Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dadi asks Rachna did she try the dress, she says she did but she found something lacking. The bell rings, Dadi says it might be KT. Rachna says you just talked to him, he must be in the plane now. Dadi agrees, and goes to check the door. It were Shayl and Dayal. Dayal asks her clearly where is KT and when is he returning. Dadi says he will be back till engagement. Dayal says engagement is today, he asks if there is something you must tell us. Rachna says she talked to him, Dadi says yes he must be in the flight. Dadi says he will be back till engagement. Shayl asks if there is some help for them, Dadi says she must help her by preparing her daughter-in-law to be as a princess. Rachna gets ready, Peehu and Gunjan are excited but Rachna looks at the phone repeatedly and is upset. Gunjan tries to console her and says her heart says he will be there in time. They hug.
Everyone congratulate Shayl. Dadi comes to the engagement alone. Shayl greets her and asks about KT. She says he is in India and will reach Banaras in a while. Dayal comes to ask about him. Shayl tells him what she just said. Dayal says it is already 6 o clock.
Time passes, Dayal’s anxiety increases. Shayl asks is Rachna ready; Peehu brings Rachna. Everyone is happy to see her. Rachna is worried and asks Dadi about KT. Shayl comes to say she is looking beautiful. It is about 7 but KT is still not there. Prabhu asks Shayl about him, she says not yet. Dayal asks Dadi to come with him, and takes Shayl along. Gunjan tells Rachna not to get worried. Dayal was saying that when will they keep waiting for him, she must tell them when she talked to him the last time. Dadi says it was two days ago. Rachna and Gunjan also come inside. He gets angry and says to Shayl he wasn’t ready to believe her and her family, in the first place. It was Rachna’s bad luck that we fixed her engagement to such a man. He says he will just go to tell everyone. Rachna asks him not to do so, she requests weeping. Dayal keeps hand on her head. She says her heart says he will return, but wait till 8 o clock. Dayal says you have 15 minutes.
Gunjan tells Rachna that she has an idea. Gunjan comes into the hall and takes the men for dancing. Seema takes her out of the hall, Mayank dances with Gopal and Prabhu. Rachna stands worried. Dayal takes Shayl and Dadi out, but KT reaches the venue. Rachna is elated to see him. She runs to the door and calls KT. Gunjan watches her dress torn from a side, a lady comments at the dress. Dayal says this had just to happen, he says why this couple was just made. Gunjan pins the dress. KT takes everyone’s attention, he asks for an apology that he reached after the guests in his own engagement. He says he wants to tell them about the reason. Dayal says they don’t want to listen whether he had a meeting or flight. KT says that whatever happened was good, infact the tearing of Rachna’s dress will have something good. He says he met a rising designer a few months back,
She didn’t know where she was in the next ten years, and what will she be doing; but she knew that when she will get engaged to the man she liked which dress will she wear. He says I still remember I asked her you know which dress what you will wear on your wedding. She asked shall I show you? She shows him and says this dress will be designed by a French designer who says that we should evolve with the modernity of the world but can also not leave our traditions as well, I want to wear such a dress on my engagement which depicts this thinking. Rachna looks at KT, he looks back into her eyes.
He says I asked if she has to wear a modern dress will her family mind. She says that my family is as modern as to let me be a designer, and then they also know that my happiness lies into me. KT gives her a dress has been designed by her from her favorite French designer, and hopes that your family understands I am ready to do anything for you. Rachna smiles. He says that they are modern enough to forgive me for this. Everyone claps. Mayank asks did you go there only for this dress, he says that this is his Rachna’s dress. Shayl says she doesn’t have words to show her happiness. The lady also says that every girl has a son-in-law like this. Rachna cries and hugs Gunjan. KT comes to Dayal, joins his hands and says I am really sorry for being late, but I did this all for Rachna. He says I am really sorry.

PRECAP: Rachna gets ready, and they are having engagement. Someone arrives at the venue. KT looks at the lady and calls Mom!?

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Finally KT is back

  2. Awwww he’s back with good reasons

    1. A cute reason too …RABIR <3 <3

  3. Awsome episode. kt’s damakdar entry.i love it.rachna and kabir rocks

  4. I love today episode Kt is back , I know he will choose rachna over his Mom

  5. 😀 nice epi but I think the precap has some thing bad ……and what about gunjans pregnancy…. 😛

  6. OMG every twist is welcome but not Kt’s mom oh god this engagement is broken 🙁

  7. Best episode ever. Was perfect and heartwarming. Love KT return and story behind dress. I hope his mother doesn’t ruin his engagement. Her presence is enough to have Racha dad go insane.

  8. Omg kt so romantic, love this episode on kt arrival, kt n rach r the best, loving this series

  9. Kt’s Mother doesn’t make any problem in rachnas engagement

  10. please let one show atleast goes good

  11. if kt’s mom is not there to cause problem why the sneak with bittu?and having all pictures of kt and rachna on wall

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