Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shyamali and Murli coming home. Shyamali immediately goes inside on the pretext of washing her face. Dada ji looks at her. LD is on the way to house with Suhasini and Radha. Suhasini gets happy to see band baja. LD says it is Radha Krishan Balki. Murari asks Murli why he is tensed. Murli says nothing. Murari tells Jayshree that Murli looks disturbed. Jayshree says something might have happened at the airport. Even Shyamali excuse herself and went straight to her room. Murari asks her not to conclude and folds his hand. Dada ji looks at them.

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LD tells them that they have reached home. Suhasini gets happy seeing the haveli and thanks the God. Everyone wait for their arrival. Servant informs them that LD has come. Jayshree asks Shyamali to call Sadhna bhabhi to welcome the guests. She opens the door and looks at Radha. Radha gets down the jeep. Jayshree curiously tries to look at her and is shocked to see her in jeans. She shakes her eyes in shock and thinks did LD bring some other girl and closes the door. She collides with Murari. Sadhna comes wearing elegant shirt salwar. Everyone get shocked. Govind asks what is this joke. Dadi bua asks what is this?

Govind says you crossed limits verbally, now you don’t care about rules. LD thinks why Maa didn’t come. Suhasini expects them to welcome Radha properly. Radha asks Suhasini to relax. Suhasini asks LD, is everything fine? LD asks them to wait and says he will check. He gets worried thinking they didn’t know about the test. Govind questions Sadhna. Sadhna tells him that she wear these clothes to make the guests feel at home. Jayshree thinks Sadhna is covering up Radha. Dada ji says this might not be reason. Govind asks are you hiding something with me? He shouts. Jayshree’s phone rings. She hides.

LD recites hanuman mantra/chalisa and come in. He tells Sadhna to bring Aarti thali and is shocked to see his mom wearing anarkali dress. He realizes that Sadhna is protecting Radha and smiles looking at her. Sadhna tells him that she is ready with Aarti thali. Jayshree thinks their orchestra will start now. LD kisses on Sadhna’s hands thanking her. Servants open the door. Everyone get shocked seeing Radha in jeans. Dada ji looks puzzled as if he saw a girl wearing jeans for the first time. Sadhna greets and welcomes them. She asks LD to stand with Radha as she does the aarti. Dada ji tells Govind that LD had spoken good things about this girl and we can’t see her goodness. Radha looks at Dada ji and recalls his encounter with her. He goes in. Sadhna does their aarti.

LD thinks he is getting a husband like feeling. Radha thinks she is silently standing because of his mum. Sadhna asks her to come in. Jayshree asks them to enter while stepping right foot first. They step in together. Radha slips and falls on the aarti thali. She holds LD and leaves the turmeric hand impression on LD’s shirt. She says sorry for spoiling his shirt. LD says this shirt has become priceless. Radha looks on angry. He thinks this moment is printed on his heart for life. He asks Dadi bua to take out evil eye from Radha. Dadi Bua calls Chameli. He introduces them to each other. Radha touches her feet. Dadi Bua takes off evil from them. Suhasini thanks Sadhna and apologizes to her on Radha’s behalf.

Jayshree fills Shyamali’s ears and says Sadhna has changed for her second daughter in law. Dadi bua explains to Radha that these kinds of clothes attracts evil eye. Radha replies her that a person’s identity shall not be done seeing her clothes. Dadi Bua gets irked and asks Jhanvi to take her to her room. Radha greets Govind. He goes without saying anything. Jayshree introduces herself to Radha and praises her. Sadhna asks Suhasini to come. Radha asks did you call all neighbours. LD says this is my family and we all live in one place. Suhasini tells Jayshree that she will call her Shree. She says we cut short name in Mumbai.

Jayshree says I will call you Sini ji. She says is Radha expelled from college? Radha comes and says holidays are going on. Sadhna says lets meet Dada ji. Jayshree says Dada ji is upset as Radha came wearing jeans. Suhasini asks her not to worry as Radha will set everything right. Sadhna takes Suhasini. LD introduces Jhanvi to Radha. Jhanvi says I am sure that you will become an actress. Radha thinks he told about my dream to everyone. Jhanvi says he praised you a lot. Radha says he is also a good actor. Didn’t he tell you. She tells LD that she wants to meet Sir, means his Dada ji.

Dada ji tells Suhasini that Radha can become LD’s wife but not the daughter in law of this house until she gets everyone’s approval. Radha tells Dada ji that she accepts his condition.

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