Doli Armaanon Ki 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Doli Armaanon Ki 31st December 2013 Written Update

Mostly time pass and full on dance acts episode. Just highlights of Doli.. parts.

At the start of episode, while making Urmi ready as Bride the picture breaks with Urmi and Samrat’s photo and servant calls it bad omen. Urmi’s mother gets worries as Dadi also calls it bad omen.

Barat of Samrat comes at Urmi’s door and everyone teases Urmi. Everyone dances in Barat including Samrat’s friends, ishaan and Samrat’s mother.

Ishan looks for Trisha but do not find her there.

Samrat asks Ishan to look for Trisha. Ishan informs Samrat that Trisha is not there on which Samrat says that he win since he told Urmi that Trisha should not be there in marriage.

After Samrat-Urmi’s garlands exchange ceremony, Samrat’s friends create drama as there is alcohol. Ishan says against them, but Samrat takes his friends side and says its common these days. Urmi feels worried after seeing that and wonders if she made any mistake in recognizing Samrat.

Drunken guys from Samrat’s side try to misbehave with Anu. Ishan comes and saves her. Anu comes to Urmi and tells everything to her. Urmi asks if Samrat knows all that. Anu says he was not there, but he didn’t say anything to them either. Ishan is better than him. Urmi gets into thoughts and asks Anu to send Ishan in. Its 12′o clock now and Anu wishes happy new year to Urmi. Urmi hopes new year will bring happiness in everyone’s life.

Ishan finds Samrat drinking, he tries to stop him, but in vain. Anu comes to Ishan and tells her Urmi is calling him.

Urmi asks Ishan if Samrat is a good person. Ishan says there are many different kind of people. Some created drama here, but what Samrat can do in that. Urmi says she understands and again asks if Samrat is a good person and she is not making any mistake. Ishan says he’s a good guy and why she is worrying. She is so good that she can change anyone. Urmi is finally relieved and happy.

Marriage rituals start and episode ends after Samrat-Urmi’s knot ritual.

Precap: Samrat-Urmi’s pheres. Then during bidai time, Urmi is crying and meeting her family members. At a distance, Samrat says what nonsense. If she wants to stay there, then let her.

Update Credit to: kajall

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