Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya comes to Sona asking what happened and Suhnaina shows Kanhaiya saying that Udham have been suspended but because of this report by Sona, everything is gone. Sona tries explaining to Kanhaiya and Suhnaina says that there is no point in giving explanations as her name is clearly written on the paper and Suhnaina throws the paper on Sona’s face. Chacha ji says to Suhnaina to have patience and Suhnaina says that her udham’s life is now spoiled because of Sona and Udham leaves in anger and Neelam follows him. Slowly everyone leaves and Kanhaiya looks at a crying Sona. The headquaters person says that he tried talking to his superior but there have been no response. Sona enters the room calling Udham and Udham stops Sona from entering and asking why did she came for? He asks her to leave and Sona is shocked and is about to walk towards Neelam and Neelam stops Sona and asks her to leave from here . Sona says even you? Neelam says i don’t wish to talk about anything nor thing about anything. I am only worried about him now and this is because of you. Only because of you and Sona is shocked. Neelam asks Sona to leave and refuse to listen to anything Sona says and Sona is sad and turns back to Neelam and leaves the room . Suhnaina is asking what is the way for Udham to be out of this problem? The headquaters person says that the person who wrote this article was none other than your bahu. If she published that the article she wrote about has no proof, them Udham can be proved innocent. Suhnaina goes to Sona and asks her to write an apology that she wrote the article without any proof. Kanhaiya says that Suhnaina is right as everyone in the house is upset because of this. This apology has to be published in the paper the next day. Sona remains silent and Suhnaina asks Sona to go and make sure that this is done within 24 hours or no one in the family will speak to her. Kanhaiya asks Sona to act fast and Sona leaves. Sona is in the office of her editor and he asks how is Sona now and Sona says that she came to speak about her article and the editor keeps getting calls. Sona says that she wants to write an apology article. The editor says that their newspaper is getting publicity because of this article now and Sona explains what happened. The editor says that he will need to speak to his superior and only he will decide but he is currently not in town. He says that he will try speaking to him and Sona asks him to please try his best. Sona returns home.

Part 2

Sona recalls Suhnaina’s words as she is about to enter the house and she is confident to solve this problem. Sona hears the ice cream man calling Ice Cream and Sona comes in with some Ice Creams and calls everyone. Dimple comes out and thanks Sona for buying it as Bindiya never allowed her to eat ice cream. Everyone comes out and Suhnaina asks if has Sona solved regarding the apology article? Sona says that she have informed as the superior is now in Lucknow and she is confident that the article will be published. Suhnaina says so you are not confirmed that the article will be published right? Till your editor doesn’t comes back, Udham’s work is still at stake? And just to cover this up, you bought ice cream for everyone? Sona says no mummy ji,… i just and Suhnaina says that there is no need to explain and throws the ice cream away. Suhnaina asks if Sona thinks that she can buy them just with the ice cream and are they kids? Suhnaina says that she had given Sona 24 hours and if the article is not published, she will forget that Sona is the bahu of Chaturvedi family. Suhnaina asks everyone to leave and not talk to Sona till the article is published and Sona is crying. Sona goes and picks up the ice creams. Bindiya is saying to Govardan that Sona bought ice creams just to please them and do he think that the article will be published? Bindiya also taunts that Kanhaiya and Sona used to be romantic but just look at what is happening now. Kanhaiya is in the police station and looking at him serious, his contables tries making jokes to make him laugh but Kanhaiya still remains serious. In the night at Chaturvedi house, there is no electricity and everyone is wondering how to stay at home when its so hot. Sona brings an oil lamp and she almost falls down and Chacha ji asks her to be careful. Everyone is sitting and Sona gives Suhnaina a fan since its warm. Sona fans Suhnaina while Suhnaina says that there is no much time for you left and Sona says that she has trust that all will be fine and the electricity comes back. The house phone rings where Sona’s editor informs that his superior is now willing to publish the apology and everyone is shocked especially Udham. Sona tries pleading but the editor hangs the call. Suhnaina says you said all will be fine, look what happened now.

Precap :
Sona is crying to Kanhaiya that she did her best and she failed. Now no one will talk to her the next day and wonders why something like this always happens when she thinks good and Kanhaiya looks at Sona.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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