Ek Hasina Thi 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dev coming to the farmhouse. He is shocked to see its all broken and ruined. He looks for Payal and asks the servant where is she. The servany says Durga took her to the hospital. The doctor treats Payal and says its good her heartrate is stable now. He says we have to be alert as next 24 hours are very critical. The doctor tells Payal’s bad state to Dayal and Durga, and says its her nervous breakdown and its worst state like before. She asks did they……….. He says no, I checked her, its not physical torture, they have done mental torture, she was mentally weak and she got mental relapse, any stress can be dangerous for her. He says he called a neuro specialist and will conduct tests. Then he will decide the treatment. He goes to see Paayl as she gets conscious.

Durga cries and says Payal’s progress was good. I thought she will get well in one month, but Sakshi targeted her and broke me, this is my failure. Dev comes and sees her crying. He says Durga, I went your home, and I went to farmhouse, I came to know about Payal, hoe is she now, what happened. Dayal says nervous breakdown. Dev says what. Dayal says complete relapse. Dev asks but how. Dayal and Durga go to talk to neuro specialist. Dev goes to see Payal. He thinks about her progress and cries.

He gets Suchitra’s call and tells her everything. Suchitra is shocked and cries. Sakshi sees Suchitra crying and rushing out. She asks where is she going. Suchitra says she has to go hospital. Dev called and said Payal had a nervous breakdown, Durga went because of her. Sakshi acts innocent and asks how did Durga get Payal. She says we all will come with you. Why did Durga not tell us about this? Maybe she felt we are against her, but you know its nothing like this, I don’t understand why did Nitya and Payal filed fake case against Shaurya, but I have forgiven them and they were greedy for money. Its good court did justice with Shaurya, anyway lets support Durga.

Sakshi brings Shaurya to the hospital and thinks she has to make sure Durga does not marry him. Everyone come there and ask what happened to Payal. Suchitra says she did not know Payal is alive.Kangana says its too much, Payal is back in our lives. Shaurya tells Sakshi that it was not good when I came face to face to Durga. She says Durga is Payal’s legal guardian, we have to support her. She asys she knows what happened when he met her last time, and how to trigger her panic attacks, she made sure that Durga is afraid to marry you.

Dev thinks why did everyone come, it can be bad for Payal and Durga. Rajnath asks Dayal what happened to Payal. Sakshi asks Durga about Payal, its good Dev called Suchitra, else we would have nit known it. Sakshi asks waht happened exactly, tell me. Durga gets angry. Dayal calms her and says I will tell you. He tells everything. Rajnath says disgusting, I will talk to commissioner and get those goons. Dayal says I already informed police. Mukherjee comes there and says the goons came there for robbery. Sakshi acts good.

He does what Sakshi told her. He says it’s a robbery gang. Durga says no, it was not for robbery, but to make Payal scared, by doing her mental torture. Durga says it was a coverup to use Payal’s weakn condition He thinks about Sakshi’s words and asks her how did she keep Payal this way, by which right, does she have permissions. He says you know you need permissions to keep mental patients. Dayal says know what you are saying first. He says Payal has her personal medical staff, Durga is her legal guardian.

Mukherjee says show me the paper work and sign the legal papers. Dayal gets tensed. Dev scolds him for being mad to question Durga instead of catching goons. Shaurya too scolds Mukherjee. Sakshi saks Shaurya to control himself and scolds Mukherjee saying Goenka’s name will be added to Djurga’s name very soon, you know the power of this surname, you catch the goons. Rajnath says you can get the guardianship papers from my office tomorrow. He leaves. Sakshi starts acting again. The doctor comes and Suchitra asks how is Payal. He says neuro specialist did some tests and we can tell anything tomorrow, Payal came to her senses. Sakshi says I hope she gets well, Shaurya I guess we should meet her once. Shaurya and Durga are shocked.

Shaurya thinks whats mum saying, if Payal sees me and shouts again. Sakshi says Shaurya forget what happened, I know Payal has hurt you and our family a lot, please forgive her, you are marrying Durga, she is Payal’s legal guardian, so you just have to get over it, come. Durga is shocked and stops them. Sakshi asks what happened. Durga says Shaurya can’t meet Payal. Sakshi thinks Durga lost, now tell me why do you not want Shaurya to meet Payal, tell us that your love is fake for Shaurya. She asks Durga why can’t they meet, don’t she trust him, is she doubting him? You are going to marry him, you love him, but don’t trust him. Sakshi thinks Durga does not have any choice. Payal will have panic attack if she meets Shaurya, it means your love is fake.

Sakshi talks to Rajnath and asks whats connection between Durga and Payal. Dev hears this. Sakshi says my question is whats their relation.

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