Sasural Simar Ka 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 10th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Laxmanpur
Viru sits down to watch the nautanki. A veiled girl comes in and begins to dance. But when she reveals herself, the people are surprised and say that this isnt their jjhumki. All start getting angry asking for the real jhumki. Viru sees all this. Viru gets very irritated at the shouting, and asks for some peace, he moves out, thinking that he would try to find things about the fake roli. The men start pelting chappals, demanding for jhumki.

Backstage, the organisers are worried that the people are very angry, while mannu listens all this quietly. The dancer comes and asks why is he silent. He says that he doesnt like it here, to stay alone. The people ask him to be patient as she has gone for his benefit only, and that he shouldnt be

sad, as that would upset jhumki too. Mannu instantly smiles, at the thought of his sister going sad.

As they keep getting angered, the begin to get rowdy. One of them decides to switch off all the lights, so that the people can leave. they all like the idea.

After the lights went off, viru comes out grumbling. He decides to go and drink, but then his eyes fall on the poster.

The main organiser too comes out and begins to takes the other posters out. Standing beside the hoarding of posters, viru thinks that he would show this person too roli’s photo anyway, and asks the old man standing beside, the posters, showing him roli’s photographs, if he has ever seen this girl. The man is surprised but says that he doesnt know her. Viru gets angry at him, when he says that he didnt know and throws him away, throwing all the posters too. As viru looks at them, and is shocked, the old man tries to hide jhumki’s posters.

Scene 2:
Location: Bharadwaj house and Laxmanpur
Sleeping with simar, jhumki remembers sid’s words. She calls up simar to ask about roli’s personality. Simar hears this, but doesnt respond. Jhumki says that she’s asking to improve her understanding of her role. she says that simar isnt under any obligation to do so, and turns around to sleep. Simar says that roli was a good and true person, and loved everyone, and respected her relations with full love and truth, be it any relation. She says that she was mature too, but childish too. She says roli was complete, and called a spade a spade, but within her limits. She also remembers her incidents. She said, that with the Goddess’ blessings, she got a life partner just like her, Sid, and she was very lucky in this sense, as sid was her love, her husband and her best friend. Jhumki says that she cant believe so many qualities in a person. Simar says that all people arent like this, and definitely not sid. Jhumki asks her to step out of the house, and see her nautanki, so that she knows all men are lusty. Simar says thats because she dances in front of them. but jhumki is still unconvinced.

In her room, Khushi thinks that a thief always leaves a clue behind, and decides to search for the clue against this roli. She doesnt have much faith in viru, as she doesnt have that much time, or else she would have to leave this place. She thinks that she would quieten herself down, by watching the tv. As she does so, a serial brings the idea of fingerprints that are unique always, and hence no two people can have the same fingerprints. This lights up khushi, with an idea.

Mannu tries to call jhumki, but prem, being asleep, doesnt hear it. He decides to tell her somehow.

Jhumki, at the temple is frustrated that she has to do this everyday, in the morning, which she had never done. Jhumki goes into filmy style, talking to the Goddess, that she hasnt become a devotee all of a sudden, its just that she’s doing her work, for this one month, as she doesnt want them to doubt that this is their roli only. She doesnt realise that mataji and sujata are staning behind her, and are surprised. when mataji calls out to roli, jhumki is scared. The screen freezes on jhumki’s scared face, who wonders if they heard her talks.

Precap: Khushi tells everyone, that she has found the proof that would get them to believe this isnt their roli. She introduces Mr. Saluja, who is a fingerprint specialist, and would take this girl’s fingerprints, and match them with roli, so that her fraud can be revealed. mataji expresses her confidence, that this is their roli, jhumki is happy, but she gets tensed, when mataji asks her to shut Khushi’s mouth, by taking this test.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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