Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 5th March 2013 Written Update


Sona, Renu and Chicku returns home and Suhnina says that she kept trying to call them and how come no one informed her on what happened? Suhnina asks what was the result and all remain silent. Suhnina keeps asking what happened and all the family member start coming out to main hall. Suhnina says that looks like from your silence, Chicku had Failed? Renu nods her head and Bindiya is happy but put on act on how could Chicku fail and why didn’t Renu and Sona said something? Suhnina says that Sona is the cause for this and how would they show their face to others? Renu saya that even she has got a nose cut where renu and Bindiya start exchanging words.Suhnina stops them and Sona tries to explain and Suhnaina says that she don’t wish to hear any explanations.Khanhiya comes in and Suhnina informs Chacha ji that Chicku had failed. Suhnina also says that sona was a reporter and show always talked big, what happened now? Chacha ji says mistakes do happen and Sona is not a fault. Suhnina says that Chicku’s future is gone because of sona and Kanhaiya says that sona have been teaching Chicku since morning and night, how can Sona be balmed for this? Suhnina says so you are supporting your wife? This is my house and don’t try to teach me what is right or wrong. My biggest mistake is accepting Sna as the DIL of this house and Chacha ji says how could you say this, i would not accpet this and i always kept quiet.But if i keep quiet today, no one would forgive methis family is facing so many things because i kep qiuet.Renu says that all this happened because of Sona as Chacha ji and Suhnina had not fight before in this house. Neelam sideds sona saying what is her fault as she did her best.Sona is in tears and Udham scolds Neelam to do her own work and not get involved. kanhiya takes the exam sheet from Sona and stares at Chicku asking he drew this? Chicku says this is god and both Sona Renu is Shocked.

Part 2

Kanhiya is praising Chicku’s drawings saying that he would be a goodcartoonist one day and Sona runs to her room crying.Kanhiya wonder what happened and goes behind Sona.Chacha ji is saying to Suhnina that she might not like what he says but that is the truth. All the problems in the family is because of her self and show always hurts everyone’s feelings.She had hurt Sona’s feeling today but yet Sona keep quiet. Suhnina treats everyone like a robort and not lsiten to what other says. Suhnina says that everything she does it for everyone’s goodness.Chacha ji asks what is good? No one has the freedom to speak or tell what they think as they all fear her. Suhnaina says she have managed the house all this while. Suhnaina also blames Sona for Darshana leaving the house. Durgesh and Darshana is shown in Durgesh’s house as his mother taunts the Chaturvedi family and also talks about Sona and they left the house fearing her. Durgesh praises his mother saying that Sona is a lady tiger and his mother still knows about everything that is happening in the house. Durgesh’s mother says that Sona will keep chasing everyone out and Darshana looks on. Kanhaiya comes to the room and sits next to Sona and says that Chicku is good in drawing. Kanhaiya tries to make Sona smile by telling stories but Sona is still upset. Sona says its weird that I am feeling sad and you are laughing? Kanhaiys laughs and leaves.

Precap :
Kanhaiya says that Chacha ji had never raised his voice in this house before. Do you know what does this means? Changes in the house have started and Sona says it shall be a new day from tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Visha

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