Saraswatichandra 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras telling Badimaa that his responsibilities will increase. Badimaa smiles and says Saras, it is not to be done in one day, it will be gradual and explains him. She says everything will be fine, don’t worry, go and sleep. He says he can’t sleep, doctor said everything is fine, but I m tensed. Badimaa says every man has worry for first child, you proved to be a good son, brother and husband, and now you will become a good doctor. Saras thinks everyone tells this, everyone has expectations from me, will I fulfill them, don’t know. Its morning, Kumud cleans her room. Sarras comes and asks what are you doing, who told you to work.

He gets tensed and asks her to rest. She holds her head and he worries. She runs to vomit and he shouts Kumud. He calls Badimaa and Saraswati in the room. They ask what happened. Kumud says I felt like vomiting, nothing. Saras says she was lifting the chair so this happened. Badimaa says this happens even if she sits, don’t worry, she is fine. He says doctor said she should take rest. They make her sit. He says rest here, and don’t get up, if you need anything, he will get it. She says Saras I m not ill. Saraswati says its good to walk. Saras says I will decide her food and she should eat on time He says he will call doctor and talks to her.

He asks about Kumud’s reports, thanks, I will come and take it in sometime. Kumud says she is fine. Its enough now. He says doctor will decide, you take rest. Badimaa says come, lets go. Saras asks her to sleep. They leave. Kumud is bored being in room and says I finished magazine twice. Badimaa, Saraswati, and Yash’s mum come with Methi ke laddoos and make her eat it. Kumud says I feel like I did theft and I m getting punished. She says she will go out, but goes to see seeing someone coming. Danny and Vidyachatur come. They greet her and asks how is she. She says she is feeling like being in jail. He says don’t get angry, anger is bad for health. He gives her books. She says thanks, I did not read it.

Danny says enjoy reading. They leave asking her to have laddoos. She says she will read now. Its night, Vidyachatur talks to Danny and Yash about the work. Saraswati asks where is Chandra. Danny says its good Kumud is free. Kumud comes and says yes, he is right. Badimaa asks why did you come here. Kumud says she heard them so came to see. Vidyachaur says if Saras sees you and laughs. He asks her to go to room and rest. She says what, if I take so much rest, my baby will be lazy, where did Saras go.

Saras comes home with vegetables.He asks her to take rest. Saraswati asks whats this. He says this is green fresh veg, doctor said Kumud should have this. Badimaa says we already get fresh vegs at home. Saras says its fresh in morning, I got it fresh now. Everyone laugh. Danny says congrats Bhabhi. Saras says this is folic acid and calcium supplement for Kumud. Danny says what, two bags of it. Badimaa asks whats this. Saras says its diet chart and shows them. Yash says its food chart. Saras says Kumud will red this and follow, doctor asked her to have all this fruits and vegs.

Saras asks her to go to room. She says fine. He says stop, how did she come down here. He says you came by stairs right, on your own, I will drop you to room. Kumud says no, I came down slowly and will go calmly like this taking baby steps. Everyone laugh. Saras holds Kumud’s hand and brings her to room, asking her to sit. He says you take rest, I will arrange all this/ She says she will do. He says don’t shout, anger is not good for you and baby, calm down. She reads the book.

He asks whats this. She says dad gave this books. He sees it. She says don’t say I will be tired reading books. He says let me see what is it. He checks the books and says its sad story. She says its love story. He says but, it has sad ending, you can’t read this, leave it. She takes another book. He takes it and checks. She says now what. He says its supernatural thriller, what happened to you. He keeps the books away. She takes another book. He checks it and says no horror. She says tell me what to read. He says he got books for her, one min.

He says take this and smiles. She says your perfectly pampered pregnancy, healthy eating, and all baby related books. He says read all three, it will make you know how to walk, eat, think, hear music. She asks which book he has. He says management book and hides it. He asks her to rest and he will meet Kaka. He says read 3 books and leaves. She reads the book. She sleeps. Saras takes the books and keeps it. She covers her with blanket and goes to read his book. He reads the book all night and then sleeps. Kumud wakes up in morning and sees him sleeping. She sees the book on becoming the best dad and smiles.

Kumud steps on a ball and falls off the stairs. Everyone is shocked. Kumud shouts in pain. Everyone rush to her. Saras sees her and shouts Kumud, looking on angrily and tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. oh wow saras ka expression or innocent act really amazing.per anyways serial is going to end them y they r bring twist like kumud is falling from stairs.plz dont do this.and even i heard that before ending there will be kabir aur anuksha ka marriage and lakshminandan come back per how the serial is going to end just in 3days.per we want happy happy moment of the ending.and we wish saras ka gautham will come in next serial that too in same channel.we will really miss u so much saras yaar.per wish u all the best to saraswatichandra team ko guys.

  2. Luv saras n kumud

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