Shastri Sisters 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shastri ji asking Rajeev’s dad to agree if the kids like each other. Rajeev’s dad insults him. Anushka says you don’t have any right to take to my dad like this. Rajeev’s dad says you are standing in our place, how can you come without any invitation. Sareen gets angry and shouts on him. He says our Alka is a diamond, and we came here as your son got us here. Rajeev says he loves Alka. His dad says fine, go and marry her, you won’t be related to me and my property. He says keep Alka with you, we don’t need her, I won’t agree for this marriage. He says you are not of our status and caste. He says its Rajeev’s no. He asks Rajeev. Everyone look at Rajeev. Rajeev bows down being silent. He then says as dad’s wish. Everyone is shocked.

Rajeev’s dad asks them to leave else he will kick them out. Anushka scolds Rajeev for being a coward, why is he silent, say the truth to everyone, how can he hear such things against his love Alka. She says Alka has fought with her dad just for him, and she can’t think Alka loves him a lot, and he is just watching the drama, say something. She says if you stay silent like this, I will doubt Alka for loving a weak man like you. Rajeev’s dad says tell me whats less in Rajeev, you see yourself, you are still here after being insulted, it shows your place. Shastri ji says why should we be ashamed, why.

He says I m proud of my daughter and her courage, the one she loved, she fought for everyone, Rajeev and you should be ashamed, for being a coward. Anushka says Alka is not after Rajeev, he came after her to Delhi, he wanted to marry her, we are thankful to you that we know the truth, Rajeev is not suitable for my sister. Sareen says he too knows how to insult people, he will get more chance ahead. Anushka looks ay Rajeev and cries. Anushka, Sareen and Shastri ji leave.

Alka is eagerly waiting and asks Devyaani did Anushka talk. Devyaani says no. Alka is worried. Shastri ji is upset. He says he won’t meet his sister and won’t say anything. Minty comes to Alka and teases her. Minty says she came to see no one came to tell me the proposal is fixed. She asks will they have tea and leaves. Devyaani calls Anushka. She asks where is she and what happened there, is the date fixed. She says Alka is waiting here. Anushka cries and says we will come back and talk, we are on the way to airport. Devyaani asks is everything fine. Anushka says yes.

Alka asks Anushka how are they coming back so soon, did they meet Rajeev’s family. Anushka says yes. Shastri ji says yes we met them and it was good, we will come and talk. He ends the call. He says Alka dreamed to live her life with Rajeev, she does not know whats written in her fate. Devyaani tells Alka that maybe they were acting to be act and wanted to give her surprise. Alka says even Rajeev’s phone is not connecting. Devyaani tickles Alka and she laughs. Shastri ji and Anushka come home and see Alka very happy. They ask what happened there, what did they say. Anushka drops her bag and looks tensed.

Alka asks Shastri ji what happened. Anuska says the relation did not happen. Everyone is shocked. Alka smiles and thinks Anushka is joking. Anushka says Rajeev’s family said no. Alka says this can’t happen, this problem was not there so he came here, he will solve everything. Anushka says we went to meet them, and they said no, saying we are not of their caste. Alka says did they say it or you told this. Anushka says what? Alka says you might have told this, stop this drama. Alka says do you think I m a fool, I will accept what you say.

She says you did not say yes and I m fooled. She says it was all a drama, this is also a drama. Shastri ji is hurt by Alka’s words. Alka asks did she say against her or Rajeev there, dad might have told no or made them say no to me. Shastri ji signs Anushka not to tell anything. Alka says did you always fool me, does my likes and dislikes matter to you. She says you should have told the truth to me. Anushka says stop it. I can’t keep quiet, she wants to know the truth.

Anushka says now I will tell the truth, Rajeev’s family did not know about you, they did not call us at their home, but on someone’s marriage, made us wait for hours, and insulted dad a lot infront of all the guests. Anushka says Rajeev is a coward and did not take any stand for you. She says I was quiet as dad told me, he does not want you to feel anything less in you, you should not feel inferior. Alka cries. Anushka says the guy you loved does not respect you. Anushka asks her how did she like the truth now. Shastri ji cries and leaves.

Vrinda comes and asks Shastri ji his answer. Alka looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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