Saraswatichandra 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone seeing Saras’ childhood pics. Badimaa praises Saras. Saras comes and is happy. Vidyachatur says Saras used to take care of Danny. Badimaa says like his second mum. Danny smiles. Everyone is happy. Danny says Kusum finds me cute. Vidyachatur says she is mad. Everyone smile. Vidyachatur says Saras used to play cricket well, our Ratangiri’s Sachin. Danny asks does he like cricket. Vidyachatur says no, Nandu and I used to play Kabaddi. Saras tells about Pro Kabaddi league on Star Sports. He says lets go and watch it. Danny says the dates and time. Danny says he would like to play Kabaddi and asks Saras. Saras says don’t say, he will get beaten up. Vidyachatur says he is enough for Danny. Danny says don’t joke, your days are gone. Vidyachatur says I had real ghee and milk.

Badimaa sees Saraswati’s pic and says she loved Saras a lot. I remember once Saras got annoyed and did not eat food, she cried and did not eat food till he ate. Saras says I remember. They recall the memories. Badimaa says you both were each other’s lives. Saras holds her hand and says he has two mums. Saras turns and sees Kabir standing. Everyone look at Kabir. He says Kabir………. And he leaves. Badimaa says I did not notice he came, he might have got hurt by my words. Saras says I will talk to him. Vidyachatur stops Badimaa and says only Saras can talk to him, the brothers have to support each other and bear their mum’s loss.

Ghuman says she has to find a way to get out of this mental hospital, and then she will not leave Saras and Kumud. She goes out of her room hiding from doctors and hears a woman singing a lullaby. Ghuman thinks she heard this lullaby and this voice. She thinks where she has heard this before. The lady has a doll in her lap. The nurse gives her medicines. The woman asks her to go as her baby is sleeping. The other nurse makes her have the medicines. The nurse gets a call and talks to her mum. She says why did you give all money to dad, don’t worry, I will arrange money.

A nurse asks Ghuman what is she doing here. Ghuman says I m playing hide and seek with my son and asks her to come with her and play. Kabir is upset. Saras comes to him. He says I felt glad seeing you know to cry, its good to cry sometimes, it lightens the heart, did you feel bad hearing Badimaa’s words. He says you did not get mum’s love which I got. Kabir says no, I can’t be annoyed with you, but with my life, I never got what I wanted. Kabir cries and says he did not get mum’s love. Saras says I also missed mum even when I had everyone, but you did not have anyone till now. Saras hugs Kabir, and Danny looks on.

Saras says I can’t sing lullaby for you, but Badimaa can. Danny says I can lift you in my arms, but after making a body. Saras says yes, and to get scolding, we can get Kumud’s scold. Kabir says let it go bhaiya and smiles. Ghuman hears the lullaby again. She goes to see her again and just sees her back. The lady turns and Ghuman is shocked seeing her. Ghuman says she…… and wants to come to her. She thinks no, what am I doing, she is my ace and now no one can stop me from taking revenge from Saras and Kumud.

The Vyas brother smile. Kabir hugs Vidyachatur. Guniyal says Kumud left for school. Vidyachatur says I told Kumud and Anushka not to go out alone. Saras says she messaged, she reached school. Kabir says don’t worry, I will bring her. Danny says lets go office. Vidyachatur asks Saras did his memory really go, did he forget his surgery happened few days back. Saras says he has to go, work is important. Danny says I m with him, and will take care. Danny goes to bring file. Vidyachatur asks where is Anushka. Badimaa says she is in her room with Kusum and Avinash.

Ghuman comes to the nurse and hears her talking to her mum, who needs money for rent. Ghuman says she can help her. The nurse says you, here and calls doctor. Ghuman stops her and says I came to help you, I m not mad, just acting to be mad. The nurse asks why. Ghuman says why do you want to know it and I have solution of your problem, you have to do my work and I will give you lots of money. The nurse asks what work. Ghuman tells her. (Muted) The nurse says no, I can’t do this. Ghuman says think and reply, your family can stay happy all their life, tell me will you do your duty towards your mum, or this duty hurting her, if you can’t do, I will help some other nurse. The nurse stops her agreeing to do her work. Ghuman smiles.

The nurse tells the woman that some lady wants to hurt her and her baby and she is finding one chance, so she came to alert her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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