Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, jwala informs aman that dadaji allowed nisha to shoot,jwala shares this news with laxmi,laxmi starts crying with joy,laxmi says I knew babuji will never let nishas talent go waste n says aman see even u will win his heart,roopan hears this n says to herself oh this girl aman is so irritating, aman says to laxmi let anyone create any problems for nisha but she finds her way,roopan says to aman what do u mean by that, how dare u say that,laxmi says no roopan she didn’t meant u,roopan says whatever n aman pack ur bags bcoz im telling babuji rightnow about u.

Ramesh says to dadaji im sorry if I have crossed my limits,dadaji says im very happy for nisha,roopan calls in shop,ramesh picks it,roopan asks ramesh to give phone to dadaji,ramesh tries to calm her but she doesn’t listen,mohan takes phone n says stop doing all this n keep the phone n cuts the call. Roopan turns to aman n says bcoz of u I have no respect left in this house,vimla comes n says roopan calm down,roopan says no I wont n im going to shop to tell dadaji about aman,dadi comes n says roopan u will go nowhere have this prasad and calm down I will see what to do about it.roopan says I will make sure dadaji will throw this aman out of this house within a week. Gayatri says to shekhar, this nisha n her whole family has put me in such trouble, shekhar says ur right if nisha excels in shooting,viraj will never look at u n priyanka,gayatri says nisha is such a pain, shekhar says she is indeed and I have an idea,gayatri asks what is it,shekhar says if we put this academy to an end,I mean when investors come we wont viraj impress them which means no academy n no nisha, gaytri says are u mad shekhar,shekhar says u can use this land for ur old wishes,gayatri says viraj has denied this plan, shekhar says when investors see the shooters fail they wont invest and then the land will be urs n u can build ur hotel,n nisha will be reason for failure,gayatri says but why are u doing so,shekhar says I know viraj n I don’t want him to see the academy into failure as this idea of his is dreamy n I want him to succeed in business n ur plans are what will help him. Ramesh n laxmi n cousins party at nishas place to celebrate nishas shooting,umesh says laxmi aunty delicious food,laxmi says aman made this food,nisha says wow this is very tasty aman,laxmi says I knew nisha will never let us down,ramesh says don’t pressurize urself nisha just trust urself.sourabh says nisha u should thank me bcoz of me u met sir n got this chance,dolly says n u fell in love with viraj,jwala says see this I have taken an compatibility taste for nisha n viraj n they have scored 98,nisha says oh common guys enough of this viraj thing. Umesh says ya guys stop it don’t stress her,suku says nisha listen to me tell viraj sir about ur love in very mature way,umesh says why so soon first let nisha know whether sir loves her, nisha says enough of it I told u doesn’t mean we talk abt it the whole day I love him n I respect him as well n plz stop this thing n leaves angrily,laxmi comes and says kids don’t tease her let her first handle herself,dolly says aunty don’t u think nisha should express her feelings to viraj sir,laxmi says she should but let her take her time and whatever her decision be I will be with her,umesh says we cousins will also support her decision. Jwala takes n letter n says whatever these guys say but this letter will help nisha n her love towards viraj sir.shekhar makes changes in nishas gun so that she fails in impressing viraj and his investors such that whoever aims with the gun will fail to shoot the target. Nisha sees mail from viraj to arti, viraj shares about the next days investor meet,nisha replys don’t get tensed just be confident n look at the sky this will help u,for now be with the stars n will see u soon gn,viraj replys good night arti.

PRECAP: Roopan hides eggs in amans vegetable bag,aman takes home, roopan says now this will throw aman out of the house when dadaji will see eggs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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