Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st December 2013 Written Update

All co workers are praising Rachna, but KT comes and shouts at her. He asks her what she is trying to prove. It’s him who is the boss and everything will work there according to him. He asks if she was trying to insult him by taking over presentation. He doesn’t let Rachna say anything and goes on and on. Rachna cries. In end KT also tells her to stay away from his dadi. Rachna says she doesn’t mix work and relationships. She asks why he’s bringing Dadi into this and about the job, she had already told him that she studies in college and can’t come more than 4-5 hours. KT says she should be thankful to him as he gave job to her which no one else would. Rachna says she can get job elsewhere and if he behaves like this, then she doesn’t

want this second chance. She works for him and she did what she thought was correct. She leaves.

Gunjan finds the ring on a table in her room. She says Mayank had kept it right here and couldn’t remember. Mayank comes and Gunjan blames him for forgetting. Mayank says she had it in her finger last night and as she had misplaced, she blamed him. Both call liar to each other and get into an argument. Charu is listening everything and gets very happy. She leaves from there. Mayank then closes their door and tells Gunjan it was no one’s fault. He says he loves her a lot and then calms her down and then puts it in her finger, but it doesn’t fit. Mayank again says, but last night it was fine. Gunjan stares at him. Mayank says he must have not seen properly in dark and they will exchange it tomorrow.

Seema goes to Shayl and makes her agree for some puja for Mithu and Vikram. She informs Gunjan about it and both are happy. Seema calls a priest and he says today is the best day, but how all preparations will be done. Seema says they will manage, and then tells him about their plan. Priest says he will handle everything. Gunjan and Seema high-five.

Shayl comes to Vikram and Mithu and tell them about the puja. Mithu says what all she will have to do. Shayl continues there is a surprise as well. Vikram gets excited and asks what it is. Shayl says some tilak ceremony. Mithu gets tensed. Shayl asks her what happened. Vikram says she can’t explain happiness with words so is quiet. Shayl gives them blessings of staying together for ever. Mithu says in her mind never with this “gadha”. Shayl and Vikram leave for puja preparations. Charu figures that it must be Gunjan’s plan to see her face. She gets ready and says she will have to be careful from Gunjan. Seema comes there and tries to see Mithu’s face, but before that Mithu puts her vein down on time.

Meanwhile, Gunjan and Rachana set camera in a plant which would take photos every 15 seconds.

Seema brings Mithu on the terrace and asks her to do surya (sun) puja first. She asks her to make sure she looks at the sun. Gunjan and Rachna are hiding there. Mithu says it would be silly to trust them, it must be Gunjan and Rachna’s plan. She looks around, but doesn’t see any camera or anyone. She starts the puja. Her face is on camera’s side and it starts clicking photos. She removes her vein to look at the sun and her photos are captured in the camera. However, Gunjan and Rachna cannot see her face as they get reflection lights on them from shiny things on Mithu’s dress and sun.

Precap: Rachna and Gunjan check photos in the camera and it seems photos are not clear (due to shiny things that were on Mithu’s dress).

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