Beintehaa 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain asks Aaliya why did Zubair said that their marriage was just a mutual agreement. He says he will slap Zubair. Aaliya says Zubair was right, their marriage is just a mutual agreement. She says Zubair knows everthing about their marriage as he is their cousin. Zain says so what he is their cousin, he cannot interfere in their personal lives. He asks why did not she share her feeling to him like she does to Zubair. Aaliya says she tried many times, but he did not hear her and today he was busy drinking alcohol and dancing with girls in the party. Zain angrily storms. He says he understood their marriage was a big lie and they both were living with it till now. He then falls asleep on the bed due to inebriation. Aaliya sadly removes his shoes and drapes blanket over him. Kise poochoon…. song plays in the background. She remembers all the words told by Zain in the party.

Zain wakes up in the morning and does not see Aaliya in bed. He checks bathroom and does not find her there. He gets Aaliya’s SMS saying that Zain himself is confused about yesterday’s incident and asks him to find a solution, until then she is going to Bhopal to her parent’s house. She asks him to think what he said and why did he say that, she says he does not take their relationship seriously, but she thinks their relationship scared. Zain shockingly reads her message and runs, but comes back to his room. He thinks she she understands only the importance of marriage, but does not understand the importance of its duties. He says she must be thinking that he will go there and request her kneeling to come back, but he will not go. He sees her ear rings and thins she has kept it purposefully. He reads Aaliya’s schedule on board and thinks she has prepared for the whole year.

Aaliya reaches Bhopal. Aayath gets happy seeing her. Shabana also gets happy seeing her and says she would have called her so that she could have picked her from airport. She informs Gulam that Zain and Aaliya have come. Aaliya says she came alone. Shabana gets sad hearing that. Ghulam meets Aaliya. Shabana asks Aaliya if she really came alone. Ghulam jokes that Shabana questions a lot and asks her to prepare breakfast for Aaliya. Aaliya sees Zain there, but it is just her imagination. She thinks why is she seeing Zain when she knows he will not come there. Zain holds her dupatta and smiles. Aaliya sees him and realizes Zain has really come there. She then starts acting and asks Zain why did he come there and asks him to go back. Her sister asks whom she is talking to. Aaliya says nobody and asks her to do her work. Zain laughs. It is again her imagination.

Zubair calls Aaliya and asks why did she go to Bhopal, he would have come with her. Zain hears him and gets jealous. Zubair asks her what happened between her and Zain and why does not Zain understand. Aaliya says Zain was upset in party and asked her sorry also, she had work in Bhopal and wanted to meet her parents also. She says Zain called her many times. Aayath brings snacks for Aaliya. Zubair hears them and asks how can they enjoy snacks without him. Zain also starts acting, calls his friend and informs him about the party in his house. Zubair says Aaliya that Zain did not go to office today and is enjoying party without her. Aaliya thinks when Zain is enjoying there, she should also enjoy.

Zain gets Shabana’s call and says her something. Shabana says Aaliya that she spoke to Zain and he told her everything.

Precap: Zain imagines Aaliya back in his house and Aaliya imagines Zain in Bhopal.

Update Credit to: MA

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