Pavitra Rishta 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with young Soham playing cards with his evil boss and his friend. His friend’s daughter comes and asks his father to come with her as her mother is ill. His friend scolds his daughter and tries to hit her. Soham stops him and kicks him out of the place. His boss asks him why is he angry as if that girl is his daughter. Soham says he remembers Sonu if someone beats any girl. He says he is very afraid and nervous about his kids and wants to meet them. Boss says his kids stay with Manav and Archana and they will create a problem. Soham says he will disguise and go. Boss says how will his kids identify him if he is in disguise. Soham says he wants to meet his kids at any cost.

Naren calls Ankita and informs he is coming back to mumbai soon to attend Shekhar marriage. He says he will get bouquet for her.

Kids see Savita standing near the door and asks her why is she standing here. She says she has to greet guests and bring them in. Pushti says she will greet guests then. Savita says elders have to greet guests. Pushti insists, so Teju allows her to greet guests and asks her to get toll/ritual money from her would be jiju Shekhar. Pushti and Teju greets Shekhar and asks him to pay toll if he needs shoes back. Shekhar gives him less money. Pushti insists to give her more money. They all start a healthy argument. Shekhar gives her whole money he got. Pushti takes money and happily greets Shekhar in.

Shekhar eagerly waits for Pari. Manav asks him not to be too eager, Pari will come soon. Pari enters marriage venue as per tghe rituals. Shekhar gets happy seeing her. Ankita waits for Naren. Naren is traveling in a car with Rushali. He informs her that he is very excited about Shekhar’s marriage and Ahana/Ankita has a surprise for her there.

Shekhar and Pari’s garland ceremonary starts. All the family members and guest clap for them. Pandit says he will start the marriage ceremony. Shekhar asks him to wait for some time until Naren comes. Shekhar’s mom says they cannot wait for the rituals to happen. Panditji says let us finish other rituals until Naren comes. Naren reaches marriage venue with Rushali. He calls Kinnari, informs her about Sunanda’s medicines and asks her to take care of Sunanda well. Rushali enters marriage venue. Archana greets Rushali and says she is happy that she came. Rushali says Shekhar is like her son, so she had to come. Archana asks about Sunanda’s health. Rushali says Sunanda is fine now and asks Archana to take care of other guests. Ankita asks Rushali about Naren. Rushali says he is out and is coming in after parking his car.

Ankita comes out of marriage hall and hugs Naren. She informs Naren about her pregnancy. Naren hugs her happily and says he will be pappa and she will be mom. He asks her to come home as he has to buy toys, etc., for their baby. He starts telling about his future plans for his unborn baby. He gets a call from Shekhar and informs Shekhar that he has a good news for him and will come into the marriage hall and inform him.

Shekhar and Pari’s marriage rituals start with their pheras. Naren says Ankita that he will inform Shekhar about his news first, then he can take pheras. Naren sees Pari getting married to Shekhar and gets a flashback about the time spent with Pari/Ahana. He calls her Ahana. Shekhar is shocked to hear him calling Pari Ahana. Naren goes near Ahana/Pari. Pari’s saree falls into the fire and Naren tries to rescue her. Both Naren and Pari fall unconscious. Archana’s family and Ankita try to wake them up.

Precap: Ankita sees Naren on a bed in a coma state and asks him to wake up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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