Baawre 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Baawre 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi telling Raghavendra that Yamini loves Nikumbh, and she is just two steps behind leaving home, try to understand, the day she makes a decision, no one can stop her. Azam talks to Nikumbh about Yamini. Yamini tells her mum that she loves to be with Nikumbh. Azam teases Nikumbh pulling his leg. Yamini says she will do what her heart says. Raghavendra says no one will hear Yamini’s heart and if anyone tries to hear it, then he will make them deaf. Dadi comes to talk to Yamini and says she went to meet Nikumbh and laughs. Yamini says what did he say, is he upset. Dadi says I had to meet him as he made you his company partner.

Yamini asks what did he say. Dadi says he is very smart, mature, mind and heart are in right direction. Yamini smiles. She gets a message and says its first meeting for our play. Dadi says its good, you go. Dadi asks her not to worry about Raghavendra. Yamini says I always have to explain him same thing and he gets hurt. She says we will tell Nikumbh to postpone this, dad’s anger will cool down till then. Azam is cooking. Nikumbh asks how long will he take. Nikumbh takes the phone and hears Shaheen saying the recipe. Azam takes the phone. Nikumbh cooks and asks Azam to talk to Shaheen. Shaheen hears them and smiles.

Azam says he can see Nikumbh’s face and can understand Yamini is not coming, but he wants her to come. Shaheen says she will try and ends the call. Nikumbh asks Azam not to think so. Azam asks him to accept the fact and make the Pulao well. Its morning, Raghavendra reads the newspaper. Yamini comes and Dadi says she is taking Yamini to buy bangles, and he can come if he wants. Dadi and Yamini leave. Dadi asks Yamini to follow her heart. She says I will do the shopping alone and you go and meet Nikumbh. Yamini says she does not like to lie to her dad. Dadi says what lie, I said we are going to buy bangles and I m going.

She asks her to go with love and she has to be responsible. Yamini hugs Dadi and leaves. Nikumbh and Azam are working. The bell rings. Azam says it will be my one, Shaheen. Yamini comes and Azam says oh. Yamini greets them and says its out company’s letterhead stamp, I designed it. Nikumbh and Azam see it. Nikumbh holds her hand and she looks at him. Bhatak bhatak le baawre…………………plays…………… Nikumbh smiles in excitement. The company name is Infinite dreams, with Director Nikumbh Sharma. CEO Yamini Singh and COO Azam Mirza. They like it a lot. She thinks Azam’s name should have been second.

Azam says let me see it too. He says my name should be first, but its fine. Nikumbh says it does not matter, everyone is equal. Yamini says sorry, we will correct in final one. Shaheen comes and meets them. Azam is glad seeing her. She says lets go and see the company office. They see the room in the haveli messed up. Yamini says its ours and jokes. They say they will clean it. Yamini says I did a mistake, that I got my name after Nikumbh, but it should have been Azam’s. Shaheen says it happens and asks her not to think much. Yamini thinks about her and Nikumbh and he comes. She smiles seeing him.

He shows the letterhead to Shaheen. Yamini sneezes because of dust. Shaheen says she has allergy with dust and asks her to go. She says Azam and I will clean this room. Azam asks Nikumbh to go and free them. Nikumbh and Yamini leave. They go on the bike and it does not start. She says she will push te bike. He says sorry, this can’t happen that a girl pushes the bike. She says you say there is no difference between guy and girl. He says its not good work to do. He says fine, you sit and I will push. She says no and pushes the bike asking him to start.

Nikumbh falls with the bike. She laughs and takes his pic. Azam says the poetry to Shaheen and she smiles. He holds her hand and they have an eyelock. Nikumbh and Yamini come to buy the office furniture. Nikumbh makes Yamini sit on the main chair and sits next to her. Nikumbh and Yamini have an eyelock. They ask for the price of the table. Yamini bargains. Raghavendra comes there and is shocked seeing Yamini and Nikumbh in the market.

Raghavendra asks Dadi where is Yamini. Dadi says in her room. He goes in the room and does not find Yamini.

Update Credit to: Amena

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