Saraswatichandra 14th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 14th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the keymaker talking to Kumud.She asks why did you come late, we called you one hour before. He says I got the call 15 mins before, we are famous for our fast service. She thinks everyone praises themselves here. He makes the key. Kumud looks on. Anushka leaves. Kabir sees her and thinks everyone are loving her a lot, I will do something today. He too leaves. The keymaker opens the door. Kumud asks how much. He says 200rs. She says a new key and lock can come in 200rs. She says wait and gives him money. Anushka tries to take an auto and stands on the road.

Kabir comes to her and gives her lift. She thinks she is getting late and asks do you have any plan to kidnap him, or will take me to mountain to oush me. He says sit if you want. She says fine, and sits in his car. They leave. Kabir smiles seeing her. He thinks she came to marry me, will run saving her life from me. She thinks he gave me lift thinking something. Saras calls Kumud and says I was trying since long, where are you. She thinks not to tell him else he will be worried.

She says my phone was on silent, tell me how is the office. He says great, I have a secretary here, she calls me boss. She asks what about food. He says I ordered a gujarati thaali. He asks what did you eat. She says I will make anything. Kabir stops the car and says I will just come. Anushka asks where are you going, how can he go making me sit here at this lonely place. She gets tensed. She sees him coming with a packet. Kabir sits in the car. She asks where did you go. He says I went to take this, desi daaru. She says what? He says don’t tell this at home, this is great. She says I can’t believe this. He says I drink this since 15 years, daily, 2-3 times. He says I will play cards with my friends tonight.

He tells her about his bad habits and drops her. She leaves. He waves bye. He smiles and says so Miss Anushka, you came to marry me, now you will run back to Mumbai. Saras asks Kumud are you missing me. She says a lot, come soon. He says now? She says else your Nikki will come here calling out boss boss. He laughs. He says I miss you. She ends the call. He says lets work now. She says lets cook now. She says what to make, I will make khichdi.

She makes khichdi and sits to have it. She thinks of her family dining together and smiles. Everyone miss Kumud and Saras at home. Kusum says even I don’t wish to cook food, missing them. Guniyal says this is Kumud’s fav food. Anushka comes home. Vidyachatur says Saras might have gone for work. Guniyal says Kumud does not like eating alone. Kusum says lets call her. Guniyal says no, she might be busy. Kusum says lets try.

Kumud smiles seeing Kusum’s call. Kusum asks her to talk to everyone on speaker. Kumud says I was missing you all. Vidyachatur asks did you have food. Kumud says I was about to have it. He says I know why you did not eat it. Kumud cries and says she is missing everyone. Everyone cry. Badimaa says give me the phone and says don’t say this. Kumud reminds her when she does not used to eat, how she used to make her eat. Badimaa says yes. Kumud says I wish you were here and made me eat by your hands. Badimaa says yes, take the food in your hands and eat it for your dad’s name.

Kumud smiles and eats. Badimaa says now, take another one for mum’s name. Guniyal takes the phone and says now take a big one for your lovely Badimaa’s name. Anushka says one for me too. Kumud eats the khichdi. Everyone smile. Kumud says people are right, Lord cant be everywhere so he made mother, and I have two. Vidyachatur says enough, if you make us cry, then how will we eat. Kumud says you have to eat else I will ask Kusum. She says Maa I know why are you quiet, call me when you miss me. She ends the call. Kumud continues eating and says this is for Saras.

Everyone have food. Kabir comes there with torn clothes. Everyone is shocked seeing him. Guniyal asks what happened, Kabir says nothing, I just fell. Guniyal says change your clothes, I will bring haldi milk. Anushka says he needs lemon water, energy booster. Kabir says I don’t need anything. Kabir thinks it means my drama looked real to her, so marriage plan cancel and her stay here too, goodbye Anushka.

Kumud waters the plants. She irons come clothes. She does some work. She watches tv and does not seem interested. She reads a magazine. Kusum tells Guniyal and Badimaa that she is making paneer tikka for Danny. Badimaa asks is anything special. Kusum says no he likes this. Kusum thinks she has to spend time with him and express her love as she loves him a lot. She goes to see Danny. Badimaa says she is trying to make Danny happy and asks Guniyal too to make something for Vidyachatur.

Kusum asks Danny to freshen up and she will make tea for him. Danny says let me sit. He looks tired and she gives him a head massage. She says I decided to make your fav dish daily. He asks are you fine. She says yes, lets have food then I will give you a massage. He says I m feeling your behavior strange, is everything fine. She makes excuse and leaves. Danny smiles. Kumud says what to do now, I will call Saras, but no, he will be disturbed. She looks outside and says how can anyone be alone here in so much crowd. When will you come Saras.

Kumud and Saras see a rose and smile. He says I brought this for you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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