Ek Nayi Pehchan 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 31st December 2013 Written Update

Dadi tells the priest to find another auspicious date for this marriage but Suresh and Padma assure her everything will be done. Padma offers to stay somewhere nearby (in a hotel) but Sharda tells her to think of this home as her own. Padma gives in as Sharda very sweetly tells her that till marriage this will be Sakshi’s in-laws cum her own home. Suresh also agrees with Sharda. Padma finally accepts it. Suresh and Latika go to re-work on all the wedding arrangements. Dadi and all the elders leave with the priest to talk about the wedding. Karan also leaves with his friends. Sharda asks Sakshi if she is worried about the wedding being in 2 days time. Sakshi hugs her. sharda assures her everything will be fine. Sakshi nods.

Sakshi tells her friends about Karan. He is sweet but a little weird as well. They tease her but then tell her to continue. On the other hand, Karan tells his friends he gives up. We have just got engaged and I already don’t like this jiju business and all. I agreed because of mom but I don’t think I would be able to fulfil this relation. Sakshi remarks it is very easy to break something but tough to keep it together. But I will fulfil this relation. Karan is a little short tempered but has a very nice heart. Karan wonders how come Sakshi is good. She is not my type but very old fashioned. She is just like main tulsi tere anngan ki type girl. Sakshi says I and Karan will have to adjust a lot with each other…will have to understand each other. In this much time I have come to realise that he has a very good heart. His emotions show on his face. This honesty quality is very important for me. her friends look at her amazed. Have you fallen for Karan? The way you are talking it shows. But Sakshi argues love cannot happen so soon. Her friend tells her that love can happen anytime. You think yourself why you are saying so many good things about him. what is this if not love? karan says before its too late we will have to do something. His friends remind him that he has 2 days only. You shouldn’t have come back in the first place. Nothing can happen now unless you are thinking to run away again. Karan is stuck because of the promise he has made to mom. His friends suggests him to make the girl run from this marriage. Karan loves the idea. Agreed I cannot run away because of my promise but what if the girl herself calls it quit? Karan notices Sharda giving a dress to wear tomorrow for mehendi function. He mentally apologizes to his mom. I was getting married for you. I wanted to join it but now I will have to break it. I cannot run away because of your promise but I can do something to make her leave from here. His friends ask him to sleep but he doesn’t want to waste even a minute.

Karan has come to scare Sakshi. He is holding a knife and coughs. She wakes up and screams as she looks at it. He pretends to be walking in his sleep. He apologizes to her. Doc said this isn’t a dangerous thing but I can do anything in sleep. She looks scared. He asks her not to say this to anyone else at home or they will be worried unnecessarily. She looks scared as he keeps the knife pointed at her. he says I know what you must be feeling after knowing that the man you are going to get married to can even kill someone in his sleep. He bids her good night and leaves happily.

He comes to his room and wakes up his friends. He tells them what he did. While doing so his friends look at the door and see a shadow. They also shout and hide in the blanket. He turns and it is Sakshi. He too jumps back a little taken aback. She says I had come to tell you that I too talk in my sleep. I was very ashamed of this so haven’t told it to anyone but because of the honesty you shared your darkest secret with me boosted my morale. I too thought to share my secret with you as a relation is made this way only. She bids everyone good night and leaves. Karan is upset as now she has started sharing secrets with him. his 3 friends go back to sleep as all these small plans are not going to help him. karan agress. I will have to do something big.

Next morning, Karan asks Rohan if he has called her. rohan agrees. She must be reaching soon. Just then, Sakshi comes all dressed up for the occasion in the dress that Sharda had given her. karan looks at her mesmerised and she too keeps looking at him. rohan remarks that if he likes Sakshi so much then what is the point to call her. karan replies he doesn’t want to get married. Go and check when she will come. Karan keeps looking at Sakshi mesmerised. Saiyaan re plays. Sakshi’s friend asks him as to how is Sakshi looking. Karan appreciates her but then realises and counters himself. Karan fumbles. Sharda appreciates her. You are looking very beautiful but one thing is missing. She makes her wear one neckpiece. Latika is taken aback to see this. Why has mom given this necklace to Sakshi? Sakshi notices this and is confused.

Sharda tells the mehendi girls to apply very beautiful mehendi on Sakshi’s hands. Sakshi stops her asking her to put mehendi on her hand as well. Sharda makes excuses of work but Sakshi asks her to apply it on her hands then. The colour darkens when mom applies it. She requests Sharda. Sharda asks her to repeat it. Sakshi calls her ma and asks her to apply mehendi. Sharda agrees. An elder lady tells Sakshi not to ask Sharda or she will make some old design. Sakshi stays put. Sharda starts applying mehendi and everyone is watching happily. Title song plays in the background. Sakshi compliments her mehendi. Sakshi also asks that lady if she liked the modern design by her modern MIL. She agrees. Others also appreciate this mehendi. Dadi calls their relation inseparable / unbreakable as the mehendi has been put by her MIL. Sharda goes to clean her hands while Sakshi looks happily at her hand. A car comes to Modi House from which a mysterious lady gets down. She enters Modi House and is looking around for someone.

She calls out for Karan. They both share a hug which is witnessed by Sakshi awkwardly. Karan acts all happy and close with Tasha or T and goes aside to talk to her. His friends watch in amazement while Sakshi’s friends are surprised. They are all looking in Karan and T’s direction.

Diya’s father comes to attend the function. Diya comes happily and meets his dad. He meets Sharda and Chirag. He has also brought a gift for Latika from Ahmadabad. Sharda is about to go in search of Latika but he stops him. She would be busy in a meeting like always. Sharda declines. She is talking to the ice cream delivery man as the ice cream is over. She sends him with Chirag to freshen up.

Karan is flirting with T and actually praising her too much. I guess I have made a mistake by not accepting your love. She tells him that mistakes can be rectified. You really think you have made a big mistake? He swears in agreement. She is sure she can do something to change the situation.

A lady tells Sakshi that it is a ritual to hide first alphabet of husband’s name in your hand. If your husband finds it then you are really lucky. This would mean that he wont look around at some other girl. sakshi’s smile disappears as she recalls seeing Karan hugging Tasha. She tells her friends to check on Karan. They see them hugging and they are stuck to each other. They are flirting full on.

Karan challenges T that she wouldn’t be able to do it. She accepts it. I will show this girl her place today. T moves forward towards Sakshi who notices her coming in her direction.

Precap: Sakshi asks T if she can dance with her fiancé. T asks the DJ to change the music as Sakshi wouldn’t be able to dance on this song. Sakshi denies. sakshi dances on Saiyaan re song.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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