Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharda sees Suresh and asks her how did he come so early. He says he came to pick some important file. She gives him file. He picks and says he will leave now. She thanks him for the gift. He asks her what gift? She shows him diamond necklace and says she did not think he would surprise her with a necklace. Suresh gets tensed. She asks her why is he tensed. Suresh says nothing and asks if she liked it. Sharda says she liked it and asks about the occasion. He cooks up a story and says his client provoked him to gift a 15 lakhs necklace to his wife, so he gave her 20 lakhs necklace instead. He wanted her to gift it himself and had asked jeweller to send it to office, but he send it directly to his home. Sharda gets happy that Suresh gave her gift for the first time.

Suresh calls jeweller and scolds him for his mistake of sending necklace home instead of office.

Sakshi reaches her friend’s engagement party. Her friend happily greets her in, sees Karan with her and asks who is this handsome man. Sakshi says he is her husband Karan. Friend introduces her fiance to them. She says she will introduce them to the special guests and introduces them to Rajkumar Rao and Patralekha who have come their for their new file City Lights promotion. They both happily meet them. Karan then interacts with other guests. Sakshi’s friend’s mother comes to the venue. Karan expresses his desire to meet her. Sakshi introduces Karen to her. Karan meets her and gives his company’s visiting card. Karan gets a phone call and excuses them.

Sakshi’s friend’s mother Meeta’s friend asks her how did she convince her daughter for marriage. Meeta says gets what she likes. She then says her friend that she needs a particular saree and praises about its design. Sakshi hears her conversation and remembers that saree is made by Sharda. She calls Sharda and sys her saree is liked by Meeta.

Suresh asks Karan about the party. Karan says he liked it. Suresh says he knew he would not have promoted their company and says he made a wrong decision by sending him. Servant brings a greeting card from Meeta. Suresh thinks it is because of Karan and says he knew he would have done good publicity of his company. He then sees Sharda’s name in the card with Meeta praising about her saree design and requesting to meet her. Suresh gets angry on Sharda and says he would have taken her permission before doing any business and starts insulting her.

Suresh says Sharda that it is his mistake sending her to school, she took disadvantage of it and started doing business on her own. He says Meeta is a business tycoon and Sharda is dreaming wrong of doing business with Meeta. He says he wanted to do business with Meeta and says he will not send Sharda of out house now. Sakshi says she sent saree designs to Meeta as she heard Meet praising about Sharda’s designs. Lathika scolds Sakshi and says it is business and not a social networking. She asks KAran to control Sakshi. Suresh also scolds Sakshi. Suresh says Sakshi insulted his family and made the people believe that his family ladies sell sarees by going to each house.

Suresh says Sakshi and Sharda that he earned his name by hard work and does not want them to ruin his name. Sakshi says Sharda makes very good patola sarees. Suresh asks her not to interfere in business and goes from there. Lathika asks Karan again to control his wife and goes from there. Karan says Sakshi that he liked her helping Sharda, but did not like this mistake.

Sakshi apologises Sharda that she was instuled by her family because of her. Sharda says that she did a mistake and says she does not want to do business as Suresh does not like it.

Precap: Sakshi gives Meeta’s business letter and asks her to post it.

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