Balika Vadhu 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 26th March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar hospital
Anandi tells jagiya that she has also found marital bliss in her marriage. jagiya says that he’s happy for her, but being joined in marriage, requires patience. Anandi says that he has lots of love for his family, and that he should take this step for them only, again citing her example. She asks him to try and share his pain with someone. Anandi tries to change jagiya’s mind, saying that he should forget the sad memories of the past, and move on in life, by remarrying, not just for himself but for the sake of his family’s happiness too. He stops her in between and says that he cant forget those memories, and asks her not to call them bad ones, as she is in them. Anandi is surprised to hear this. They are at a confrontational facing moment.
He says that he was wrong, and not the memories, and that she shouldnt snatch away these memories, as thats all that are left. He says that moving on, remarrying would mean losing them, which he doesnt want to. He says that she might move on as she wanted to, but he cant as he doesnt have the right. Saying so, he leaves. Ananadi stunned to hear this.

She walks out, in a trance, of the hospital. She remembers jagiya’s words. Her feet stop thinking about those memories. She calls up shiv, and breaks into tears. Shiv is surprised to hear her like that, and asks her where is she, and if she talked to jagiya. she asks him to come to her soon, and gives her the address. shiv immediately leaves for going to anandi.

Shiv reaches and asks anandi what happened. She cries hugging him tight. He asks about jagiya’s response. He says that he cant see her like this, and asks her to tell him, if jagiya was angry or refused to talk to him. He says that its important for him to know, as he had sent her there. Ananadi tells shiv, that jagiya still has a place for her in his heart. She says that she felt if she can forget everything and move on, then she presumed that he would too and tells him what jagiya told, as to how her memories that he doesnt want to let go, are stopping him from remarrying. Shiv is tensed to hear this. He rembers how jagiya had stopped him from getting married to anandi, showing shiv his memories of the past.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Bhairo is surprised to see dadisa sitting in darkness. She switrches on the lights, and sks whats the matter. dadisa says that she’s so upset that she cant think straight. She says that noone in the family, is so egoist, then why jagiya. He says that when jagiya came back fromk mumbai, it looked like he wuld move on, but now it feels that he just wants to stay independant. He says that he cant understand how to make him realise. She says that she would have to do something. He says that there’s a risk involved as it might break jagiya from inside. she says that they wont stop making efforts, scared by the risk involved. Bhairo is still unconvinced, that they should talk about this more, as he’s just found peace. He asks her to give him some time, to help him get used to the idea. He asks her what is she thinking. She says nothing and offers to go down for tea with him. After he leaves, she thinks that now there’s only one person who can solve this problem.

sumitra gives dadisa tea. She says that she feels like having anandi’s tea. she laments that since anandi would go away from them soon, they should invite her for a nightout, so that they can talk about old times. She is dtermined to call anandi. Sumitra too agrees saying that she too would get some time with her. bhairo offers to call dadaji up. But dadisa says that she would personally go and talk to him, and meet them too.

Scene 3:
Location: Under the banyan tree
shiv makes her understand, that jagiya has lost out on his love, due to his mistake, and he understands the pain, jagiya’s going through. He says that now that he has realised what true love is, he doesnt have his true love with him, and shiv blames himself for that. Ananadi asks him not to talk like that, as when shiv had come in her life, she had already been thrown out of his life by jagiya, and that shiv was just responsible for the happiness in her life that came. Shiv tells that had they stayed here, jagiya would have seen her all the time, but now that she’s leaving soon, it would enable him to forget her. anandi asks if she did anything wrong. Shiv says that she did nothing wrong, and they both dont know what would happen in the furture. He asks her to spend the remaining time with her family, before she shifts to udaipur. he offers to take her home, after which he would leave for office. He asks her if she’s alright now. she says that the credit for that goes to him, and places her head on his chest. The screen freezes on their faces.

Underlying message: Past is that gone moment, which can never be turned into the present. But is definitely creps up in the present, and presents problems that stop a person from moving on in life, with renewed vigour.

Precap: Shiv, hesitatingly tells dadisa that jagiya said no to anandi, on the prospect of remarrying. when dadisa asks why, shiv reminisces what anandi had told him. Dadisa is shocked when she understands that jagiya is saying no, as he still loves anandi.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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