Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya says Ratna that everything is perfect and she will celebrate her birthday with her both sons. Ratna happily hugs and thanks her. She asks Daada why did he frighten her. He says the happiness you get after getting afraid is immense. Sisters says nothing is impossible if all the sisters unite.

While driving, Raghav suggests they should get loan form nationalized bank for their project. Abhiman says it is his department and he does not need any interference. Abhiman suggests he should keep MP village theme for his hotel. Raghav says it is his department and he does not like interference. Abhiman sees a boy’s bag and school stranded on road and gets out to check. Goons surround him and threathen him to give valuables at knife point. Raghav gets Soniya’s call and while talking tells her that goons have surrounded Abhiman. Soniya asks him to rescue his brother. He gets confused, but runs to rescue him. Goons snatch his bag which has his dad’s diary. Raghav asks them to return it to him as it is very precious. Goons say if he gives them the bag, they will free Abhiman. Raghav agrees. Goons flee with bag. Abhiman reminisces Raghav’s concern for his dad’s diary and asks Raghav if he is ready to get back his lucky charm. Raghav shakes hand with him. They both reach goon’s hideout, beat him red and blue and take back Raghav’s bag. Raghav gets happy seeing his dad’s diary. Abhiman says his face look good smiling. He asks why is he so sadoo/boring. Abhiman asks him to say thank you directly. He thanks him. Soniya calls him worriedly and asks if he is fine. He jokes her husband is a superman and nothing will happen to him. She smiles.

Deepika checks Abhiman’s bag and asks why did not he get her a gift. He says he went on a business trip. She so what, he would have find some market on the way. She says she has brought him something though and gives him tiffin box saying she knew he would not have prepared food after coming back from trip. He likes her food. She while conversing says she was missing him. He asks to repeat what she said. She changes words and asks about his trip and fight. He smiles. She says earlier he used to fight with Raghav and now he is his friend. He says he fought but with goons.

Raghav boasts in front of Soniya’s sisters how he rescued Abhiman by fighting with goons. Ratna says life is more precious than anything. He says he fought for her favourite employee. Sisters ask what did he bought them. He gives them bangles and they thank him. Ratna smiles seeing that.

Raghav takes Soniya to terrace and asks her to pose with hr bangles. She does and he clicks pics. He gets romantic. She asks him if he does not want to click pics. He says she always interrupts wrongl and says maang teeka looks good on her. She says she will get it. He says he will get it and picks it from his room. While going back, he hears Daadi daadi discussing that Raghav and Abhiman will unite at any cost and Soniya’s plan is working well, they are lucky to have Soniya as their bahu. Raghav is shocked to hear all this and reminisces how Soniya forced him to alone to Narsing Garh, etc. He realizes Abhiman is his brother.

Precap: Raghav says Soniya that they took oath while marrying that they will never hide anything between them. She asks what did she hide. He asks who is Abhiman. She says he is your elder brother.

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