Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sapne suhanay
Gunjan and the girl were hidden behind the wall of the well and the guards had passed them.
Guru ji miraculously brings into consciousness a dying man. A guard comes and whispers something in his ears. He announces that it is time for Guru Ji’s rest. He goes away. Seema asks where Gunjan has gone, Mayank calls her. Gunjan’s cell phone rings and alerts the guard who run their way but Gunjan and the girl gets successful in running. She comes to a clearing and asks the girl who she is. She tells her she doesn’t want to be a Sakhi and wants to go home. Gunjan asks what a Sakhi is and promises she will take her to bus stop. They go to the main road, Gunjan gives her some money to go home but she keeps her hand on Gunjan’s and requests her not to leave her alone. Gunjan goes to bus with her.
KT tells dadi he likes Rachna. Dadi is excited but he asks her a promise not to tell anyone. Dadi gets teary, he hugs her and she promises not to tell anyone.
When Gunjan comes back to the main road, he call phone battery was dead. She thinks this place looks weird at night and hears music from jungle. She thinks where this voice is coming from and goes to see it. There was a man with a flute while some girls were dancing. She sees the man rubs his hands and makes a circle of fire with it, a younger man follows him. The man then says to get ready to see the most amazing miracle. He flies in the air, and stays there. He sees Gunjan there and shouts who is there. Gunjan backs up and runs but Guru ji looks back and orders guards to look who is there. The guards follow Gunjan in the jungle. Guru ji turns to the man and asks him to teach further. Gunjan hides in a clearing. Guru ji now practices the magic with the other man. Gunjan is hidden near to the guards behind a tree. She sees a stone and throws it away from her. Guards run to that direction and she get a chance to escape.
The guards follow her and cross a necklace Gunjan dropped. He says she must be here. The dance of Guru ji continues.
Rachna comes to KT’s house and tells dadi she brought Rajiv sir’s favorite lady-finger. KT comes smiling, dadi asks the reason. KT says he is just seeing how much Rachna and Rajiv loves each other. Dadi shouts that did Rachna said so. KT tells her to speak in a low voice, but she doesn’t abide. Rachna comes there, Dadi asks her to take KT for dinner as he is exhausted with work, she will take permission from her parents about that. She leaves to change, KT argues but Dadi tells her to do or die; and says his heart out to her. KT begins to leave but comes back and finds Dadi lost, he asks did she want to say something to him. Dadi says she wants him to find what is in Rachna’s heart as she is quite younger than her so he must look for the right time to talk to her.
Mayank and Seema are still at the Ashram. Mayank worried that why can’t he contact Gunjan. Seema says they did a mistake taking her along as she never stays along. She says everyone at home must be worried had she not been there.
KT comes to the hall and accidently hits Rajiv who is about to fall. He helps him with his stick and apologizes. Rajiv says it is ok and upon KT’s query tells him he can’t leave here like that without Rachna’s permission; he is dressed up because Rachna called and asked him to go along for dinner. KT says she brought your favourite dish sometime ago. He says she insisted him to keep it in refrigerator. KT says he doesn’t know her as much as Rajiv does, anyways he is happy to know he is coming with them. Rajiv says he didn’t know KT was also going, he says he had no intention to go but Rachna insisted him. KT tells him to come slowly as he will take the car from garage.
Gunjan comes to a stop panting badly. The guards arrive; she is afraid and hides backward.
In the car, Rachna and Rajiv were talking to each other while KT drove. He recalls how Rachna cared about Rajiv. On the road in the front there is a blockage. Rajivs tells KT to pull the brake.
Gunjan sees the number plate of the car and hides behind it. Rajiv and KT come out of the car and come out to remove the bricks from the road. Rachna also comes out. Gunjan sees the guards arriving behind and have found her.

PRECAP: The Guru ji dances in Ashram, Mayank and Seema being there too. Gunjan comes and announces he is a magician.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Good Episode 🙂

  2. OMG….why is rajeev being a ‘lamp post’ to kabir and rachna…………pls let both them only to have dinner romanticaly

    1. i think he will be put problems between them

  3. Rajeev should butt out, he never did liked rachna so what the hell these silly writers doing now? Don’t tell me are these the same idiots who wrote ek mutthi?

    1. Hi Betty they are not the same writers! Ek Mutthi Aasmaan is created by DJ Creatives Unit while this is created by Shakutalam Telefilms.

  4. why rachna is so simple…she should leave her hair and wear a better dress…come on..u are going for a dinner…….!

  5. I think rachna is being stupid why does she have to invite ranjeev for dinner that dadi asked her to take kabir?

  6. mitsy your fear is as good as mine I hope the writters are not d same

    1. Hi Betty they are not the same writers! Ek Mutthi Aasmaan is created by DJ Creatives Unit while this is created by Shakutalam Telefilms.

  7. Gud.but i wnt 2 see rachna in betters dresses nd not in chudidars always.plz make rachna luk gud in sum better dresses and chng her hair style also even once…

  8. StrawberryPie

    I read this on tht dadi will make rajeev realize that rachna and kabir love each other and they both together will try to unite them

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