Mahakumbh 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mahakumbh 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra and Maya bonding well. Kaha bhi nahi to mai kaise kahun……………..plays…………… Maai and Punnu look on as Rudra still keeps some distance, and Maya tries befriending him. She smiles seeing him, and Rudra starts taking steps towards her. He asks him to come to watch her match, she told Punnu and he will remind her. She stops the rickshaw saying she wants to have lassi, and he holds her hand. She says you have held my hand, now don’t leave it. He says you are not well, in asthma, you should not have cold things. She says fine, as you say. Few guys tease Maya in the college campus and call Rudra her bodyguard, and even they can guard her. They sing Teri meri prem kahani………..

They pass some bad comments and laugh. Maya asks Rudra not to care and come. Rudra gets angry and says come. He takes Maya and starts leaving. They follow them singing Aaja……. Pandey follows Rudra and hides his face. Rudra asks Maya to have lassi, I will come. She asks where are you going. He says I have some small work, I will come. Rudra beats the goons. The college students clap for him. The goon says I will not leave you. Rudra walks to Maya. She is stunned seeing his wound and asks how did this happen. He says come with me. Pandey bumps into him and gets his blood sample on the kerchief. He calls Grierson and says your work is done, I will send pic and DNA report soon.

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Maya talks to Rudra and asks him to give his hand. She says the goon Yadav is MLA’s son, why did you beat him, he will take revenge. He says so what, should I stand there silent and hear bad things about you. Maai comes and asks what happened. She asks about his wound. He says he is fine. Maya tells her everything. Maai says you just got freed from inspector and now this MLA’s son. Maya says I will talk to him, don’t worry.

Yadav asks his goons to tell about Rudra. He says it happened because of that girl, when is her match, I will show my game at her match. Rudra sits alone at the ghat. Maya walks to him. He asks why did she tell Maai. She asks whats there to hide. He says you won’t understand, she worries for him, and wakes up in mid of the night and sees am I fine or not. She says don’t get angry on anything, I thought you will come to see my basketball match, you will be happy when I win the match for you, don’t come now, I don’t want anything to happen again, I will manage, you stay calm.

The doctor says this DNA matches with Shivanand, and its more powerful. It’s a unique DNA, like that of a superhero. The boss looks on. Pandey gets Grierson’s call. Grierson says you did the work. Pandey is glad as Grierson hires him, and Swami should not know that he is working for him now. Pandey says I swear. Pandey comes to Swami. Swami gives him an imp work. Pandey says command me. Swami says you have to go Banaras, the target is not Rudra, not someone else, this time don’t make any mistake. Pandey says think the work is done. He leaves.

Maya says she is going for match, won’t he say all the best. He says all the best. She asks why is he annoyed as she asked him not to come, if I also do like you, you are saying as if doing big favor on me. He asks her to leave. Maya thinks and talks to Maai. Maai blesses her and she leaves. She smiles seeing her. Grierson comes to Shivanand and says I have found your son, Rudra is alive. He says as I have not met my son since 24 years and locked here since 12 years, you feel I believe he is dead, I know my Rudra is alive. He says I don’t need to know this from you, and about finding him, I don’t trust you.

Grierson shows the pics. Shivanand sees Rudra and touches the pics. Grierson shows the DNA sample match report. He says its of Rudra, your son. Shivanand checks it. Grierson says I have your son, I you are ready to support me, I can make you meet him, now would you like to say anything. Shuvanand says this Mahakumbh is of 144 years, if Amrit appears, it will be in this Mahakumbh, I m ready to support you, lets go India, lets go in Mahakumbh.

Maai says I want your marriage. Rudra shouts. Swami tells Pandey that he wants peace as it will happen only if he gets Rudra. Rudra says you wanted me to come to Allahabad, lets go. Rudra leaves for Allahabad, and Maai is attacked by Swami’s goons. The flight comes India.

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