Jodha Akbar 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on Scene 1 Salim comes to Jodha, he greets her. Salim says I wanna to talk, Jodha says atleast you thought about your mother, Salim ask do you know about Jalal’s marriage? Jodha says yes, Salim says you know that girl loves someone else and Jalal is marrying her, Jodha says Jalal must have not known this, Salim says that girl is love of my friend, he is marrying a girl half of his age just for land, he can stoop so low for land? he went to her marriage and now marrying her only, Salim says to Jodha that princess’s to be husband got died and Jalal got the chance to marry her, I feel like Jalal is involved in her fiancé’s death but he is king can do anything, the painful thing is that you are taking Jalal’s side in this matter, he leaves, Jodha gets tansed. Jodha comes to Jalal and says that I have come to prepare for your marriage night, which tent you want, should I empty my tent for you? Jalal ask what you wanna say? Jodha says that you are marrying a girl who is half of age, the gilr in whose marriage you went, you are marrying her a her fiancé died, you know that she loves someone else, I know you cant marry like this just for political reason there is something else, Jalal says what you are talking about, if you wanna think that I am marrying her that I love her than this is reason, yes I liked her in one look and got to know that her fiancé died so I thought this is right time to marry, Jodha says but you said something else before, Jalal says I was lying before, I didn’t want to bicker with you so didn’t tell you., Jodha says you are lying, you cant love someone else, Jalal says I love her, Jodha says I don’t believe it, Jalal says believe this that I wanna marry her and nobody should come inbetween this marriage, Jodha says ok, Jalal says one more thing she will not just be my wife but a special wife, she will be given position in court, prepare for marriage, Jodha is stunned and leaves. Scene 2 Ruks says this story is going fun, I should have come here before, two stories together to enjoy, first jalal’s marriage which will make him away from Jodha and second anger of Salim regarding this marriage which will make Salim away from his parents, this is God’s goodness that Qutub told me that Bela is lover of Farhan, I didn’t play any game and two things in favor without doing anything, sorry Jodha but now your Salim is going away from you, and is coming near me, his mother, come Salim, my child, I have two things which will give you peace, one your mother and second opium which I made you addicted too, she laughs. Jodha says to Salim that I didn’t know that Bela is one Jalal marrying, I don’t know why he is doing marriage, Salim says because jalal want t young girl, Jodha says Jalal is not like this, there must be biggest reason behind all this, Salim ask her to come out of her dreams, I am much disappointed with you, because you couldn’t make Jalal realize that he is doing wrong, anyways you go against him or not but I will go against him and wont let him marry, Jodha says don’t do this, Salim says you are like him only, he want to be king and you want to be marium Zamani, you both just care for position, you said that I am proof your love but that love is vanished but the respect for love is still alive in me, and for Farhan’s love, I will go against Jalal, if he want to do this marriage then he has to kil me, Jodha says you will go against your father, Salim says I lost father way back and now I will go against king at any cost, Jodha is shocked. Scene 3 Jalal and family comes to go to Bela’s house to give shagun, Salim stops Jalal’s path, Jalal ask him to move away, Salim says no as you are on wrong path, he starts throwing shagun things away, all are stunned, Jalal gets angry. Jalal says you have forgotten that whom is standing infront you, Salim says you have forgotten your name, your respect, your position just for land, Maan ask SAlim to move away, Salim says no I can go to any extent to stop Jalal, jalal says I will see what you do to stop me, Salim says I can do anything as that girl loves someone else, Jalal says this relation is between two families, Salim says no its your lust for land, its your lust for marrying a young girl, jalal says enough, you know who comes infront of king is betrayer and betrayer’s punishment is to get killed, Salim says ok kill me then, Jodha ask jalal to calm down, Jodha ask Salim to calm down, Salim says she loves someone else, Jalal says I asked her and she agreed for marriage, Salim says you must have threatened her and in your eyes, who say no is betrayer, Haidar thinks that now it will be fun, I will broaden their rift, Salim says all are afraid of you, marium Zamani live din bubble that you love her, Jalal gets angry, Salim says now that marium Zamani is going for your marriage, he says to Jodha whats all this? is this love for your husband or your selfless act to just remain mairum Zamani, Jalal takes out sword and says enough if you say a word for my wife then I will take your life, Salim says what you are waiting for, I am standing here kill me, I wanna see to which level you can go to marry a girl of half age. Click here for Hit Spoilers added today Jalal says I order soldiers to attack Salim and arrest him, soldiers raise their weapons, Jodha aks Jalalt to stop, jalal says no he has crossed limit today, he is insulting king, his throne and his wife, he ask soldiers to attack him, Jodha says don’t do this, Salim ask Soldiers to attack him, fulfill order of your king, all are in tension, Salim says let Jalal make history that to marry a girl king attacked his son, Jodha ask jalal to stop for God sake, don’t do this marriage as our son is getting affected by it, Jalal thinks how to tell you that I am doing this marriage for Salim’s life only, he will be in danger if I don’t marry, Jalal points to one soldier to attack on Salim’s shoulder only, he nods, Jalal shouts attack, soldier throws arrow at Salim and it hits on his shoulde, Salim falls, all are stunned, Jalal is hurt too, Salim find blood coming out of his shoulder. PRECAP- Jodha says to Jalal that kill me before killing SAlim, I will protect Salim and will not allow you to hurt him, she gives him sword, and ask him to hit her, to kill her as she is doing same what Salim did, I am going against you, I always was with you but today I am announcing that I am against this marriage. Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. अरूण

    और बगावत शुरू हो गई….

  2. huh….!!

  3. अरूण

    It seems despite all hurdles Shahanshah will proceed for marriage.

  4. अरूण

    How injured Salim will react and stop marriage ?

  5. noo….bela will marry farhaan ……

  6. अरूण

    Haider and Rukaiya are happy with the situation.. disgusting.

  7. enough ruks………..bure kaam karne wale par khuda saja nai dete…par achhe insaaan ko bhugatna padta hh……i challenge god agar ruks salim ke zindegi se jaldi nai hati den i ll stp believing in god

  8. I like what you did jodha you stood up for your son salim let salim see that you really do love him above all even jalal because I find jalal is on shit you know why jalal is king he could find some other way to save salim from the tribal king killing him and as for bela what happen to her all of a sudden she has changed what made her accept the marriage over farhan after salim put his life in danger for her and farhan another thing jalal is saying he is doing this to save his sons life yet he is willing to get his own son killed by his soldiers how could jalal allow his soldiers to shoot an arrow in his sons shoulders this is unbelievable another thing salim did not kill the tribal prince he was injured in the stampede so why jalal do not find out the truth instead of believing the tribal king who wants to get his daughter married at any cost come on jalal I know you cannot read or write but you supposed to be smarter than that walk away from this marriage before it is toooooooooo late and you loose everything including jodhas love and your son

  9. Jalal can just tell the truth to everyone. There was no part of the deal that required secrecy. And if he tells the truth Salim will respect him and everyone will understand. Stw sometimes these soaps are so stupid!

  10. Ur so right,sometimes it goes so stupid, just say the truth already.

  11. I’m just sad about how jalal said all that to johda in the beginning. He said he loved bell at first sight. How could he even think of making bela chief consort! I know he lied but still it hurts. And I know he only loves johns no matter what

  12. Jalal come on just tell the truth, find another make sense solutions, instead marrying Bella. As King you can easily promote Farhan become Governor/ Minister/ whatever, that make him equal to marry Bella…Stop saying rude things to Jodha, it’s killing me inside…but why me, not Jodha….I am just over-reacting…..Once you said that Jodha is the princess of your heart, love of your life, after that you said different things, even we all know you lied to her…but still it is NOT decent things, Shahensah………

  13. Wicked! Very nice epi!

  14. And if Jalal tells the truth, then what??

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