Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with the lady asking charu which letter should she write on her hand and charu says ‘M’ and everyone gets shocked and shail asks her why ‘M’ and she says that vikram named her mitthu lovingly so she said ‘M’. Seema says that the name written on the hand should be her groom’s and not hers. She tells the lady to write ‘V’ on her hand which interprets vikram. The lady writes ‘V’ on her hand and she gets a bit sad and disappointed which gunjan notices. Then mayank gets a call and that person says that he is from a photo studio and he says that charu has asked him to send few pictures to him. Mayank gets shocked and looks at charu and tells that person to message him the address and he will go and collect the pictures. Gunjan

is getting her mehendi done on her hand and then she excitedly shows it to rachna and says that the mehendi is very beautiful. She then goes to mayank and asks him to search his letter and he says that he has lots of work to do and doesn’t have so much time to do this nuisance. She then asks him not to get angry and asks how the mehendi is. He again speaks rudely to her and leaves from there. She gets hurt and teary eyed and charu enjoys this.

On the dining table all the husband’s are feeding their wives except mayank. Vikram tells mayank to feed gunjan also and what punishment is giving her by keeping her hungry. Then he feeds her and gunjan gets hurt by his rude behavior and gets teary eyed. She coughs while eating and mayank gives her water and charu is again enjoying their fight. In mayank’s room he is thinking about what charu has asked from him and dholu comes there with an envelope and tells mayank that charu has given it to give it to him and asked him to give a surprise to vikram soon. Dholu goes and mayank opens the envelope and reads it and charu has asked him to come on the terrace. He goes on the terrace and asks her that why she has called him. She asks him to give his answer as the next day she is going to get married. He refuses and says that he won’t agree to any of her conditions and is not ready to spend a night with her. She thinks that her plan is getting flop and tells him that she will tell everything to everyone. She is going and then mayank stops her and says that he agrees and is ready to do what she says.

Next day morning she wakes up and opens the door and thanks mayank to give her such a nice gift by being ready to spend a night with her. She pulls him inside her room and hugs him. Then vikram comes and it’s all a dream that she had thought with mayank being in her room. Vikram talks about both of them are going to get together and he is very excited about it. Then charu says in her mind that an enemy is much better than this loafer. Shail comes and wishes both of them a happily married life. Outside gunjan is doing all the preparations and shail is touched to see this gesture of hers. Mayank is going and charu stops him and asks him to be her soon and she is waiting for the night. Mayank says to her that she also has to accept some conditions of his then only he will come to her and spend a night with him. She asks him to say and he says that he wants all the hardcopies and softcopies of his and her pictures and he wants the original divorce papers with her original signatures and he asks her to keep vikram happy after marriage. She agrees and says that she wants a kiss from him. The screen freezes on mayank’s face.

Precap:- same as the recent promo of mayank going into charu’s room .

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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