Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 29th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Charu packing her stuff. Seema and Sangeetha enter the room and Seema tells her not to take any decision hastily. She says she will talk to Mayank and make him understand and for Charu to listen to her. Charu tells her that Mayank is not going to understand anything and nor can Seema make him understand. Charu tells Sangeetha to keep the bag of her wedding sarees in her room and says she won’t be able to keep them with her as it will remind her of the family and Mayank. She says she will donate them. She tells Seema to keep the jewelry with her in the locker and that later her mother will come and take them and tells her that some are even Seema’s which she would return in front of everyone as she doesn’t want any problems during the divorce. Charu asks Sangeetha to help her take out her things. She says that Mayank has thrown her out of his life so what would he do with her things in the room. Charu comes to see Dayal and Shail. She says she didn’t come to say or ask for anything. She says she will be gone from the house tomorrow and has come for their blessings. She asks for forgiveness for what happened on the Holi day and says intentionally or unintentionally she was about to hurt Rachana. Charu says to forgive her if they can. Shail says the biggest thing is that she realized her mistake and what else would they want. Dayal says they have no other way than to agree with Mayank’s decision. If he is not happy with the marriage then there is no point trying to make him understand. He says with all the bitterness between them its impossible for them to live together.

Part 2

Dayal says its better if they were to separate. Seema tells Sangeetha that she can’t believe Mayank is getting a divorce not even in her dreams. Sangeetha says she can’t believe it too and how she brought Charu for Mayank and how happy she was to see Charu as bride of the house. Sangeetha says because of what she did today Sangeetha has to watch her being insulted. Sangeetha says she can’t show her face anywhere anymore. Seema says she doesn’t know what to do and that Mayank is very angry if she were to tell him anything he starts shouting. Sangeetha tells Seema the best thing to do now is to let Charu go. When the matter settles they will convince Mayank and bring Charu back. Seema says that’s what they’ll do as Mayank is not ready to listen to anyone. Seema says they will try their best to bring her back and prays to God to help to prevent the divorce from happening. Gunjan and Mayank bump into each other and Gunjan tells Mayank what is all this divorce and that everyone is very worried and angry. Mayank says he is not doing it for anyone anger or happiness but his heart has always loved Gunjan and at this time it will only love Gunjan. He says that he won’t take the divorce back just because she says so and that even if she doesn’t want to be with him its ok as that is her decision but he wants to free Charu and himself from the marriage and he says its final. Mayank is talking to the lawyer saying he will meet him today and that the divorce papers should be ready. Charu comes with tea for Mayank and he tells her he doesn’t want it and leaves. Rachana grumbles about not getting an auto and sees Gunjan sad. She tells Gunjan that she must be thinking of the drama at home. Gunjan says that Mayank has to be stopped and she admits its Charu’s fault but divorce is not the solution. Rachana says what can Gunjan do and Gunjan says the family and Rachana is very important to her. Gunjan says everyone is worried about it and she doesn’t know what to do and that she even talked to Mayank about it last night. Rachana is shocked and asks Gunjan why did she talk to Mayank about it. Rachana says its Chatu’s fault and what could Gunjan do and if Charu wasn’t caught on Holi day then her face would have been destroyed for life and the blame would be on Gunjan. Rachana says when Charu and Mayank don’t love each other then there is no point in them being together. Rachana says the auto is here and its the final round and they are late as it is. Charu comes to the kitchen.

Part 3

Charu says its her last day in the house so she would like to make a sweet for everyone. Shail says its her house and she doesn’t need to ask. Charu says that Shail is nice. Seema tells Charu that she’s sad that its Charu’s last day in the house and that she had to bow down to Mayank’s stubbornness. She adds saying which mother-in-law would want her daughter-in-law to leave. Seema tells Shail they will go and let Charu make the sweet. Charu tries to on the stove and can’t and says what happen to the gas and what will happen to her plan. At college a bunch of students are cheering Rachana’s name and some girls are saying that Rajeev will win while another girl says Vihaan will. One girls butts in and says how can they win when they are just mentors. Then one girl says Gunjan and the other says Rachana will win. In the dressing room, Rachana is talking to Vihaan on the phone asking him where has he reached and she is shocked when he says he’s just leaving and says the competition is about to begin. Rachana is upset with Vihaan being late. Rachana tells Chaya that she always has to run after him and remind him of things and can’t wait for the competition to be over to get rid of him and that he makes her suffocated. Rachana sees Gunjan sad and says that Gunjan is not ready and not wearing earrings or lipstick and says she’ll help Gunjan get ready. Rachana tells Gunjan that a lot of people out are waiting for Gunjan’s victory and says jokingly that she also is scared that Gunjan will win. Gunjan says that she’s ready and will leave. Chaya asks if something happened at home. Chaya says that Gunjan used to be happy go lucky and is now not like that. She says that if someone else was in Gunjan’s place would have gone mad. She says many things happened to Gunjan in this year. Her mother’s death, then shifting to Benaras, her engagement broken and Mayank’s marriage and living with in the same house at him and says it must be difficult. Charu comes and tells Seema that the gas is finished. Sangeetha says they forgot to book a new one. Shail says its ok but Charu says maybe she’s not destined to do for them and has to leave with the wish of wanting to make a sweet for them. Seema says she will take it from the neighbours. Shail is hesitant but Seema says they have too and Charu is happy and tells her to get it quickly.

Part 4

Charu is talking to her mother and tells her not to send the car so early and asks if she banked in the money into Mayank’s account and is angry when her mother says not and she says not to ask many questions and to do it fast and to do as she says. Sangeetha comes into the room and tells Charu that she has seen her since her childhood and that she’s not a person that gives up easily and asks how come she has agreed to the divorce and even after being humiliated so much. Sangeetha says its impossible and something is wrong and that she agreed to even leave the house. Sangeetha tells Charu to tell the truth and Charu says the truth is she realized her mistake and she wants peace in the house even though she has to leave. She says its not that she doesn’t feel sad and that she does and that must be her punishment and that she had hurt good people. Sangeetha thinks this is not Charu’s way of talking.

Episode Ends


Mayank and Charu in the hall with the lawyer and Charu is signing the divorce papers. Charu on the phone says the work is done perfectly. Charu says the drama has begun and the scene is going perfectly. She says only the last scene remains..

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