Udaan 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor talking to Arjun. Vivaan says he is really dumb. Arjun calls Aditya and tells him that he spoke to Chakor. Ishwar asks Arjun is this true, how did you talk to her. Arjun says yes, I told her everything, that she needs to prepare for big race and she agreed. Ishwar laughs and says Bhaiya ji will fail if our planning works, thanks. Arjun says you are most welcome, and ends the call. Ishwar tells Abha that Chakor is ready to take part in race. They are happy. Imli asks Kasturi to give her medicines, for every pain. Kasturi gets scared and checks her. Imli says I m fine, just give me medicines. Kasturi gives her some medicines.

Vivaan tells Baa that he is annoyed with Chakor, she did not tell me anything. Baa smiles and says Chakor is not talking to you, as she does not want you to get scolded. She is being away to save you, we will help her and no one should know it. He says I understand now. She says you think by heart, not by mind, in Chakor’s matter. Bhaiya ji talks to his party and the mobile gets off. He says I had to talk something imp and could not. He says the numbers are stored in this dead mobile, what to do. He calls Girja and Laali. He asks Girja to get his phone diary from the room. Girja says there are many, which one. He says the personal diary. He gets angry on them.

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Lovely comes and he asks her to get the diary. Chakor hears them. Lovely does not know about personal spelling, and he spells it for her. He scolds her and calls her illiterate. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to get the diary, and stops saying you promised you won’t touch education. Chakor asks how much sugar he wants in tea. He says take it, the phone is not starting. He goes to get the diary. Kasturi gives all medicines to Imli. Imli asks how will I identify this. Kasturi explains her. Imli takes the medicines and asks Dadi to come. Dadi asks where. Imli acts like her. Dadi smiles and goes with her. Kasturi asks where is she going. Imli leaves.

Chakor replaces the batter in the phone. Bhaiya ji brings the diary. He says the numbers are not in this diary and throws it. Girja asks Chakor did she break Bhaiya ji’s mobile. Chakor says no. Bhaiya ji sees this and gets angry. Baa and Vivaan look on. He lifts Chakor by her hair and asks how dare she touch his phone. She says get angry later, see the phone is working, and shows him. He drops her and sees the phone working. He says its fine now, what did you do. Chakor recalls Aditya taking Prabhakar’s phone for calling all his friends for his surprise party. He shows how the phone got hanged and how to rectify it.

He shows to remove and put battery again. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that she did reboot. He asks what. Baa and Vivaan are happy. Bhaiya ji laughs and asks is he illiterate to believe him. Tejaswini comes and asks what happened. Bhaiya ji asks her to come, as Chakor is fooling them by using English words, she made my phone fine and said she has done reboot. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji laugh. Baa says we have someone educated here in this haveli. He greets Baa and smiles, asking whom is she talking about, your grandson Vivaan. He asks Vivaan to come. He asks Vivaan is reboot any word. He says yes. Bhaiya ji asks the meaning. Tejaswini says why are you asking Vivaan, ask Chakor who is being English teacher. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor the meaning. Everyone look at Chakor.

Imli sells the medicines for money. The people buy the medicines and she gets money. She winks to Dadi and they smile.

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