Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali gets ready in a saree for her college. Raghav says she is looking beautiful in saree. Anjali says it is of no use as she cannot go to college before dropping fruity to her school and starts her drama that she has to look at her shop also and earn money in Soniya’s absence, else without money, sisters cannot marry. Raghav says he will take care of her shop and asks her to attend college. Deepu and other sisters think Bobby ji has passed all tests till now, Deepu says he has to pass Vishwamitra test now.

Bobby/Raghav gets a call from daada who asks how is his love story going. Raghav says he told truth to Soniya’s sisters and broke up with her. Daada asks where is Soniya. He says she has gone to Indore. Daada says there is no use of taunting him now and informs him that Ratna wants him to attend a party with her in the evening. He says he will reach home on time. He then reminisces time spent with Soniya.

A beautiful girl comes walking and all males on the road stare at her. She meets Raghav who also gets mesmerized with her beauty (actually she is not that beautiful and below average looking girl). Deepu says we have to see if Bobby will fall for the girl or not, says her friend Maya has already reached Bobby’s shop to show her Maaya. Girl asks Raghav that she needs ghagra choli. He asks her to give her address, he will send it later. She says she needs it now. He starts searching dress. She starts getting closer to him and says Soniya is lucky to have a husband like him. He says he is neither Soniya’s husband nor boyfriend. She asks whose boyfriend he is then. Raghav gives ehr ghagra choli. Maaya calls Deepu and says he is flirting with her. Deepu says he always smiles. Maaya says let us see what happens. She says if she can try it in shop. He asks her to try it in soniya’s home. Lady goes looking seductively at him repeatedly. She then asks Bobby if he can help her dorn dupatta. Sisters pray to stop Bobby. Bobby says he cannot come up. She says she will give him triple money. Bobby says he cannot come up and asks her to come when Soniya’s sisters come. Sisters get happy that Bobby passed Vishwamitra test. Maaya come down and angrily hands over ghagra choli back to him and leaves.

Raghav gets a call from his mom who asks where is he. He says he is at shop, then changes his words and says he is in business meeting. Ratna says it is important for him to attend club party as friends and business partners are coming. Raghav asks her to reach club, he will join her later. Abhiman who is there, says Ratna that he will leave now. She invites him to join her for the party and he agrees. She asks daada to accompany her. Daada jokes he cannot attend boring people’s party who cannot understand her poetry.

Raghav sees Soniya’s sisters at home and asks if they came early. Rati comes and says someone stolen things from their house. They all run into home and find Soniya’s saved money missing. Anjali says Deepu that her friend Maya must have stolen it. Raghav asks Deepu if Maya is her friend. Deepu admits and says she was taking his test. He asks what test? Fruity says vishwamitra test and even she does not know what it is. Deepu says we wanted to see if he is perfect for Soniya. Raghav scolds them for being careless and losing Soniya’s hard-earned money, says there is nothing between Soniya and him. He says we have to get back that money somehow. Deepu asks how?

Sisters see Soniya’s call on landline and get tensed. Raghav picks call. Soniya asks what is he doing at home and where are her sisters. He says they have gone to practice dance for Navratri and he is at shop, not in her home. Soniya says she has come with Rati’s alliance and has fixed her marriage here, says she saved money for her sister’s marriage. Raghav says okay and keeps phone. Soniya thinks how did she tell the secret which she did not tell to her sisters.

Precap: Raghav traces Maya’s address with her phone number.

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