Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 31st December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sammy wondering what if Pihu tells about his love to others. Sammy requests Pihu not to tell anything to their families. I agree that I took you and your feelings for granted. Pihu hugs him and says, no need to understand anyone. I told papa that you proposed me. Now no one can seperate us. Sammy is tensed. Priya tells Ram that Neha might have make Sammy understand. Ram says, lets call and asks her. Vikram picks the call and thinks Sammy might have said no for marriage. Ram calls and says congrats. He says, Sammy agreed for marriage. Everyone are happy. Vikram says, he didn’t talk to me since yesterday. Ram says, it doesn’t matter as the hen has laid the eggs. Vikram says, as a father I don’t know what is going on in his mind. I don’t

trust him at this point. Lets not hurry up. I will come there and if Sammy wants this then he shall propose Pihu infront of everyone so that he shouldn’t change his mind again. Ram tells Priya that Sammy will propose Pihu infront of us and gets excited.

Suhani is recalling her harsh words and feels bad for Sammy. She says, he is angry with me. But this is the best way to seperate him from me. What will happen if he refuses to marry Pihu. Sammy is thinking about Pihu’s words and gets angry at Suhani for breaking his heart. He says, you will never forget what I am going to do. Shergill’s arrive. Priya asks Sammy to propose to Pihu infront of them. He goes to Suhani and asks, what should I say to everyone. He says, I am ready to marry Pihu. Everyone are happy. Sammy says, Suhani convinced me and made me believe that love is nothing and infact a form of friendship. I realised that I love Pihu and thanks Suhani for clearing his doubts about love. Sammy says, I am ready to join office from today. Ram says, you can join. Vikram and Ram hug each other. Suhani is sad.

Priya tells that Ram will sleep properly today as Sammy confessed finally. Ram says, only I knows that Sammy will say no as I gave him a good offer. Vikram says, let him work on his own. I am not convinced with you. Ram says, he will work hard for me. Priya asks him to start the engagement preparation. Vikram says, I will inform her. Ram says, engagement should be unique. Vikram says, you shall call me with respect. Ram says, you are my loafer friend always.

Cady asks Sammy, are you happy with your decision? Sammy says, everyone are happy. Cady says, your happiness matters as you don’t love Pihu. Riddhima comes and asks, what you were talking. Cady says, I was talking about Pihu. I changed her diapers and have seen her growing infront of me. Suhani thinks I should hold on my emotions. Sammy comes and greets hi. Sammy asks her to congratulate him being his friend. Suhani says, I am thankful to Pihu for agreeing to marriage. I am happy that you have moved on. She says, I am absolutely fine and thanks him. She cries after going from there. Pihu slaps Suhani and says you fraud, liar, you thought to snatch my Sammy from me. I was fooled to believe you. Suhani is in tears. Pihu says, Sammy came back to me as he is mine. He have realised that his life partner could be only me. Priya comes and asks, what is the matter? Pihu says, I came to thank Suhani personally. She thanks Suhani again. Priya says, I know whatever you have done….Pihu feigned pain in her leg. Priya asks her to come in the room and rest.

Riddhima and Rahul talk about Sammy’s marriage. Vikram says, he gives us surprises. He asks, why you are silent. Rahul asks, what are you planning? Vikram says, you took a right decision as Pihu is a good girl. You should be thankful to Suhani for convincing you. Sammy asks Vikram to stop the car. Vikram asks him to come home soon. Rahul says, we should let him be. Suhani is in her room and recalls Sammy’s words and Pihu’s slap. Priya comes and says, I came to talk to you. I thought to thank you personally. You solved my problem. Suhani says, I never saw my mom and whenever I think about her, I see your face. I can sacrifice anything for you. Priya asks her not to sacrifice anything for her or anyone. Suhani asks her to give a hug. Priya hugs her.


Ram says, we will try and prove each other. Priya says, it means you will fight again. Ram says, I will apologize and you have to forgive me. Priya asks him not to play the smart game and says you should learn a right way to say sorry. Ram holds his ear and says sorry.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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