Balika Vadhu 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 29th March 2013 Written Update

Badi Haveli

The show begins from where it ended yesterday with Anandi (A) telling Dadi Sa (DS) that she will cook today since in the future if the family would like to have food cooked by her they would have to come to Udaipur. DS gets emotional hearing this and hugs A asking her to cook anything she wishes. Ganga (G) asks A if she can help her out. A agrees telling G that she will need her helps since they have to make a lot of things, but she asks G who will take care of Mannu if G helps her. G replies that Jagya (J) is taking care of Mannu. A and G then go to the kitchen to cook food. Everyone looks happy.

In the kitchen A tells G that DS and Bhairav (B) like food spicy and tangy in spite of the fact that they should prevent eating it for medical reasons. A says that B is not fussy about food and eats everything. She continues telling G that Sumitra like simple food while Gehena wants a tangy flavor in all her dishes. G tells A that A has told her about everyone’s linking but seeing A make halwa she asks her for whom it is being made. A shyly replies that it is for Shiv (S). A asks G to add sugar to the halwa but G refuses saying that if she adds it, it will only add sweetness to the halwa but if A adds it, it will also add a touch of love to it. A is then shown making a vegetable dish saying that it was for Sumi. G then asks A, that she has made food suited to everyone’s liking but why did she leave J out? A looks surprised. DS just enters the kitchen then and over hears this conversation. She interrupts the conversation exclaiming that the food smells really good. Ds then fetches a vessel which has a vegetable in it. A asks DS what it was. DS replies that she thought of making this vegetable since J loves it very much.

DS then tells A to go rest while she (DS) finishes the cooking. A agrees and goes out. The women are then shown arranging the table. Sumi asks Gehena to rest while they do the work. But Gehena replies that she can help out in this since there is not much work left. DS then asks G to call J. G leaves to call J, but J instead comes to the living room just then. He tells G that Mannu is a sleep and then stops looking surprised seeing A and S there. Seeing a surprised J Ds asks him why he looks surprised or if he was not informed that A will be staying back in the haveli that night. Before he could reply, Sumi calls everyone for food. The family proceed to the dinner table. The family is shown appreciating the food and enjoying their meal. DS tells everyone that the food has been cooked by A and that they should enjoy it. Sumi then lifts the pot containing the vegetable cooked by DS that J likes. Seeing that J feels very happy seeing his favorite dish and serves himself saying that he loves it very much and specially the one made by A. The family look anxiously at J and J manages the awkward situation by telling DS that she has made the vegetable very well, just the way he likes it.

DS then tells the family that after dinner she has a ‘surprise’ for the women folk. The ladies look surprised and ask her what it was. Ds replies that if she reveals it, it will no longer be a surprise and hence asks them to be patient. Seeing G engrossed in her thoughts Ds tells her that the surprise is for her too. Just then B gets a call from a friend who needs B to help him in a court case invloving his (B’s friend’s) ancestral home hence B leaves.

After dinner, in the next scene Ds asks S to also stay back that night. But S refuses saying that if he is around the family’s attention will be on him and they will not be able to enjoy their time with A to the fullest. S then takes their leave. He walks to a sad J and bids farewell by hugging him. A goes to see S off while a sad J goes up to his room.

Outside the haveli A asks S if he is concerned about A living in the haveli sply after what J told her? S replies that he is not worried at all and he is confident that A will be able to manage any kind of awkward situation. The only thing that is bothering him is how he is going to spend that night without her. He then takes his phone out of his pocket and plays the recording of A confessing her love for him and says that he will have to spend his night just by heating it. Hearing this A is surprised as to how the recording reached S’s phone. J is shown witnessing all this from the terrace. S tells her that he transferred the recording from her phone onto his. He says the only problem is that he has only her recording, but if she was personally there it would have been better. Saying this he touches her cheek and asks her if he could leave. A then gives the little stuffed toy that S had given her before she left to meet her teacher and asks him to take it with him, as it may probably make him feel better. S’s very happy and saying good night to A he keeps it in his pocket. A sad J is witnessing all this happening.

In the next scene Sumi and G are shown discussing what work needs to be completed. They both enter the living room when they see the family gathered together. They ask what’s happening when Basant replies that the family is going to be awake the whole night today to be with A. DS tells them that since A is at home they decided to recall old memories. They are shown looking at old pictures. DS tells them also to make the most of the time they have with A. Nandu is shown bringing J there saying that they will also stay awake that night. He says that J was not ready to come down but he forcefully brought him there. Basant asks J to sit. J and A look at each other feeling awkward. G then sees a photograph of A and asks A if it is her in the pic. G exclaims that A looks so naughty. DS replies that would anyone admit to being naughty? Hence she asks G to ask her about A’s mischief. DS says that although she was naughty she was equally lovable and took care of everyone hence today they are so sad on her leaving. G asks DS which is her favorite memory about A. They show flashbacks of the kid A and DS.

Voice over
“Memories” rest in some corner of one’s mind. But when it is revived, it fills the heart sometimes with pain or else with sweetness… It brings tears to the eyes but overjoys the heart.

Nandu says that he doesn’t remember anything of the kid A and hence asks J to explain. Everyone looks embarrassed. In the next scene J is shown in his room talking to kid A’s pic saying that all the memories associated to the pictures is still in his mind the same way as it happened yesterday. He says that how can he choose which of those memories are the fondest for him. He continues saying that presently he has nothing more precious left with him that these memories.

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