Saraswatichandra 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 10th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras asking Chandrika why is Kusum sad. Chandrika says she does not understand how to say. Chandrika says when you came in kitchen, then.. whatever happened, it all happened like a mistake. He asks what happened, she says you thought its Kumud, and it was Badi Bhabhi. Saras tells what.. Chandrika says you came, and said Kusum that Kumud where did you go, I will not let you go far from my sight. And everyone came to know about it. Saras tells now? Chandrika says downstairs. He falls, and they laugh saying anyone can make you fool saying Kumud’s name. Saras smiles.

Kumari tells Umesh how can I come, its Bhoomi Pujan here. Umesh says Ghuman came to meet me, and she is a great lady, she told me that she will help me in our marriage. Kumari says she wants to help me and she said I m like her daughter. Umesh says take her help, and come to meet me. Kumari says I have to go, someone will come. Ghuman comes to Kumari, and says why do you keep him waiting. Ghuman says I will tell everyone that I have sent you. Kumari becomes happy, and says if my mum was liek you, it would have been great. Ghuman smiles and says Dugba I have let your daughter fly, now I will see how you will show your face to the world.

A car comes in the village, and the dirty water falls on Kumari’s clothes. She shouts on him, he gets down the car and comes to her. He says he is sorry on the driver’s behalf. He gives a napkin to her. She shouts on him and is about to fall again, he holds her and says careful..
Kumari sys my slipper also got damaged because of you. He says how come, its because of you. Kumari argues with him. He says I will drop you home, she says no thanks. He insists and Kumari goes with him to his car. He asks where she has to go, she gives the directions. He asks her name, she says whats the need to ask the name. He says I was just asking casually. She says I know English, and says about Kumud that she is the first one to get graduated, so she got the proposal from Dubai. He says whose? She says you might have heard, Mr. Saraswatichandra, she praises Saras, he says he is my… He says he heard Saras name. They come to the house. He asks Kumari to get some water for him. He gets down too, along with Kumari.

Vidyachatur is asking everyone to get going. Badimaa says I don’t know where is Kumari,. Ghuman thinks only I know about it, and I will not say. Kumari comes with all mud on her clothes. Everyone are stunned to see her like this. Badimaa says where did you go. She questions her. She says she went him on the way, and Danny enters the house. Ghuman is excited to see him, and is really happy. Everyone are happy and smile. Ghuman hugs him and says she was waiting anxiously for him. Sunny hugs him too. Sunny asks him how he is. Danny asks for Saras.

Saras comes and smiles seeing him. Saras asks him to shake hand, and they do some kiddish things. Ghuman is jealous.(As always) Danny asks for his bhabhi, he says if she sees me, she will like me more than you. Saras says I felt it too, so I sent her out. Danny praises Saras. Saras tells him that she took the school children to picnic and she will come tomorrow. Saras tells he is very happy to see him. Vidyachatur says lets go. Ghuman asks Danny where he met Kumari. Danny says he got her clothes dirty because of my car, so I brought her. Gyann calls Vidyachatur and he says them to leave now.

Everyone are ready to go to the Bhoomi Pujan. Saras thinks how will the pujan complete without Kumud. they all start leaving and a car comes. Its Kumud, everyone smile seeing her. Saras gets happy. He goes to her. He says he left hope that she will come, he asks her how you came today. She says Badimaa asked me to come. Badimaa says I did not see happiness on your face, and I knew your happiness is incomplete without Kumud. Saras tells I dreamed this for my mother, and I know she is with me now. He says I wanted that we both should take her blessings. He thanks Badimaa. They leave for the pujan. Kumud says will you just see. Saras says lets go.

Danny brings a gift for Saras, and Saras says he remembers that Danny used to take his clothes. They share a nice scene. They recollect their childhood. He says he got many girls after him. Kumud comes and Saras smiles seeing her. He asks Danny to see her. Danny asks Kumud tell me who is more handsome. Kumud says you. She says he will not feel bad as he know I m lying. Danny says you are beautiful and smart. He says Bhabhi, and Kumud smiles. Danny says I will say Kumud ji until marriage. He gifts her too. She sees its a Ganesh ji idol. Danny says he will give her clothes, and talks about long skirt. Ghuman comes and taunts Kumud, Danny asks will you wear it, Kumud says yes. Ghuman taunts her saying Kumud cannot wear western clothes, and id she wears such clothes in Dubai, they will have to hide in the house.

Saras brings a gift for Kumud, she raises on him saying do you think me as a villager, and you want to change me. Saras tells if I try to change you, I will be lost…

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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