Ek Hasina Thi 14th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 14th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dev asking Durga are you ok, you are looking tensed. Durga says I m fine and thinks she has to be careful. She says I don’t like crowded place. He asks why are you not dancing. She says even you. He asks shall we and gives his hand. She says ya sure and holds his hand. Dev smiles and they dance. Shaurya is shocked seeing them and gets angry seeing Dev. Sakshi sees Shaurya’s reaction. Sagarika leaves and Raima dances with Shaurya. Sakshi says I think we should seal Shaurya and Sagarika’s relation. Rajnath nods. Dev asks Durga you said when Payal met you, her condition was bad, she was unable to talk to anyone, then how did you come to know her past.

Durga says Nitya told me. Dev is shocked. He says Nitya? When? Where? Durga says in her diary, I have it, it was in Payal’s hand when I got her, I used it to help Payal, she wrote a lot, everything about her life. Dev thinks about Nitya writing diary all the time. Shaurya comes in between them and asks Dev did you not wear the suit which I have you. Dev says I m comfortable in my things. Shaurya asks him to be away from his things and shows Durga. Rajnath says we have to make an announcement.

Rajnath calls Shaurya and says he has made a short film for his Guru Ganguly. Shaurya asks the DJ to play the video. Durga smiles and thinks now even Sakshi won’t be able to do anything. Sakshi sees Durga smiling and senses something wrong is going to happen. She tells this to Raima that something will happen. Raima says Rajnath spoke to Ganguly about marriage proposal and he agreed. Dev sees Durga smiling. Durga feels sorry for Sagarika and Sangeeta as she wants to show Ganguly’s true face to the world.

Ganguly is happy to see the video. He is praised at the starting and is shocked to see what is shown later. Everyone is shocked to see Ganguly’s truth. Shaurya thinks how did this happen. The media covers this news. Sagarika asks Sangeeta who did this. Sangeeta says maybe someone wants to help us. People start gossiping about Ganguly. Rajnath asks Shaurya to stop it, but Durga stops him asking is this Ganguly’s truth, how did you know this. Shaurya says I don’t know how did this happen, I m shocked. She says but you made the film, I m proud of you.

The video shows Ganguly slapping Sagarika and beating his wife. It shows Nandiini saying Ganguly has used her. Ganguly accepts his sins in the video. Durga says Shaurya that he gave the right tribute to Ganguly, he is an animal and should be exposed, well done. Shaurya says but its not mine, looks like someone changed my DVD. Shaurya asks the DJ to stop it and scolds him. The DJ says you gave it. Ganguly tells Rajnath that its all false, you all know me.

He asks Sangeeta to tell this is false, does he have any affair till now. Sangeeta thinks of his torture. Durga thinks this chance can’t come again. Sangeeta says no. Gaanguly says tell everyone the truth. Sagarika says all this is true. She says Ganguly is an animal who exploited my friend Nandini. Ganguly is about to slap her, but Sangeeta holds his hand and slaps him infront of everyone. Everyone is shocked. Durga smiles.

Sangeeta says I won’t be quiet now. He says now its enough. She scolds him and says you are the culprit. She says don’t think to slap me. She says Sagarika, come with me and leaves. Ganguly stops the guests but they all leave. The media asks about Ganguly. The mayor says we will do the enquiry about Ganguly, we did not know this. Ganguly cries. Durga thinks how he has misbehaved with Payal. She leaves.

The media asks Rajnath about this. Rajnath says we are shocked and regret to see Ganguly. The reporter asks we heard you have helped Ganguly. Durga answers them and says no one knew about Ganguly’s real face else he would have not been at this post. She says Goenkas are good people, Ganguly was the best in academics and Goenka suggested his name seeing that. She defends Rajnath. The media leaves. Rajnath thanks Durga. Durga says I m really sorry, I could not stop myself, my dad says you do some good and people think us wrong.

She says now I will leave. Shaurya says wow, you were impressive. Durga says whats your parents mistake in this, they don’t need Ganguly. Shaurya says I will drop you home. Durga says ok. Sakshi says Shaurya, no, our driver will drop her, as I don’t know we can leave Shaurya alone. Durga says its ok. Dev thinks its good chance to find about Nitya and says I will drop Durga. Sakshi says that’s good, thanks. Shaurya gets angry and thinks if Dev is thinking he will snatch Durga from me, then you are wrong.

Sakshi and Rajnath are shocked to see the news about Shaurya exposed in fake scandal. Durga smiles seeing them.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think so Dev will find that durga changed the CD.Did durga and dev will join or not. what a cute couple. Dev and Durga was rocking when they hold their hands and moves.thanks for updating fast amena.yu was good.

  2. I want this shaurya to be exposed too.. I hate him.. And raj….. He is having an affair with Raima.. So stupid…btw this serial is so good…. I love this.. Durga you will win and I am damn sure about it… 🙂 btw sakshi is protecting shaurya being a women…

  3. Durga u are just superb yaar.

  4. omg…. shaurya was so jealous that he couldn’t stop himself to go between dev n durga’s dancing…. n great job durga for exposing Ganguly…. well done girl

  5. you r right Lucky.I also support you.

  6. thanks amena for updating first…

  7. i lv dis serial <3

  8. Amazing durga u r marvalleous

    Sakshi till when u protect shaurya? Being a women shame on u that u r supporting a rapist.
    U think u r more smart but Ur hubby nd ur best frnd Raima having affair which u couldnt find out till now…. lol 😀

    Shaurya u think love is a game nd u can get everything u want.
    U r wrong, u r a lustful inhuman creature. U never get durga.She came to destroy u and get ready to be pubished.

  9. Stupid sakshi she doesn’t know about her husband affair with her best friend and she thinks she is too smart

  10. dev and durga….!
    no words to tel…u make such a wonderful onscreen couple!
    i lovd to see shourya geti jealous!

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