Qubool Hai 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 5th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
while zoya distracts asad, ayan leaves with petrol. Zoya asks for snacks from the tea vendor, while asad waits for her in the car. Zoya is unaware that she has actually taken BHAANG KE PAKODE.

On the road, she starts open another nonsensical discussion, saying that bhopal is still a long way off, and the car might stop midway. asad doesnt give in to her idiocy by commenting. But it does stop after some time, and asad is confused how can the filled up tank finish up. zoya is happy, but momentarily when she learns that asad is carrying spare oil, and gets down to fill it into his tank.

Meanwhile, Zoya gets ayan’s call, and she tells him that OPERATION LAL RUMMAL has failed but OPERATION PYAASI AATMA wont, even if its at risk. As zoya compliments ayna, with her poetry in response to his, ayan thinks that after a long time, he has found somebody who can match upto his poetry. As she sees asad coming back, she cancels the phone, again addressing him as Robert, which confuses asad, and zoya again says that he’s being jealous. Asad is frustrated with zoya’s childish behaviour.

As they drive on, Zoya is trying to scare off asad, by giving Asad an account of how a ghost of a lady, who was in an accident a long ime, keeps wandering in the night, with a candle asking for lift in their vehicle. Asad doesnt pay attention to this and reprimands her for her ignorance and believing in such stories, when she’s so iiliterate. she starts saying that theys houldnt challenge the spirits as they then come for revenge. Asad is unperturbed. She screams out in horror, as she finds a similar person on the road, and she starts reprimanding asad for challenging the spirits, and facing their wrath. Asad, however goes upto that lady, and slaps her tight, instead of getting scared. Zoya is shocked to see this, but she gets about doing her own work, of piercing his oil tank. Asad causes the ghost to flee away, by his courage. He gets back into his car and finds that the two hind tyres are punctured. zoya again says that this must be the spirits’ at work, who are taking their revenge. Asad starts to go out looking for a mechanic, but zoya pretends to be scared and says that they should take shelter and not leave her like this. She finally finds a shelter and as they startwa lking towards it, it also starts raining, and asad gets zoya into the shelter.(MITWA MOMENT)

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia strews around turmeric powder so that she can trace by the footsteps of the person, as to who’s plotting against her. It leads to badi bi’s room, who is sleeping, and she thinks that she was right. She wakes her up, who says that she doesnt know what is she talking about. Razia accuses her of being behind all the conspiracy and that she would teach her a lesson.

Badi bi starts screaming and when the family members come in, she tells shirin that razia is falsely accusing her of killing, when the doctor even told her that she is unable to walk. Shirn asks razia why is she thinking like that. Razia says that she’s doing drama, and that she would prove it to the house. Badi bi lies on the bed. razia is shocked when she finds that the tumeric trail actually leads to her sandals and not badi bi’s as she claims. she is left speechless and humaira takes her from there to rest, while shirin thinks that razia too is now suffering from the same problem that she accused badi bi of having. After everyone leaves, badi bi gets up on her feet and stands on the ground, much to our surprise. The whole incident is brought to notice, as to how badi bi had been smart not to step into the turmeric paste at razia’s door, but to teach razia a lesson, she had worn her sandals, and left a trail.

Badi bi is very determined that she would trap razia into her own conspiracy, and that razia would be forced to spill out the truth about her involvement in the conspiracy, and that would aquit rashid from the crime. she thinks that what razia started, she would definitely put an end to it.

Nikhat has a dizzy spell, and humaira comforts her saying that she knows that she’s upset for rashid but she would have to take care of herself. She says that anaemia is very common in girls and particularly during pregnancy. Nikhat asks why is she telling her this. Humaira tells about the marathon hunt against anaemia for girls. They both are determined that they would spread this message amongst all girls around.

Scene 3:
Location: In the shelter
Asad and zoya enter the shelter, and fortunately the lights work. Zoya starts eating the pakodas, and tells asad how yummy they are, by way of her poetry….

Koi bade dil wala hi yeh pakoda baandh sakta hai….
Pakode itne yummy hai, ki aadmi apni to kya, doosro ki bhi ungliyan chaat sakta hai..!!!

Asad too reluctantly starts having the pakodas. Pretty soon, zoya starts smiling for no reason, that even she isnt able to fathom. Asad and zoya start having the BHAANG KE PAKODE that she had bought at the tea vendor, and start laughing incoherently, as the intoxicating effect of the Bhaang starts. The screen freezes on asad’s idiotically smiling face.

Precap: Asad and zoya are romantically enjoying the rain, under a canopy and dancing the night away, under the effect of the Bhaang.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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