Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl tells Gunjan that like her, they all want Rachna to be happy in life. A second name of life is moving forward. Please don’t fulfil any of such dreams of her, which hinders her way to step ahead in life.
KT thinks to photo that he can never forget her. KT gets a call of Rakesh. He tells him that he is leaving today, he will leave the keys here, and he must check them. He keeps the photo in his bag and gets into the car. He looks at Rachna’s empty door, when someone calls him to stop. It was Rachna crying, dressed in saree and calls him towards her. He smiles and moves towards her house, when he recalls Shayl’s promise. He leaves Rachna crying. When he turns back to find Rachna, she wasn’t there. He wipes his tears before leaving.
Murli says to Peehu that he can’t talk to his mother. Peehu cries that science has advanced. Inspite of doctors saying people get second children born to them. She insists, but Murli hangs on. Khushi begins to cry and is about to fell off the bed. Peehu cries her name, Gunjan had got her already. Peehu takes her and says thank you to Gunjan. Gunjan asks if everything is alright. Peehu says her papa called, so she got careless. Peehu asks Gunjan not to tell anyone at home. Gunjan asks if there is some tension in her mind she can share. Peehu denies and goes to get milk for her. Gunjan takes Khushi, Seema asks Gunjan not to take her as she can’t lift weight. She gives Gunjan juice to drink. Bindia asks what Gunjan wants, girl or a boy. Gunjan says it doesn’t matter, Seema also agrees. Mayank comes and says he needs a girl, who will make noise at home like her mama. Mayank says his daughter will always be in his team. Peehu comes there, Mayank asks is Khushi loved by her papa, Peehu was quiet and takes Khushi inside. Gunjan was worried.
The lady leaves the van, and Rachna was left alone now. It was night and the phone battery was dead. Rachna asks how much time more is left, the driver says it will take one more hour. They were passing a desserted area.
Shayl kisses Khushi as she was sleeping. She comes to sit by Peehu, Gunjan was also there. Shayl says to Peehu that Gunjan said she was very angry and was being annoyed at Khushi as well. Peehu says no, Shayl says she can share anything with her. She asks if everything is alright in her in-laws house. Peehu says everything is alright, and can’t she even scold her daughter. Shayl smiles and wishes everything remains alright there. Gunjan thinks something is definitely wrong.
The van stops, Rachna asks him why he has stopped the car. The driver goes to see, Rachna is worried that the battery is also down. The driver says he will get the mechanic, as the van is out of order. Rachna locks the van. A car arrives there, pulls up a little distance afar and reverses. Rachna is worried, alone. A man comes out of it and knocks the window of van. Rachna was afraid, but opens the glass window. The man helps open the glass; Rachna was shocked to see the man and asks you?
Shayl says to Peehu that they have to do Anuprashan of Khushi as she is older than 6 months. Peehu asks what this is, they didn’t ask her before deciding anything. Shayl asks her not to get irritated, Khushi’s dada and dadi must have done it but now they are arranging it. She will call her parents-in-laws and invite them. Shayl says it is a big event, other than milk the child takes anything for the first time in life. Won’t her father and dada dadi arrive for that? Peehu says her grandparents were busy, else they must have done this.

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Peehu says to Shayl that she will call them tomorrow morning; Shayl says it is her work and she will do it. Peehu must look after Khushi only. Peehu smiles at her and they leave. Peehu is worried what if her mummy calls them and get to know about everything.
KT appears in the van’s window, Rachna watches him. KT asks what she is doing here. Rachna asks you? KT remembers Shayl’s promise, Rachna was crying. KT steals looks then thinks how he can leave Rachna alone at night. Rachna thinks how is KT here, in the midst of forest, it might be luck that he came to help her. KT says to Rachna, she says yes. He was to leave; Rachna stops him and comes out of the van. She asks how he knew she was caught here. KT says he was to her… then stops and says his flight got cancelled due to fog and was going Delhi by road. He watched this mini bus and thought about helping with it. He asks where she is going. Rachna says she is going to the wedding of her cousin to Lucknow, the van got out of order. The driver has gone to find the mechanic. KT says it is quite lonely here. She looks around, KT thinks it isn’t safe to leave Rachna alone here. He can’t even break Shayl’s promise. Rachna asks doesn’t he has to leave. KT says he has to, but until her driver arrives he will be here and it is better she gets into the van. It isn’t good to stand here. Rachna gets into the bus. KT thinks he is doing wrong, he isn’t being away from her but guarding her. Once her driver comes, he will leave. Rachna thinks wherever true love is, it finds you.

PRECAP: Gunjan asks Rachna where she is. Rachna shouts she is with Rachna, Shayl hears this.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. nice episode. it’s going to be fun to watch some romance betwwen then kt can never stay away from his rachu. lol

  2. Good episode , can’t wait for tomorrow episode to see some sweet moments between Kt and rachna

  3. I would give kt one more chance with rachna and if he messes up again that is it for him so I hope that shayl thinks that way and do the same ok kt do your do and do not mess up

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