Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th August 2013 Written Update

The snake charmer tells all that it is dangerous and difficult to search for the snake in the dark and asks them to let him know when the light comes back. Koki refuses to allow him to leave and orders him to continue his search for the snake. Rashi happily shows the mani to Urmi and tells her that she got it in return for her ring. Urmi scolds her for her stupidity. Rashi is sad and thinks that she feels like eating sweets when she is scared. Urmi tells her to test whether the mani works. Rashi tells her that she is so tense that she feels like eating chocolate. Rashi sees a chocolate on the floor and shows it to Urmi. She tells her happily that the mani actually works and fulfils her wishes. Both are happy. Meera is eating chocolates and drops on the floor too. Rashi

tells Urmi that she hopes that there is light soon and electricity comes back. Rashi boasts that her mani works and Urmi agrees that she has something very valuable and she can make all her dreams come true, she can make Koki dance to her tunes. Rashi asks if it is possible and Urmi agrees. Rashi looks at Koki and starts dreaming that she is ichadhaari nagin and Koki is the snake charmer. Koki in her dream tries to catch her but Rashi moves away and continues dancing. Koki watches Rashi lost in her dream and goes to her suspiciously and calls her. Rashi wakes up from her dream. Koki asks her what she was dreaming that she could not even listen to her. She orders her to keep her feet up or the snake may bite her.

The snake charmer enters a room and keeps playing his flute and searching for the snake. MB continues her rant to Gopi and the others about nagdevta and Ahem looks irritated. Radha supports MB and JB is exasperated. MB tells all that she is scared that something bad will happen. Koki tells her to stay calm and refuses to be superstitious. Hetal adds that Baa is old but she is not superstitious. Meanwhile Radha spots the snake. Gopi adds to MB that she need not change her beliefs but she should not force it on others. Times have changed and they should change too. Radha thinks that Gopi has not spotted the snake and she decides to feed milk to the snake so that she gets a husband like Ahem. MB tells all to apologize to nagdevta. Radha tells Gopi to move aside and moves closer to the snake. Gopi is confused with Radha’s request but MB continues her rant. Baa tells MB that everyone has their own beliefs and Gopi adds that they pray to nagdevta too, they are just against feeding milk to snakes. Radha stands in front of Gopi and Gopi asks why is she standing there. She tells Radha to sit on the sofa with her feet up. Radha watches Ahem and sits on the sofa. She decides that she will do the puja and requests nagdevta to remain in the kitchen so she can pray to him. The snake charmer is still searching. Rashi tells Koki that she is scared to get diapers for her kids alone and she wants to take Urmi along. Koki agrees and orders Urmi to pay more attention on the kids and not on her gossip. Urmi whispers to Rashi to hide her mani and they both go upstairs with Tolu Molu. Jihem are also searching for the snake and Koki is worried that they have still not found the snake.

Urshi are on the corridor and Urmi tells Rashi to be careful that nobody notices the mani. Rashi hides the mani which she has tied around her neck and tells Urmi not to worry. They continue to dream that they will make all dance to their tunes.

Koki gets up and Baa asks her where she is going. She replies that she will also search in the kitchen. Baa scolds her that she is warning all to keep their feet up; she needs to look after herself too.

Here Rashi is still dreaming of making Koki dance to her tunes along with Urmi. Urmi tells her to talk softly. She tells that the mani is very valuable but she should be careful while using it. But Rashi is confident. Urmi still warns her to be careful.

Baa orders Koki to sit on the sofa with her feet up. Urshi are pleased to see Baa ordering Koki. Rashi brags Urmi that it’s because of the mani. They walk down the stairs with Tolu Molu. Radha looks at everyone and then towards the temple. She decides to make her move. She goes towards the temple and takes aarti thali. She goes to the kitchen and searches for the snake. She keeps the thali on the floor and sits cross legged and starts to pray. She asks nagdevta to appear and fulfil her wish.

Koki tells the snake charmer to catch the snake quickly. Snake charmer tells that he is trying since a long and brags that his flute is very powerful and maybe the snake has left. Koki scolds that he is trying to fool them and adds that they all know that snakes cannot hear then how will his flute work. The snake charmer leaves angrily after shouting that he is not going to waste his time if they don’t believe him. Meera also moves away when they are all watching the snake charmer leave.

Radha is praying with her eyes closed and the snake slithers towards her. Hetal notices that Meera is not there and all are worried. Gopi sees Meera running towards the kitchen and Koki runs towards her too. Radha is happy on seeing the snake and thanks nagdevta. Meera enters the kitchen as Radha is about to feed milk to the snake. Koki enters the kitchen calling Meera and is shocked to see Radha near the snake. She picks up Meera and calls the others. Everyone rush there calling Meera and are shocked to see the snake. MB is happy to see the snake. Gopi calls Radha in fear. Koki warns Radha to move away. Radha tells them that nagdevta has come to give her darshan and she will continue to pray and all are shocked. MB says they are lucky to see nagdevta and tries to move towards the snake. Koki stops her. MB tells her not to worry and Nagdevta will leave himself. Koki orders her to stop her nonsense and scolds her that she is encouraging Radha’s stupidity. Jigar suggests to Ahem that they try to catch the snake again and Ahem agrees. But Ahem expresses worry that the snake might be dangerous. He tells all to stop worrying and stay still. He orders Radha not to move or she will catch the snake’s attention. Gopi moves away and Rashi remembers her mani. She tells all not to worry and they are surprised when she declares that she will catch the snake. Urmi is worried. Jigar asks if she has gone mad. Rashi tells him to wait and watch. Urmi tries to stop her and Koki and Hetal warn her but Rashi moves towards the snake and shows her mani to the snake. Koki watches angrily and all look on shocked and worried. JB tells her to stop too. Radha tells her not to trouble nagdevta but Rashi tells her not to worry. Koki orders her to come back. Gopi comes to the kitchen window from outside and is shocked to see Rashi moving towards the snake.

Gopi enters the kitchen from the window with a sack and tries to warn Rashi who is moving to catch the snake. Suddenly Rashi yelps in pain and Goki are shocked.


Update Credit to: dipsy80

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