Desh Ki Beti Nandini 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 31st December 2013 Written Update

Rajveer reads Project Pandey file and it says Nandini always supports the truth, no matter what. Nandini is searching for kitchen outside. She finally finds and is going back to her room after getting water. When she’s near the study room, Rajveer throws the file saying it’s all lies. Hearing noise, Nandini goes to the study room, but before she enters, she is stopped by a servant. He asks her if she needs anything. Nandini says she heard some noise from inside, so was going to check. She heads back to her room. Rajveer comes outside and sees her.

Next morning, Rajveer comes to his room and finds Nandini sleeping. He looks at her angrily. Nandini has taken out his clothes out for him. He doesn’t take that and throws them down. He asks himself why

all this drama when marriage is just a deal. He bangs the door in anger when leaving, this wakes nandini up. Nandini wonders who threw clothes on the floor.

Later, Nandini receives a call from Ritu who teases her. Ritu’s brother comes and he snatches away the phone. Nandini’s parents come and they all are dying to talk with Nandini. Ritu puts phone on the speaker and everyone talks one by one. Nandini’s mum tells Nandini about “mu dikhai” ceremony and asks her to go in veil and take blessings from everyone. Right then a servant comes and tells Nandini everyone’s waiting for her. Nandini hangs the phone. Nandini’s mother feels worried as a servant came to call Nandini instead some family member. Other side, Nandini wonders about the same. Nandini’s father tells her mother, servant called Nandini as “hukum” meaning they are giving her so much respect.

Nandini gets ready and is going down. Uttara sees her setting up her pallu and gets an idea. Uttara asks her if she already forgot what Dadi said yesterday and according to their tradition, pallu (vein) should cover at least half of the face. Uttara leaves. Nandini sets her vein according to what Uttara said and goes down. She is struggling to walk down from the stairs. Divya goes and helps her. Nandini cannot see anyone’s face and she bends to touch someone’s feet. Everyone is shocked. Divya stops her as they were news reporters. Gayatri asks Nandini to remove her pallu. Nandini is shocked when she realizes that she was taking blessings from news reporters. Gayatri goes to Rajveer and asks him to stand with Nandini. Gayatri introduces the couple and tells the world that they are always together. She allows media to ask questions to them. Media ask Nandini how she’s feeling. Nandini says she feels great. They then ask Rajveer the same question and also about their honeymoon location. Rajveer too says he feels good and doesn’t answer honeymoon location questions saying some things need to stay private. Media ask them to stand closer so they can take their photographs. Rajveer puts his arm around Nandini and both stand close. Nandini feels happy.

After news reporters leave, everyone starts lecturing Nandini. Nandini says she was told to keep pallu by Uttara and she never knew media is waiting downstairs. Uttara says she told Nandini about media. Nandini says no. Uttara asks her if she’s saying that she lied to her. Swaroop interrupts and tells Rajveer that at least he should have told Nandini about media. Rajveer loses his cool and shuts everyone saying they need to give some time to Nandini to adjust in this house. Nandini is pleased to hear that. Rajveer leaves. Gayatri tells Nandini to be careful next time. Dadi says not just careful, she has to make sure this doesn’t happen again as she cannot compromise with reputation of this house.

Nandini is in her room. Rajveer comes there. Nandini apologizes to him for her unknowingly mistakes. Rajveer keeps ignoring her. A servant comes to call them for breakfast. Rajveer tells Nandini to go and he is not hungry. Nandini says she won’t eat either if he doesn’t eat. Rajveer says he has to go out and tells Nandini never to wait for him at breakfast, lunch, or dinner as he has lots of work. He leaves. Nandini cries and asks herself why such a big punishment for a small mistake.

Precap: Rajveer tells Nandini she can give money to her family. Nandini says money is too far, her parents won’t even drink water of her sasural. Rajveer gets confused.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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