Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dipika telling she is not pregnant. Everyone are shocked. Jai says I m not in any guilt now, it means I did not do any mistake. Dipika says yes, you did not do anything, can we marry now. Jai asks then who was in the room that night. Dipika says leave it, lets marry. Jai says we will marry, first tell me who was with me. He says give me two mins and asks Hasmukh to play the CD. He says there are important questions which we all should know. He says give me 5 mins. Dipika says fine, what will you do now, will you not marry me. He says we will marry, just wait. Hasmukh plays the CD. Dipika asks whats all this Jai. Jai says you will know it now.

Everyone are shocked to see the video where Dipika takes Jai to the room in drunken state and then Dhara goes in the room. Dipika is shocked. Everyone looks on shocked. Jai says Dipika you have told me nothing happened that night, you were not with me, it was Dhara, it was between a husband and wife, I did not do anything wrong, now I can proudly say that I have not done anything wrong. I married Dhara, she is my wife and we were in love that night, for seven births. Everyone smile. Dipika says forget all that, you said we will marry, please marry me. Jai says yes, we can marry, but in eight birth, you lied to me. Dhara is my wife. He says if you want me to marry you, then you have to wait.

Dipika cries and says no, I can’t let you become Dhara. She says if you can’t me mine, then you can’t be hers. She thinks of Ketki’s words about the gun. She takes the gun and aims at Jai. Everyone are shocked. Dhara tries to stop Dipika. Dipika pushes Dhara and shoots at Jai. Dhara comes in between and gets shot at the shoulder. Dhara thinks of her dream and falls. Everyone panic. Jiten holds Dipika and asks what did you do. Jiten asks Ketki to take Dipika inside. Hasmukh says no, Dipika won’t go anywhere, call the police. Dhara falls unconscious.

The police comes and arrests Dipika. Ketki cries for Dipika while everyone cries for Dhara. Dhara is taken to the hospital. Dhara is being treated. Everyone cry. Jai hugs Ansubaa. Ansubaa says nothing will happen to her. Jai says I understand everything, its my sins, she is getting punished for it. She says talk to Lord and ask him to punish me for my sins. He tells Parul Dipika wanted to kill me and Dhara got shot, why did this happen. Jai cries. He says Bhoomi also went like this. He asks Parul to talk to Lord. He says I want my Dhara fine. He says Bhoomi died and now Dhara will also die. Hasmukh slaps him.

Everyone are shocked. Jai hugs him. Hasmukh says your love will save her, trust your love. The doctor says we tried our best but we could not bring the bullet. Jai says please save her. The doctor says she will critical, pray to Lord. Ketki asks Dilip about Dhara. Dilip scolds her. She says I did a big mistake. Dilip says you did a sin. Ketki says I regret. Dilip says no one will let you come, leave from here. Jai thinks about Dhara’s words. Parul pacifies him. Dhara is operated. Karti hai majboor zindagi……………plays……………Everyone are tensed.

The doctor says Dhara is serious. Nanku cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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