Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla asking Poonam why she did this. She says you are an educated and smart girl, I did not expect this from you, I lied to you to save you from Kanno but your broke my trust. She says I gave you respect but you proved me a liar. Mangla scolds her saying why did you give importance to Kanno, why are you doing this. Mangla cries and pretends as if she is hurt. It is Mangla’s plan. Poonam says I m sad that I have hurt your trust, I m thankful to you. But forgive me, you should ask Kanno to be happy with you. Kanno is not bad, she is irritated because of you, give Kanno a chance, she will do her work well. Mangla says Kanno is your enemy and you are not understanding. Mama comes there and hears this. Mangla says don’t change yourself, your parents have

given you good values. Mangla leaves. Poonam says I know there is no truth in your words and eyes, you are using me to outdo Kanno, I have decided I will bring you and Kanno closer.

Mama asks Mangla how Poonam has changed. Why is she being good to Kanno. Mangla says Poonam has a quality that she is a honest and good girl. She says Poonam gave the credit to Kanno after Kanno tried to ruin her plan. Mangla praises Poonam. She says Poonam is honest but a fool. I will try to take her in my plan. Kanno tells Dadi about the flag raising day. She says Poonam understood my status in this house, then why don’t Mangla understand this. She says Mangla insulted me infront of everyone. Akash comes there and hears them. Kanno says what did I do, Mangla is not right, you should explain it to her. Dadi leaves. Kanno says Mangla always proved her wrong. Akash argues with Kanno.

Kanno says if you are a true man, then where were you when Manish came and misbehaved with Prathna. Akash is shocked. Prathna cries. Akash looks at her. Akash asks Prathna about it. He asks did Manish misbehaved with you. Prathna says yes. Prathna tells him everything about that day and how Poonam saved her. Akash says I won’t leave him today. Dadi and Prathna stops him. Akash says I will not spare him. Dadi says stop it. Akash gets very angry. Prathna calls everyone. Mangla asks where are you going. Dadi says he is going to beat Manish. Mama catches Akash. Akash says I will not leave him. Akash leaves in anger. Poonam says I will also come with you. He says no, I cannot take you with me. Poonam insists.

Vandana is shocked to know from Suman that Poonam came to this city. She wonders if anything is wrong with her. Suman says everything is fine, she is well. Suman says Akash called and I had to run. Suman says Akash took care of everything. Prabhunath says she would have known everything, I did not think she will come in the restaurant. Vandana thinks till when will they hide, the fate won’t favor always, till when will Akash save them. Poonam will come home again. She says we should tell Poonam everything, she is our daughter and we should not hide this from her. If she knows from someone else, then what, she will be hurt.

Mama tells Mangla that Akash got much furious. Prathna keeps calling Akash and Poonam. Poonam pacifies Akash and asks him to be calm. She says think about Prathna. She says give me five minutes to explain you, then you can do anything. Kanno says Mangla why are you staring at me, Poonam went with Akash. Mangla scolds Kanno for telling Akash everything. Kanno and Mangla have an argument. Mangla says you don’t care about us, else you would have thought before telling it to Akash. Dadi asks them to keep quiet. Mangla says she fears that Akash would do anything. Kanno says Poonam also wants Akash to beat Manish. Poonam asks Akash to stop. He stops. Poonam speaks to him saying do you want Prathna to get married. Akash says how can I brother bear this if anyone touches his sister. She says Prathna’s image will be ruined.

Akash says you tell me what should I do. She says everyone thinks no one will marry Prathna if Manish says no to her. Akash says anyone will marry her. Poonam says look for a good man for Prathna. He says yes, I can do that. Poonam says Prathna is a good girl, she deserves a good man who loves her and respects her. Akash agrees and says we should find a good match for her. Poonam says don’t tell this to anyone till you get a good person, if you feel he is good for Prathna then let him meet your parents. Akash says yes. He says will you help me in finding the groom for Prathna. Poonam agrees to help him.
Poonam gives her hand to Akash. The episode ends on Akash’s sweet smile.

Akash and Poonam searches the groom for Prathna. Mangla is drunk and falls. Akash and Poonam are shocked to see her on the ground.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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