Saraswatichandra 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 17th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud being taken by Jungu. Kumud is unconscious. Sunanda covers her with the ghunghat. She says take her carefully. Jugnu leaves. Sunanda laughs. Kusum is tensed seeing Kumud go. Jugnu makes Kumud sit in the car and leaves. Sunanda counts the money happily. All her men look at the money. Sunanda asks Kajal to give some money to everyone. Majnu comes there with Sheikh and shows her Rs 1 crore. He says we brought it in 24 hours. Sunanda is shocked and says what did I do, I m sorry you came late, Jugnu took Kumud with him. Saras is shocked. Majnu says how can he take. Sunanda says it was risky to keep her here, so I have sent her, if I knew you will bring money, I would have kept her. I have made her Rajasthani bride, they will be leaving for Ahmedabad. She says Kumud is unconscious. Saras leaves. Majnu takes the money and leaves.

Sunanda asks her men to get Kumud. Jugnu is very happy and dresses in Rajasthani clothes. He looks at Kumud and smiles. He says forget your husband now and be my bride when you come in your senses, I will always keep you so happy that you will never think of Saraswatichandra. Danny searches for the original file in Ghuman’s room. He does not get it and is upset. He checks everywhere. He says where did she hide the original papers. He says can we bring our family out of problems, why did you need so much money, where are you, I hope Kumud is fine, I will find the file at any cost.

Saras and Majnu come to the bus stop with Sunanda’s men. They see a woman in ghunghat and doubt on her to be Kumud. Majnu checks the woman and gets a slap. He says sorry. The conductor says we have two tickets booked by Jugnu’s name but he did not come. Sunanda’s man calls her and says Jugnu have cheated us. Sunanda is shocked and says its loss of Rs 50 lakhs, apologize to Sheikh and come back. Tell him to come and see Kajal if he wants. The man apologizes to Sheikh. Majnu says its because of you Jugnu took him, tell us where is she. The man says was she your wife, come to see Kajal if not Kumud. Saras slaps him and is worried.

Kumud is still sleeping. She wakes up and gets up. She is shocked to see a new room. She looks around. She sees her clothes and thinks of the water she had. She gets tensed and knocks the door. She says open the door, is anyone there. Saras says it means he has hidden Kumud. Majnu says how will we find out. Saras says Sunanda may be knowing Jugnu’s hideouts. They leave.
Saras and Majnu come to Sunanda and asks where did Jugnu take Kumud.She says I don’t know else I would have got her for you, he cheated me too. Majnu says is it your plan. Sunanda says no, why would I bear a loss, I can’t cheat money. Majnu says Jugnu is your man, you might be knowing where he can go, tell us. She says I don’t know. She says look at Kajal also. Kajal smiles. She says I have diamonds with me, maybe you may like her. Majnu says you won’t know what is Kumud for him, he won’t see anyone else than her. She says even Jugnu told the same, he will not give you Kumud. Saras thinks where did Jugnu take Kumud.

Kumud asks is anyone there. She says where am I, who brought me here. She cries and says where are you Saras. Jugnu comes to her and she thinks of him that he was at Sunanda’s place. He closes the door and says don’t be scared, no one will do anything, I brought food for you. She says move back. I know you, go back. She shows a vase to him. He says you can trust me, I m Jugnu, don’t be scared, I brought you here saving you from Sunanda. I used to bring girls for Sunanda, when I saw you, I did not feel good, when you had to sing for them, I decided I will free you, that woman was giving you to any Sheikh, he was paying Rs 1 crore. He says I did not let that happen, I saved you and brought you here and no one will come here, we will leave from here. Kumud cries. He says then you will be mine forever, I m with you, we are together.

Saras and Majnu are worried. Majnu says I don’t trust Sunanda. Saras says I read her eyes, she is not lying. Saras gets Kusum’s call and she tells she worries about Kumud and regards her as sister. She says Kumud has given me your number and I know you are Sheikh. He asks how did you know. She says as only Saras can cry for her, not a Sheikh. He says don’t tell anyone. She says I won’t, I called you to inform you that Kajal knows Jugnu’s hideouts, but she is very clever, you have to make her tell you, I will bring her to you. Jugnu tells Kumud that he loves her a lot and he lost everything for her, we will go far and make a new start. Kumud says I love Saras, no one can come closer to me. He says you will love me too.

He says I will not touch you, but you don’t cry, as I get hurt. She says I will always be Saras. He says don’t think of die, I will love you that you will never take his name, I will do anything to keep you happy. She says let me go to Saras, I can’t live without him. He says you can’t go to him, Sunanda and Sheikh are finding you, then you won’t be mine. He says no one can reach you, rest and have food, we will marry and go to city. Kumud is shocked. He locks the door and leaves.

Saras brings Kajal and Majnu gives her money. Majnu asks her Jugnu and Kumud’s address. Saras shows Kajal that he is Saras. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. I thought jugnus gonna help kumud but he just wanted her the dog

  2. Sara shouldnt show his real face to to her nw she will reveal it to sunenda hope not

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