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Saraswatichandra 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badimaa talking to Vidyachatur. She says its good that Danny is fine, and she gets worried for Saras. Saras and Kumud come home with Kabir. Saras says nothing can happen to us as we have your blessings. Vidyachatur and Badimaa hugs them and sees Kabir. Guniyal says I saw you from terrace. She brings aarti plate. Kusum comes and hugs Kumud. Guniyal says you came here before, but today you came as Saraswati’s son. She does his aarti and welcomes him. Vidyachatur hugs him. Kabir gets a warm welcome.

Kabir says Kaka and touches his feet. Yash comes and hugs Saras. Saras says Kaka, I told you I will bring my brother back. Everyone smile. Vidyachatur says I regarded him as son always so we brought him home. Badimaa says we did not know your name and address, but always felt the connections. We have seen Saraswati in your eyes but did not identify. Kabir gets tears in his eyes. Saras says Kabir….. see everyone are happy for you, this is called family, which you got back now. Saras wipes his tears and asks why tears. Kabir says this is happiness tears, what to do, I did not get such love before, tell me how to stop it.

Saras says you got it before, but someone snatched it, but you got it back now, I will never leave you alone now. Vidyachatur says lets go inside. Everyone sit. Saras asks Badimaa about Danny. Yash gets tensed. Saras sees everyone’s faces. Vidyachatur says he went out, he will be coming. Saras asks is everything fine Kaka. Kumud looks at them and asks what are you hiding from us, where is Kalika. Yash’s mum says I will say, I can’t hide her dirty act, I can forgive her mistakes but not this. Kumud asks what happened.

Yash’s mum tells everything. Saras, Kumud and Kabir are shocked knowing Kalika accused Danny of rape and how she told about Ghuman making her do this. Kumud says Ghuman made her do this? Vidyachatur says yes, Kalika said Ghuman did this to make Danny and Kusum separate. Saras says I m not shocked, as I know that woman, who can fall to get what she wants, I m thinking how she do this with her son. Kabir says she can do anything. Yash says its our mistake, to trust a girl like Kalika. Saras says its not your mistake, she lied and cheated us.

Kabir says Ghuman is responsible for all this and now she will be punished. The phone rings. Saras asks Kusum about Danny. Kusum says I think he wants to be alone for some time. Vidyachatur talks and says doctor we are coming. He tells Saras that Laxminandan is completely fine, he can get conscious anytime, we should go to hospital. Everyone are happy. Kabir starts leaving in anger. Saras stops him. Saras says won’t you come to meet our dad. Kabir fumes.

Saras asks what happened, think he will be so happy to see you, knowing you are his younger son. Did you not wait for this moment. Kabir says I did, but for his death. Saras and everyone are shocked. Kabir says Menka told me that Laxminandan left my mum to die, I wanted to take revenge from him, and I felt he is the culprit so I did his accident. Everyone are shocked. Kalika looks on. Kumud says it means you did his accident. Kabir says I did hos accident and took him to hospital so that you all give me place in your house, then I came to know Ghuman cheated dad, tell me how to show him my face now.

Saras says Ghuman exchanged you with a dead baby and cheated dad. He tells him everything. She says when she came to know you are my brother, so she wanted to kill you in London. He says don’t blame yourself, when dad comes to know this, he will understand, she wanted to snatch you from dad and mum, fate will not support her, dad will get his younger son back, will he? Kabir signs yes. Everyone smile. Saras hugs Kabir.

Saras says Ghuman will be punished for sure. Danny comes and says Bhaiya……….. Everyone are shocked seeing him. Danny looks at them. (He looks such a darling in this scene!!) Everyone get tensed. Saras walks to Danny. Kalika looks at the drama. Danny asks is this true. He says mom? She wanted to kill the baby so that dad leaves Saraswati Maa, and tried to kill you three in London. Danny turns. He says so this was it that you were hiding, you went to London to save Kabir, you have hidden this as I m not your own brother, everyone knows here, you did not trust me.

Saras says I did not regard her as mum, as I know her, but she is your mum, I was afraid thinking you can break and lose your mum, I know the pain of losing a mum, ask me. He says so I was quiet. Danny says no, I ended my relation with her, she is no one to me, and I have the strength to see her truth, as my mum has died for me. Everyone feel sad for him. Kabir says but brother is still alive and smiles. He comes to Danny smiling and says I felt I will get my complete family, but my younger brother is not hugging me. Danny says the woman who tried to kill you was my mum, I can’t look in your eyes. Kabir says if I told you before. I know you would have opposed your mum.

Kabir says I did not want this. Danny says I felt Saras is talking to me. Danny and Kabir have a hug. Everyone smile happily seeing the brothers bond. Danny says I know you will love me as Saras. Kabir says see me, I knew everything, that you are mine and then what did I do with you, you went to jail because of me, I m sorry, I preferred hatred more than relations, I grew up hating dad and Ghuman. Danny says no need to explain, I would have done the same if I was in your place, its all over.

Saras says Kaka now my family is complete, I don’t have any complains. Danny says I have to get some answers from someone. Kabir says someone has to get punished for her sins. Saras says we three brothers are together, she will be punished. Vidyachatur says we should to to meet Nandu now. They come to Laxminandan. Saras, Danny and Kumud touch his feet. Kabir looks at him and thinks what he did with him.

Saras says dad, see whom we brought. Saras asks Kabir to come. Kabir says I can’t face him. Saras says dad will meet his younger son for the first time, trust me he will be very happy. Saras takes Kabir there. Kabir starts leaving. Saras holds him. Kabir says he knows I did the accident. Saras says dad will understand, it was not because of you, but because of situations. Saras says I m sure he will love you more than me.

Saras says come, meet dad. Kabir holds his dad’s hand and sits near him. He says I love you dad. Saras and everyone smile. Kabir regrets and cries. He says I m responsible for this, your own son. Saras says enough Kabir, now don’t burden your heart. Danny says Saras is right, dad will be happy seeing you. Kumud says forget everything, now you are with your brothers and son.

Saras and everyone come to the police station to file complaint against Ghuman. The inspector says I can’t write your complaint, do you have any proof, without proof we can’t do anything.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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