Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rachna asks Gunjan why KT has come back. Gunjan says that house is the reason, which he wants to sell. Rachna cries, that this means KT is leaving Banaras forever. Gunjan says yes. Rachna asks how he can do so, how he can leave me and this place, he can’t do this. She won’t let him leave without taking her answers. Gunjan says there is no reason to question him. She must forget the past and find new goals. Shayl asks whom she must not wait for, whom are they both talking about. Gunjan says they were talking about Mayank, he always makes them wait. Shayl says not to talk about her Mayank, he is one in million and asks them if they will take tea. Gunjan smiles and says yes.
Seema and family discuss that Vikram will definitely like the girl, as they watch the photos of girls. Vikram says he isn’t interested in any girl, and don’t want to marry. Seema says they will show him other girls. Vikram and Bindia steal looks, as Seema shows him photos. Prabhu says he isn’t even watching the photos well. Seema asks him not to feel shy. He recalls Bindia’s words, and points finger towards Bindia. He says he likes Bindia, Dayal scolds him that she is a guest at their house what she will think. What was going on behind their back, Vikram explains that he is taking him wrong. Bindia says she will explain, she says Vikram likes her from their first meeting. He has decided to stay Brahmachari, so he couldn’t tell it to them all, but he likes her a lot; and then yester-night. Vikram asks what yester-night. Bindia says he proposed her yester-night. They were all shocked. Bindia says that the truth is, that she likes him a lot too. Where will she get such a pure lover. Seema interrupts when Dayal was saying something; she says where will they find a girl like Bindia for Vikram. Shayl agrees too, they want them to stay happy always. She wants Vikram to live happily, after Charu’s betrayal. Dayal asks Vikram. Vikram smiles and nods. They were all happy, as they celebrated it. Dayal congratulates him. Bindia thinks she has got a lottery; she will have a comfortable life now.
Rachna comes to terrace, thinking about her and Gunjan’s talk. She says no KT, you can’t leave, without giving her answers. I can’t live, without questioning you. I won’t let you go. She enters KT’s house, getting flashbacks from all the past life; Dayal hugging KT, she celebrating with Dadi, etc. KT watches Rachna from behind her. Rachna cries, and shouts that she hates KT. KT thinks this is why he didn’t want to come to him. Rachna says she thought she will move on once, but she is unable to do so. She couldn’t even move a step forward, she could and will never forget KT. Though he had left her, but his memories will never leave him. She can’t even hate him, because I still… She leaves crying. KT hears this all and was taken aback.

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Gunjan comes calling Rachna, as she was crying in her room. Gunjan comes inside, and asks why she is still crying and thinking all that same. Rachna hugs Gunjan, Gunjan asks her not to cry more. It is good KT is leaving. Rachna says she went to meet him. Gunjan is shocked, and asks did she meet him. Rachna says she couldn’t meet him, but she met all that what she had left back; the moments she shared with KT, where she felt love, where she dreamed of future together, where their love had turned into a relation. Gunjan says she must not have gone there. Rachna says it was good she went there; she always felt she will move on and forget KT, but there she realized she will never forget KT, and move on. She can’t ever hate him, not in this life because she still loves him. Gunjan’s eyes move to someone behind, Rachna turns to see Shayl standing there. Rachna heads to leave, Shayl stops her and strictly asks is it true what she just said. Rachna says KT has returned. Shayl repeats her words, and asks Rachna to look at her and reply. Rachna says yes, she still loves KT. Shayl was shocked.
Shayl shouts at Rachna, that she doesn’t want him to come back to her life. She can never forget the man. Rachna says he must have realized his mistake. Shayl asks what mistake, had he realized it, he must not have come hiding this way. She says that love isn’t one sided, one has to love the one who has something in his heart for you as well. KT isn’t the man. Rachna cries, but Shayl asks her not to repeat her mistakes. Life is to live happily, not to give pain to others and suffer it yourself. Shayl leaves. Rachna sits on the bed, crying.
KT watches Rachna’s window, thinking about Rachna’s words.
Gunjan says to Rachna, that they have all seen her going through pain. And her mummy is right, love isn’t one sided. Does she really think KT loves her.
KT say yes, I love you a lot. I haven’t spent a moment of my life, without remembering you. I wanted to say to you, to come back to my life. I thought you might not be wanting to see my face.
Rachna says she only knows her heart, which can’t hate KT. She doesn’t know and care what KT thinks and feels. She can’t even go against her mother, what she must do.

PRECAP: KT is determined; he says he has to do something. He can’t return the past eight months, but definitely can change the future. Now whatever she wants, will happen.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Who is vickram?????

  2. He s a kind of fool.hmm nyways i started to watch dis show again only to see kt.

    1. Yeah me too..hi 5

  3. wow, nice episode . loved it.

  4. How is he related to the family?

    1. he is cousin of rachna. really a fool. first, charu trapped him to win maynak and now this bindia to lead a lavish life. though he doesn’t understand anything

  5. what;s the trp of sslk this week? plz reply

  6. Love today episode especially Kt and rachna part

  7. cvs are doing great. i hope now trp will rise high. love sslk and rabir

  8. this rachna and kt story again I only hope that this time kt does not mess up and that he leaves his mother and other family out of his life for good then and only then he can be forgiven

  9. Emotional epi. Happy for Rabir.

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