Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th March 2013 Written Update

Everyone is shocked to see Charu in Gunjan s clothes. Gunjan says the colour in Charu s hand had broken glass pieces and she would rub it on Rachna s face and put the blame on Gunjan.Dholu says he saw Charu mixing something in the colour. Sangeeta defends Charu but Shayl says why is Charu Charu lies about some allergy Gunjan says why has nt she protected her face. Charu is trapped and revels she did it to get Mayank and throw Gunjan out of the house. Shayl screams that she tried to disfigure Rachna s faceand the bhang incident as well. Rachna remembers about everything including the book,shoes. Gunjan says Dholu came searching for her. Charu s parents scold her and tell herr to get lost. Everyone leaves Shayl apologizes and thanks Gunjan and says she is ashamed to do both. She says everytime all fingers point at her and even she thought Gunjan was guilty. Rachna has tears and leaves. Everyone comes back Gunjan is pacing the room and cursing Charu that why is Charu behind Rachna and trying to ruin her. Shayl says atleast the bitterness betwee the sisters will be over. Gunjan says she got a sister after so many years and Charu tried to ruin it. Rachna is telling Chaya how she can face Gunjan now. Chay atells her it was not her fault and Charu should be ashamed . Rachna says she is not worthy of Gunjan s forgiveness and she does not have the courage to do it. Gunjan comes to the terrace and says it was because of her Charu tried to harm Rachna physically and says sorry. The girls hug title track in BG Rachna says she should be the one saying sorry as she talked crap. Rachna says why dint you scold me or fight with me Gunjan says she will if R achna does not stop crying. The girls reconcile and play holi with water. Gunjan is standing and thinking her mom used to say that ther is a silver lining behind dark cloud but is worried avout Mayank. She asks Shayl where is.

Charu is scared and Sangeeta tells her that she should not get her involved in front of everybody.Charu tells Sangeeta that she wont leave the house as her parents have spent a lot of money and given loads of gifts to her so she Is obliged to help her as she is her sister. Charu tells that it is a warning that Sangeeta should help her or she will tell everyone she is involved. She tells her to come back only when she has the solution.

Prabhu is scolding Seema he leaves the room Sangeeta comes in.Seema is angry and tells Sangeeta that it sonly been a few days Charu came into this house and she is doing such stuff. sangeeta says why is Seema blaming Charu its Mayank s fault as he did not love his wife like he should have. She says a wife cant bear if her husband sees another woman. Mayank is telling Seema that he does not want to talk to anybody and is upset. Gunjan overhears this

PRECAP: Mayank says that people in love try to improve their partner s life. He says she rejected him that he was not worthy of her but was Charu was worthy.

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