Sasural Simar Ka 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 17th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Jhanvi recalls when bhagti stopped Anurag to take the tea. Bhagto comes in the room and asks if she can come in. SHe sits with her and says you are upset because I put bam on his head I never wanted to hurt you. Jhanvi says no its not about you, I don’t know much about anurag. Anurag comes in and says you will know with time to time. You will know me better. Bhagti says i will help you in sorting everything.

Scene 2
Maat ji says sid and prem leave so early. Mausi ji says they are so scared of their wives. Verma aunty comes in. She says I couldn’t control I came to tell you that everyone is so happy to know that next kitty will be in bharadwaj house. Mata ji says what are you saying. I hate all this kitty party and all. Mrs Verma says but Mausi ji joined kitty. She says why are you all so dazed. She came yesterday and said that you have agreed on joining kitty. She texted me that next kitty will be here in this house. She shows mausi ji’s text to mata ji. Khushi is so happy. Mata ji says is that true ? Answer me. I said no to all of you why you went there without permission. Verma says I am sorry manuranjan ji and yeah I will plan next kitty at my place. Mata ji says how you even thought that kitty party will be held at this house. Mausi ji says i was s curious to know about what happens in the kitty parties so I lied. I never said to her that we will plan a kitty in this house. I can never hurt you deliberately. Maat ji says this is the last time I am saying no one from you will be part of kitty.

Scene 3
Jhanvi is working in the kitchen. Bhagti comes and says this is so good. Go and get ready I will do this all. Jhanvi says don’t mind but I wanna do something. She says that’s okay but can I help you out ? Jahnvi says yeah sure. Jhanvi’s phone rings. Its a call from hospital. She starts talking and goes out.

Scene 4
Juwala asks her workers who made the posters. One says me. He comes closer and juwala slaps her. She says this photo is for elections. Juwala sees the next poster. The worker is scared. She says this one is good.

Bhagti comes in the kitchen and sees all the food is burnt. She says how did this happen ? Bhagti asks did you lower the gas ? She says it was a call from hospital. Bhagti says don’t worry I will make vegetable. Bua ji says the way you help others is so appreciable bhagti.She says no jhanvi is cooking today.

Scene 5
Khushi says they won’t dare to come at the kitty and I can do my work with ease, She goes to a neighbor and says I have something important to talk. Sign these papers. She shouts and says these are my property papers. Why would I sign them, She calls his husband who is kidnapped . Mrs. Singh gets scared. Khushi says now tell me you’re gonna sign or not ?
Khushi gets signed the papers from 3 women. She says the work is done. Simar and roli listen her talking. Roli says why is everyone leaving. Simar says yeah I can’t get it, Simar says they were all members of kitty party.
We have to figur out what’s with this kitty. Roli says I am going to sid.

Scene 6
Simar says please mata ji let mausi ji go in the kitty. Mata ji reluctant. Mausi ji requests her and she says okay.

Precap-Khushi is mixing something in mausi ji’s juice. She says you ahev to go away. She gives mausi ji the glass of juice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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