Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th March 2013 Written Update

Mayank says he got a job in banaras and charu hugs him everyone feels weird and charu feeds him sweets in front of everyone and makes him feed her as well. Gunjan leaves sangeeta gives rachna kachori and she refuses shayl asks her why she refused rachna says the race is tomorrow so only milk and fruits for her. Rachna is happy and congratulates Mayank. Seema tells shayl to give gunjan kachori and dahiwada. Shayl comes to the room where gunjan is in tears and gives her. Gunjan eats and shayl compliments her for being mature as she handled this Mayank situation so gracefully. She says she wants a daughter like her every birth and says she knows she must have asked Mayank to stay away. Gunjan wishes she is not so strong as god gives her troubles as she can handle it. Shayl tells her she will be victorious one day and she will get a guy who will love her a lot they hug. Mayank removes gunjan s pic from his purse and talks to it and promises the day he gets courage he will let go of her and the picture but not now. Rachna is busy exercising on terrace shayl comes and tells her to stop rachna says she wont as she needs to win and wants to improve her stamina even refuses dinner. Shayl tells gunjan is fine rachna says we are two different people and I need to win . Shayl asks her why she is doing it to compete with gunjan rachna says she is doing it for herself to test herself she does not want to live like a bechari . Shayl goes charu comes to give her kesar badam milk rachna says she will drink later. Charu is happy that she will widen the differences between the two sisters. Next morning charu is talking about FOTY to sangeeta in kitchen and is praising that rachna is good in sports and will win. They b*t*h about gunjan and that rachna should stay away from gunjan . Rachna overhears. Sangeeta asks her if she wants something rachna says she wants water and leaves. Sangeeta is scared that rachna was around and she might have heard but charu says its a good thing as she will be alert. Rachna knocks on the bathroom and gunjan is inside charu convinces her to watch an exercise training cd on mayank s laptop. Gunjan comes out searches for rachna while Charu enters and pours shampoo on the floor and puts water on it smirking. On the breakfast table charu asks mayank what she wants rachna comes and gunjan tells her to get dressed and they can leave together. Rachna screams everyone goes to the bathroom where she is on the floor holding her leg . All the ladies go in charu is smiling. Rachna says shampoo on the floor and she fell. Charu says gunjan was in before gunjan says she dint charu says it might have happened by accident. Rachna looks at gunjan hurtfully. Everyone tries to help rachna , she jerks off gunjan s hand. Everyone wants rachna go to the doctor and get an X ray done and take rest. Even gunjan tells how can she take part in the competition. Rachna walks and shows and says should she dance now to prove she is fine. Everyone leaves Charu says gunjan should have been careful and she is glad that rachna can take part in the race. Rachna dismisses her. Gunjan tells rachna that she hopes rachna believes her as charu tried to put the blame on her that she did it on purpose. She asks why she will want to hurt her sweet sister.

PRECAP: gunjan asks rachna in college if she wants to participate as she is in pain. Rachna says she will goes to the trophy and thinks she will clear every level and prove she is no less

Update Credit to: vibz88

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