Ek Boond Ishq 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
jairaj comes and ask whom to save? rudra says mj, if police knows that mj is alive then they will not leave him, jairaj agrees. mj will have to go to jail for the crime he didnt commit, rudra says i have called lawyer.
lawyer comes and says dadu gave all property to mj and he was died so it went to tara but now he is alive so we can give him property when they all give statement that he is alive then all property can be transferred on mj’s name again, all agrees. tara says I am not ready to give statement, I saw with my eyes mj dying then how he can be mj, he is fake, he is not my husband. lawyer says if his wife is not recognizing him then he cant do anything, tara says to stop this drama and goes from there, rudra says she is doing drama and i know why, she wants this property, rudra says to lawyer that if we all are agreeing then whats her need, he says she is his wife so her statement is must, jairaj says then we will wait, rudra is tensed, rudra says police should not know about mj so we have to do this before they know, jairaj says i dont want him to go, rudra says i will do something, jairaj says i trust you.

Scene 2
mj is jumping on bed, rudra says shut up, dont say anything, rudra has head ache, mj says forgive me, mj says you are doing this for me and i thought you are devil, mj kisses rudra, rudra says dont touch me, mj says i touched my mouth, mj says you are giving me this house, rudra says this property which you will get, you will give it to me, mj says i thought you have big heart, he starts crying like child, he says you are firing putting gun on my shoulder so what is my share, rudra says is lakh less per day? mj says we talked about one lakh and 75 rs, mj says i will take 50 more, rudra agrees and ask babblu/mj to lure tara, he agrees and goes. rudra is tensed that tara is not agreeing and she doesnt love family anymore so whats to do, i only have to count on bablu.

Scene 3
tara is waiting for mj in room and says he is busy with family only, she is about to go out when mj bumps into her, mj says these things happen in big cities, tara says dont act like srk, you are not him, mj says i have to become hero, tara says then you have to celebrate your bday with me, i didnt even eat food to celebrate, mj says shit you are hungry from night, he says whats childishness this, tara says you are getting older, mj says okay i am but eat something, tara says you have to take me in arms and says i love you, mj says in bablu style that i cant do this, tara says then i will not eat, mj says okay then i have to hug you, he hugs her, they are hugging, nandu sees them and is stunned, tara pushes mj awaya and says how dare you touch me, she says nandu look he came in my room, nandu says stay away from my sis, mj says its mj and tara’s room, who are you, tara says you are fake mj so go away from here, mj says fake, how can fake person love, he says i will come, nandu says why he talks in weird language, mj comesback with plant in pot, nandu and tara are stunned, he says dont look at pot but see red rose, its sign of love, he sits and gives whole pot to tara, nandu smiles and says what dialogues you say, great, tara says what about pot, what sing this pot have? mj says from this pot we make buildings in which lovers stay, tara says he is mad, nandu says yes mj didnt do any weird thing like him. mj gives pot to nandu and says i dont remember anything and i only that i love tara, he hugs her, mj and tara whispers and tara again pushes him saying that mj cant hug him like this, he says okay i am angry with you, i am going, he takes pot from nandu and goes, nandu just looks at his behavior.

Scene 4
rudra is with jairaj, nandu comes and says he is not mj, he is clever and making us fool, rudra says what are you talking, nandu says i have seen him, he brought whole pot for tara, mj cant do this, rudra sasy how you can forget that he had bear alot and has memory loss, jairaj says but why is he doing weird things, rudra says if you dont trust me then whats the need to bring mj here, he was better in hospital, jairaj says i trust you but what i see i am telling, rudra says okay you dont trust me then i will swear on you, i will swear on my father, nandu is stunned, jai says dont make me embarrassed, i have full trust on you, i will not question you, hdo investigation about this mj, i will bvring out truth of this mj.

Scene 5
mj calls tara and says how are you suseela, please eat food, tara says if you care for me then come and make me eat, he says your bablu wii die, please eat something, nandu listens his convo, he says suseela, your bablu cant come please understand, nandu is shocked, tara says if you love me then you could have come, you dont love me, mj says dont say like this suseela, tara sys if you dont come before 12 then i will not leave you, mj says okay i am coming, he says i love you, nandu hides, mj goes from there, nandu says so he is bablu.

PRECAP- mj brings tara to place where they showed kala that bablu live there, tara dons ghunghat like suseela, nandu comes there behind them, she says bablu what are you doing here, mj sees her and runs from there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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