Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Samaira says she does not care about the man he is talking about. Aditya says that man is his old enemy and he got Samaira’s photographs from him, so he is anxious to know how did he get her photographs. Samaira says he must be her fan. Aditya says he worried that he may harm her and asks her to be careful.. Samaira thinks Aditya is talking about Neeraj and she should stop Neeraj from getting into Adtiya’s hands. Jai hears their conversation and informs about it to Aarya. He says we have to find out about this issue and meet that guy as he is Aditya’s enemy, so he would be our friend.

Sudha looks at Sudha’s pics and gets happy. Vineet says Shikha is here then why is he looking at her pics. Shikha and Avinash just come there and give Sudha flight tickets and ask her to leave with Vineet and Mahi from there soon.

Aditya meets a detective and helps him prepare Neeraj’s sketch. Dectective assures him to get information about Neeraj soon.

Shikha informs Neeraj that Aditya saw him. Neeraj asks what will happen if Aditya saw him. Samaira says he tried to kill him before, so he should go away from here for some time. Neeraj says he will not go from here and will fight with her. Samaira says that is the reason she did not want to involve him and her family and she does not want to make him her weakness. Neeraj says he is not her weakness and will not come in her way, but she should not ask him to leave. Shikha says she does not like Aditya harming him because of her and she cannot lose him at any cost. Neeraj agrees after Shikha insists. Shikha looks at her pics and diary on the table. She burns them saying she does not want Aditya get any proof about Shikha. Neeraj thinks he will not let Shikha’s memory evade easily and gets diary out from the fire. Shikha asks him why did he do that. Neeraj says her memory is very important to him and others. He says he will go from there on her insistence, but she will not burn the diary. Shikha says she will keep the diary in a locker then.

Jai and Aditya clash each other. Neeraj’s sketch drops form Aditya’s hand. Jai asks what is it. Aditya scolds him and asks him not to interfere. He comes to0 his cabin and thinks it is good that Jai did not see Neeraj’s sketch, else it would have been a problem for him.

Madhu comes to Aditya’s cabin. Aditya asks her to have lunch with him. Madhu says she is not hungry after getting slapped by him. He asks her sorry and to forgive him. Madhu says she is not angry because he slapped him, she is angry that he slapped her for Samaira. Aditya says he did it as he did not want Samaira to publicize the issue in media and police. Madhu says he would have told her about this without slapping her. Aditya says her dad was very angry on her, so to calm him down, he slapped her and asks her to have food now.

Mahi says Vineet why are Shikha and Neeraj not realizing their love for each other, hope they should realize soon, else she will have to do something.

Detective sees Neeraj and Samaira traveling in a car. He calls Aditya and informs that he is following Neeraj’s car and he is heading towards airport. Aditya says he will come there soon.

Neeraj says Shikha that he is leaving now and to take care of Avinash and Sudha. Aditya comes there and sees them talking. He sees Neeraj giving a diary to Shikha. Shikha thanks Neeraj and asks him to take care of himself. He waves her bye and goes from there. Aditya thinks something is wrong here, what is Samaira doing with Neeraj. He thinks he wants to know what game Samaira is trying to play.

Precap: Aditya tries to push Samaira from cliff and takes diary from her hand. He asks what relationship does she have with Shikha Gupta.

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