Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gawtham’s family planning to make Poonam’s family break the marriage, as they are not fulfilling their demands. They plan so that Poonam herself should no to the marriage. Poonam comes and asks where is Kiran. Vandana says she went home to prepare food. Neel gets a call from Shukla. Gawtham’s dad pretends that he is in anger. Prabhunath says Samdhi ji. Vandana says he wanted to talk about the marriage date. She says there is no need to postpone the marriage date. The date that was decided the same date will be kept for marriage. Gawtham’s dad says what are you saying, you get well soon. Vandana says we have also prepared everything, and in this case, we should marry them on the same date. Prabhunath says Poonam that doctor was saying he will discharge me tomorrow. He says whats the need to postpone the marriage, I don’t have any work, Akash is doing everything.

Prabhunath asks for Akash, Poonam says he went home. Vandana says maybe he had some important work. Prabhunath asks Vandana to talk to decorators. Gawtham’s family leaves. Gawtham’s dad thinks Prabhunath should have told us that he cannot let his daughter marry soon, as he is not well. His mum says he might fear that Gawtham will leave her if he delays the marriage. They discuss that maybe Prabhunath and Vandana want to go to America. Deepak calls Kiran and feels miserable. He cries talking to Kiran. She gives him strength to hold up himself, so that he can help his family.

Scene shifts to Akash’s house:

Dadi says he has done right thing to help Prabhunath getting to the hospital. She says Poonam might have given you a place in her heart. Akash thinks about Poonam’s harsh statement on him.

Scene shifts to Gawtham’s house:

Gawtham says his institute will open soon in another city. His mum asks his dad to get up. He gets up and shouts on her. His mum says Prabhunath is not well totally, and they spoke to them about postponing the date, but Prabhunath is not ready for it. Gawtham says he did not get it. His dad says he is smart, and its his wise decision. Gawtham’s dad says Prabhunath is thinking about money and expenditure, that is why he wants the marriage sooner. Gawtham tells that that they are not thinking the right way, there might be something else. His mum says we are not taking dowry. Gawtham’s dad says Akash is always there in Poonam’s house. Gawtham thinks about it.

Prabhunath asks for Akash, Poonam says what happened because of Akash. Poonam says he speaks without thinking. Vandana says Akash brought Prabhunath to hospital. Poonam says she knows, and she is thankful to him. She says she does not like his behavior. Prabhunath says he is different, but he is good at heart.
Gawtham says we should not get into their matters. He says he is opening the institute, and he needs loan from the bank, but the bank wants surety. What should he do? His dad says we have nothing but a house. Gawtham says no, it won’t do. His mum advices to talk to Prabhunath about it. His house is big, and he can give surety to you. Gawtham thinks yes, his dad is saying right. Akash comes to Prabhunath and greets everyone. Vandana says she was talking about him. Akash says ok, how is Prabhunath. Prabhunath says he is fine, and he is well because of him. Gawtham comes and greets everyone. Gawtham sees Akash, and is angry.

Gawtham asks how is Prabhunath, he says he is fine, and is leaving for home now. Akash says you all go, I have some work. They leave for home. Prabhunath reaches home, and Kiran asks him how he is. He says fine, Kiran goes to bring water for him. Poonam takes care of Prabhunath. Gawtham asks Prabhunath about the bank loan required for his coaching centre. Everyone are shocked. Prabhunath asks him to show the file. He says he will go to his room to bring his spects. Vandana goes with him, and they discuss about Gawtham’s loan. Prabhunath is worried, Vandana pacifies him.

Gawtham sees the file, and Prabhunath says he cannot sign the papers. Gawtham is shocked…

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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