Piya Basanti Re 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Piya Basanti Re 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Mahesh and Neeta taking blessings of Baa by touching her feet on their wedding anniversary. Ayesha tries to run from the party, but Ganga stops her and asks why is she running. Ayesha says an old lady with whom she had a tiff while getting grocery is Neeta’s aunty and has identified her. She gets a call from Aditi who asks her to come into her room. Ayesha says she is going home as her mother met with an accident in London and will have to chat with her on skype. Aditi wishes her mom better health. Ganga asks why did she lie about her ilness. Ayesha says she has to do it to safeguard her secret.

Kabeer’s siblings ask him what gift they have to give Neeta and Mahesh now. He says they should act on their earlier plan of dance performance and now instead of Akshay and Ayesha, he and Piya will dance. Piya hesitates, but agrees on Aditi and Kabeer’s insistence.

Mrs. Dave enters party venue and greets Neeta. Neeta asks why did not she bring her daughter. Mrs. Dave says she does not like party. Neeta says Baa that Mrs. Dave daughter is very cultured, etc. Savita says Baa that Neeta tries to find her bahu in every girl. Mrs. Dave asks about kids. Just then Aditi and Akshay announce that they have a special gift for their uncle/aunty. Piya and Kabeer start their performance with Kabeer as Mahesh, Aditi as Baa coming with an alliance to Neeta’s home and then their engagement. Do anjaane ajnabee…. song plays in the backgrond. Akshay says let us see when mama/Mahesh saw maami/Neeta for the first time, what happened. Kabeer and Piya perform on ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga…… song… and hug each other. Savita gets tensed seeing them hugging and asks Neeta if she is seeing same as she is seeing. Neeta says it is just acting and asks if she is doubting them again. Savita says yes, and it is not her fault now. Neeta asks her to enjoy the program. Akshay then says mama/mami are now married. Piya and Kabeer enter house by touching baa’s feet and then perform on Bole chudiyaa bole kanganaa…. song… Mahesh and Neeta and all guests clap on their performance. Akshay then says Kabeer is born. Kabeer and Neeta perform with a child on Tujhe suraj kahoon ya chanda…song… Savita gets more suspicious seeing their performance. Akshay then says after Kabeer is born, maama/maami’s love increased and let us see what maami sings for mama. Piya then performs on Sajna hai mujhe sajni ke liye…… song.. Kabeer then enters and Piya acts as getting angry on him for coming late. Aditi then says they usually see maami getting angry and let us see how mama cheers her up. Kabeer forgets his song and stands still. Piya asks him to sing. He says he forgot his song…

Kabeer asks Mahesh which song he signs for mummy when she gets angry. Mahesh then starts singing Aye meri Zohra Jabeen…. song and dances with Neeta, with Aditi and Akshay joining them. Everyone clap for them.

Precap: Piya says he is lucky that he is born in a rich family. Kabeer gets irked hearing that and asks her to get out.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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