Udaan 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji saying I want that girl at any cost. He says he will not leave her and is much angry. Tejaswini says you don’t worry, Lord has always supported us. Bhuvan’s mum gives him curry with roti and he says Bhaiya ji stopped money, this roti is by Chakor, she sold raw mangoes and earned money, where is she. She says she will not be at home, Imli and Chakor run after icecream vendor. They come home. She asks them to have food. Bhuvan says come to me, I will make you eat. Chakor thinks what happened at haveli. Imli says she can’t eat now. Bhuvan’s mum asks why. Imli says she had puris. Bhuvan asks where did you eat puri. Chakor asks about Kasturi. He asks her who gave puri to Imli.

Kasturi comes running and says come fast. Lakhan comes there in the car. Kasturi asks Chakor and Imli to go. Lakhan knocks the door. Chakor and Imli run from other door. Bhuvan opens the door. Lakhan asks where is Chakor. Chakor and Imli run. Imli says I think mum knows we went to haveli. Chakor says no, she would have beaten us, she has sent us to play now. She thinks about Girja and says is she coming to catch us. Imli asks where are we going. Chakor says to temple. Kasturi says she won’t send her daughter and cries. She says I will work all my life, don’t take her.

Lakhan asks Bhuvan to explain Kasturi. He says you kept her mortgaged and have to send her now. Everyone cry. Chakor prays and tries to tie the chunni to the tree. Lakhan says I can take her forcefully too, but Bhaiya ji does not want this. He says take this new dress and send her in this. He says send her to haveli tomorrow morning, else you will know it. He leaves. Kasturi says don’t take her, Chakor will not go anywhere. She cries. The kids talk to Chakor and asks why does she have this stamp on her hand. Chakor says I don’t know, my mum told its Lord’s blessings. Chakor takes Imli and leaves.

Kasturi shows the dress she stitched for Chakor. Bhuvan says our Chakor’s fate is the new clothes that came from the haveli. Kasturi says I will burn that dress. Bhuvan and his mum try to stop her. Chakor and Imli come home and see the new dress. Chakor says maybe Mama got it and makes Imli wear it first. Kasturi takes fire sticl and goes to burn the dress. They are shocked to see Chakor dancing wearing that dress sent by Bhaiya ji. Kasturi cries. She asks what did she wear remove it. Chakor says why.

Chakor says its new dress. Kasturi scolds her and says she will burn this dress. She says remove it Chakor. Chakor asks what happened. Kasturi scolds her. Chakor removes the dress and gives her. She says burn it if you want. Bhuvan says don’t do it and stops her. Bhuvan’s mum says its Bhaiya ji’s order, think the result what will happen if he knows this. Suresh and his wife Vimla cry. Lakhan takes their stamps. They plead Lakhan to leave their children. Kasturi and Bhuvan come and asks what happened.

Lakhan says what will they say, I will tell you what I did and why. He says hear it well. Chakor and Imli are locked at home. Chakor comes out on the roof top from the stairs. Lakhan says they said I can keep their son as slave and they did not pay the loan, so Bhaiya ji has made their son their slave from today Suresh’s son is Bhaiya ji’s slave, this is the proof. Everyone is shocked. Chakor looks on and tells Imli that Vimla is crying. Suresh and Vimla hold Lakhan’s legs asking to forgive them. Lakhan kicks them and asks Bhuvan about his other daughter. He sees Chakor on the rooftop and says so you have hidden her here. Kasturi is shocked seeing her. Lakhan says Bhuvan, that he can not save Chakor now, lets meet tomorrow morning. He leaves. Kasturi gets worried.

Chakor asks Kasturi why did she not burn this dress. Kasturi says she did butn it as she likes it. Chakor gets ready and says she will take everyone’s blessings. Bhuvan takes Chakor and says Kasturi its her fate and no one can stop this. Chakor waves bye to Kasturi.

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