t let anyone do injustice towards me. He says ok. Pramad says can we leave now. Everyone looks at him. Kumud signs Vidyachatur not to tell Pramad anything. Vidyachatur says Kumud that this house is always open for you. Pramad says Kumud, if you want you can stay here, I mean if you want to spend more time with your family, you can. Badimaa says we did not meet well in the marriage, but yesterday we could not speak. She introduces herself saying I’m Kumud’s Bua, and I stay here because my husband was a bad man, he left me when I was pregnant.

Badimaa says I had bear everything for the sake of marriage, but when he did theft in thos house, I gave him in police, he was in jail for 15 years and I m still here, my brother gave me respect and gave me rights to take decisions. She says Vidyachatur took care of her and Kumari. Badimaa taunts Pramad showing the importance of girls in their house. She says I did not gave birth to Kumud, but she has my values. If anyone hurts her self esteem, she won’t think twice, because she has the courage to fight for herself against anyone. Badimaa after saying this does Pramad’s aarti and smiles. She does the tilak while he looks on. She says won’t you touch my feet. Pramad just bends a little and asks Kumud to leave.

Kumud greets Badimaa and smiles. Everyone looks on. Vidyachatur worries for Kumud. Pramad and Kumud are on the way. Some goons stop them midway. Pramad asks them why they have stopped him. The goons ask him to give them everything he is wearing. Pramad says do you know who am I. Pramad argues with them. They beat Pramad. Kumud gets out of the car and they catch her too. They ask her to give her jewellery. She asks them to leave Pramad and gives them the ornaments. They ask her to give the mangalsutra. She is hesitant, but seeing Pramad, she gives it. Saras comes there and catches the mangalsutra Kumud has thrown. Kumud is shocked to see him. Saras keeps the mangalsutra.

Budhidhan talks to Vidyachatur on phone. He says I asked Kumud not to go as she would be safe in my house. Budhidhan is shocked and says you don’t worry. Vidyachatur talks to him indirectly. Budhidhan says we will inform you when you reach here. Vidyachatur says Kumud will herself tell me about her welfare. Budhidhan understands that Vidyachatur came to know everything about Pramad. He tells his wife what Vidyachatur spoke. Pramad has made us ashamed infront of them. Alak says they would have known this any day, you should have thought about this. Budhidhan says I thought well before making this relation. Alak says think what might have happened with Kumud that they agreed for the marriage. Kalika hears this and smiles.

Saras fights with the goons. Pramad falls on the car and does not fight. Saras beats all of them. They run away. Pramad gets up and looks at him. Saras picks up Kumud’s jewellery from the ground. Pramad sees him giving those back to Kumud. Pramad says great, why do you want to prove. He says I understand everything, my dad worries about Kumud a lot, so he has sent you here. He says I could not protect her from the goons, and you saved her jewels and also her mangalsutra, so whats my need, no one needs me. Pramad leaves in his care leaving Saras and Kumud on the road.

Guniyal is worried about Kumud and discusses about her with Badimaa and Vidyachatur. Badimaa says trust her, Kumud will not fail, as we are with her. Guniyal says we are not with her, if anything wrong happens with her then. Vidyachatur says she won’t hide anything from us. She is adamant, she will always be on her decisions. Guniyal says she will not show her pain. Kusum says if she is in front of us then, shall I go to her house for few days? Badimaa says this would be good. She says think only about Kumud. She married to Pramad without asking anything, we should support her. If Kusum stays there, we can know about Kumud. Vidyachatur says there won’t be any problem if Kusum stays there.

Saras looks at Kumud and gives her the mangalsutra. She takes her mangalsutra and says you will always wear this as it will denote your relation with Pramad. I will take care of this, and its a promise to my mum, myself and you.

Pramad calls everyone and says you will be going to meet Kumud’s sister. Saras says Kusum came. Everyone is shocked to know Saras knew her name.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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