The Buddy Project 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 26th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 26th March 2013 Written Update

Mumbai, night time. PraShav are walking and Piddi is super tensed about Omi accepting the challenge on his behalf when it’s Piddi who has to do the dance. He says that he doesn’t know anything about dancing (that’s a lie! I remember Piddi poppin’ & lockin’ like a boss! ). He didn’t dance at his Uncle’s wedding and for that his uncle still doesn’t talk to him. Piddi is mighty discouraged that Kiya is a Madonna. Plus, she has Ranveer with her who’s a good RJ, musician and a singer (my Man ). That’s it, he’s so going to Journalism. He’d just have to start reading the paper from tomorrow (trust Piddi to be over dramatic about everything ) KD agrees that YaRa are good when it comes to singing and dancing, so? Piddi is shocked by his reaction and he says that he deemed KD as his last hope and he’s the one asking “So?” KD calms him down saying that just because other team is stronger doesn’t mean they’ll give up. He reminds him of JJ’s words that when the odds are against you, try your hardest. Piddi retorts that forget odds, the evens are against them as well! KD gives him Lagaan movie’s example that AK’s team didn’t even know what cricket was but in the end who won? Piddi asks who? KD is speechless at this remark and Piddi grins sheepishly that he didn’t watch the complete movie. KD tells him that Indians won and so will they. Piddi’s spirits finally rise at this.

YaRa (Can I just say how HOT my Man is looking, sitting on the car like that?! ) Kiya is sneering that they (Chillars) are such idiots for agreeing to compete against her. Now she’ll show them what talent really is. RV advises her not to be so arrogant as it’s not always right ( ). Kiya replies that it’s not arrogance, it’s a fact. She’s a singer and RV is a musician and she’s sure they’ll defeat Chillars. She says that Piddi is not even worth considering. RV tells her to worry about KD as he can do anything to win but Kiya cuts across him saying, so can she. She’ll start praciticing today. RV says so will he, this time he won’t let KD win.

Piddi is on the phone talking to OUR VERY OWN NAWAB!!!!!! He is telling Samar all about the first days in ICC. Samar comments that Piddi’s college seems fun (ALLAH ALLAH ALLAAH!!! I never thought I’d miss Jattin this much! But seeing him in that black shirt talking with that SMILE!! UFFF!!!!!!!) Piddi laughs that hearing normal language from Samar’s mouth seems a little funny and asks about his college. Samar says it’s all new and a bit boring but it’s good. Piddi says guess that’s what college is all about. But honestly, he misses Samar a lot. Samar’s eyes are glittering with tears and he says he misses him as well, he misses the entire gang and hangs up (ALLAH!! I’m crying here! I can trade a THOUSAND Chillars and Dhakkans just to have my Nawab back with his 1000 volt ki smile Honestly, I was dealing with his departure nicely but seeing this, seeing him again…oh God! ) Piddi STTC that he dunno how to confess that he misses the entire gang as well, everything used to be so good. But then says that it’s time to forget all that and concentrate on winning.

Kiya practicing on Shut Up & Bounce (Movie – Dostana). She’s on the sofa with her earphones on when Mrs. G comes there and asks her if she’s doing a rehearsal for any show? Kiya says sort of, it’s Freshers Talent Show (FTS) in college. Mrs. G rolls her eyes and tells her (mind you, very gently!) that she shouldn’t be putting down her standard by performing in these free for all shows. She’s got to be a big star and she’s almost there. People should pay for tickets to hear her sing, she should be exclusive! And by performing at these places, she is decreasing her brand values. Mrs. G wishes her good night (mind you, VERY KINDLY AND LOVINGLY!!) and leaves. Kiya FBs to KD taunting YaRa for their shameless behavior, she and Piddi being on the verge of being kicked out of Entertainment course, Dean’s challenge. She STTC that Mom might be right but right now, she doesn’t give a damn about her image and brand. All she knows is that she has to defeat KD.

RaHi in the garden around the bonfire. Ranveer is practicing on his guitar while Panchi cuts fruits. RV tells her of their plan that they’d start with a medley, then a dance and in the end they’d sing an original number. He’s distracted by his music sheets and Panchi just looks on. She asks him if he has any idea what he’s doing? He asks her what in his distracted manner. She comments that he’s turning a FTS into a full fledged battle. This gets his attention and he turns to face her. She elaborates that it’s just a college level FTS where all Freshers would meet, befriend each other, share talents. But he’s turning it into a win or die drying situation meant to degrade others. She reminds him that they were so excited for college. They’d attend lectures, participate in activities but RV cuts across her saying that this is also an activity and asks her the reason for her remarks. She tells him harshly that it was a college activity but now it’s KiShaRa’s personal fight. RV rolls his eyes and she adds that it’s a bigger battle for Avi and Omi! She asks him that amidst all this, when will Freshers get to showcase their talent? RV calmly tells her that there will be a section in middle and she just rolls her eyes (Ek baat bataoun? RV didn’t lose his calm even ONCE! No raised voice, no exaggerated expressions…Panchi was all hyper while he was all calm. My MAN!! ) RV continues that he has to think of his victory as well. God knows if others will have talent or not? Panchi quiets down hearing this and tells him to continue thinking of his victory, she’ll meet him tomorrow and gets up. RV asks her what happened to her. Panchi STTC that RV in his hatred and anger has forgotten that even she is a singer ( YAAD HAI!! CVS KO YAAD HAI!! MY ANGEL IS A SINGER, THEY REMEMBER!!!! ) and she also could be on the stage. RV stops her and she turns around with a smile. She says she knows he wants to say…and RV finishes her sentence, “you won’t tell KD of our plan.” Panchi is shocked! RV says in spite that the cheater would do anything to make him lose! Panchi sighs and smiles sadly that this was exactly what she was talking about. In his hatred, he has forgotten everything and now he’s even getting suspicious about their friendship? She tells him not to worry, she won’t tell KD anything because honestly, she doesn’t care about their fights. All she wants to do is enjoy her Freshers Party (Palak was so good here! Heck, my PaL were priceless ) and leaves.

At Chillars Adda, Omi is talking about the problem they are gonna face in competition. Piddi says he already knows that he is facing a Popstar and Musician. Omi says not them, they have a bigger problem in that Avi! Cut to canteen! YaRa exclaim in shock that Avi is the son of THE SUPERSTAR CHANDAN ROY!! They sit on either side of him and start asking him all these questions related to his father, whether he knows Hritik, whether he knows Kareena, whether the rumor of his father and that singer is true? At this question RV tells Kiya to zip it and not mess things up (HILARIOUS!! OMG! It was sooo cute with YaRa excited like 5 year old and Avi with his poker face expressions!! ) Avi tells them to stop it and focus! He says that he can bring professional help for Popstar (Shazzy…he calls her Popstar! ) like writers, dancers, cheoreographers etc. RV loudly shouts, “No way man!” and Avi looks at him. RV tones it all down and says he appreciates the gesture but he wants to defeat them fair and square. Avi says he knows that they can kick their butts without anyone’s help and RV immediately agrees. So that when he beats KD, he won’t have any excuse. Avi says point taken, no professionals but it’s a FTS so they won’t mind a super talented Fresher, right? YaRa are clueless while Avi has a satisfied smile.

Piddi asks in shock that Avi is Chandan Roy’s son who does this signature gesture? Omi agrees. Piddi goes to the side and climbs on Omi’s “throne” and asks whether that rumor of Chandan Roy and that singer was true? ( KiPi both asked the same question!) KD gets up and says here Piddi is in major trouble and all he can think about is that rumor?! Piddi jumps down and says first there was Popstar and Musician and now they have the son of a superstar! In next shot, Piddi is again standing in a Kaali Maata pose on Omi’s throne. Omi asks him how come he has springs in his backside and Piddi replies that he can’t sit still when he’s tensed. He goes from there to a punching bag and ends up on a tree saying unless the problem isn’t solved, he won’t come down. Omi comments to KD that he knew humans evolved from apes but he didn’t know that some people are still monkeys () KD asks him to come down, if he won’t how will they know his talent? But Piddi refuses. Omi offers him a toffee if he comes down and Piddi agrees.

Chillars carry out auditions.

Contestant no. 1 – A dog whistlerer..her whistles can only be heard by dogs.
Piddi says, do they seem like dogs to her!?

C. No 2 – A guy mimicking Nana Patekar.
Omi seems interested but tells him to come back later.

C. No 3 – A guy dancing weirdly.
Omi-KD look at each other and shake their heads.

C.No 4 – Wannabe s*xy Girl singing Chura Liya Hai Tumne Jo Dil ko
Omi – NEXT!

C. No 5 – A guy takes off his vest and starts showing his body.
Piddi is crestfallen seeing this.

Kiya comes there and laughs seeing this. Piddi asks why is she laughing and she says she couldn’t help it, it was just so funny! Piddi tells her not to eye her competition like that and Kiya retorts if that’s her competition, she can just ask Dean to make her win by default. KD steps in and tells Piddi to calm down as Kiya can’t do anything other than say snide remarks but they won’t make her win. Kiya tells him to shut up and KD sarcastically comments that will someone punish him for hurting Kiya by saying this. Kiya tells him challengingly that she’d show him what true hurt is all about. When someone betrays your trust and breaks your heart, that’s true hurt.

Precap – RV suggesting Piddi to put up a Comedians Conference and ask his family to participate. KD tells RV to mind his own business and in case he’s forgetting, it’s a team competition but they (YaRa) have no one with them other than themselves as there is no big enough spotlight in the world which a third person can share with them

Update Credit to: Mais

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